How Dodge Engineers Continue to Innovate Technology

Once upon a time, potential car buyers were impressed by power windows, radios, and air conditioning. These features helped revolutionize the automotive industry, and the amenities soon became standard in all vehicles.

Nowadays, cars are equipped the most innovative and advanced technology. Of course, Dodge is no stranger to these types of features, as the brand’s engineers have done a commendable job of continually updating their vehicles’ offerings. This includes their infotainment systems and any accompanying entertainment features.

Of course, much like their features have evolved in the past, Dodge’s technology is going to continue to transform in the future. You’ll eventually see some pretty advanced amenities when you visit a Dodge dealership in Miami. We’ve compiled what we know about the brand’s future technology, but before we touch on that, let’s take a look at what the company is currently offering…



Dodge’s current crop of vehicles contain similar interactive touchscreens, allowing the driver to access a number of helpful applications.

It always starts with the music and radio, and Dodge certainly delivers. Drivers could opt for some combination of HD Radio or SiriusXM Satellite Radio, allowing the vehicle’s occupants to access hundreds of contrasting channels. Best of all, these stations can be enjoyed through advanced sound systems. For example, the 2016 Charger features a six-speaker sound system, as well as the BeatsAudio Premium Sound System (featuring five mid-range speakers, a rear subwoofer, a truck-mounter subwoofer, and a 552-watt amplifier).

Of course, the driver can also access a number of different apps that will assist them on their journey. Uconnect Access Via Mobile allows you to use many of your favorite phone apps, like Yelp and Pandora. This means you can make dinner reservations or order movie tickets without taking your eyes off the road. The technology has previously been recognized for its capabilities, winning the ‘Infotainment of the Year’ Award from Digital Trends.

“No automaker has eased the learning curve for all the digital features of a new car better than FCA with its Uconnect system,” wrote Nick Jaynes, the Automotive Editor at Digital Trends.

“With Uconnect, FCA avoided the pitfalls of option overload and distilled the essentials of infotainment into one handsome, accessible package. We love Uconnect not only for its big, 8.4-inch touch screen, few hardwired buttons and responsiveness, but also for its clean, but not overly sterile, interface.”

Meanwhile, the SiriusXM Travel Link will provide the driver with local gas prices, weather and sports updates, and movie information. Of course, there’s also an extensive navigation system, assuring you’ll never get lost on your journey. The touchscreen truly serves as your concierge, no matter where your journey is.

“Chrysler Group is committed to giving our customers innovative services that are useful to them and enable them to focus on the primary task of driving,” said Al Amici, the Head of Uconnect Systems and Services for Chrysler Group LLC. “Giving our customers access to the broad selection of valuable information offered by SiriusXM Traffic and SiriusXM Travel Link, along with the extent and quality of audio entertainment from SiriusXM, all at the touch of a button, enhances the driving experience and keeps drivers focused on the road.”

With all the technology, we’d be surprised if your passengers actually got bored. If they somehow do, they can easily access the internet via the on-demand WiFi hotspot. There are also several USB charging ports found throughout the cabin, as well as auxiliary power outlets. This assures that your youngest occupants will always be entertained.



The fourth-generation Uconnect System will soon be hitting Dodge’s vehicles, featuring an improved interface, better performance, and (best of all) the Apple CarPlay and Android Auto technology. The unit is expected to be available on select 2016 models.

“The Uconnect team is evolving Uconnect and making it even better,” said Joni Christensen, the Head of Uconnect Marketing for FCA US LLC. “With the launch of the fourth generation of Uconnect systems, we are continuing to minimize the everyday stresses of busy lifestyles by providing drivers with a variety of ways to stay conveniently connected to their vehicles, while making every drive exceptionally informative, entertaining and unique.”

The new Uconnect system is expected to include a revamped touchscreen featuring better resolution and brightness, “performance improvements” (like a quicker startup time), better processing power and responsiveness, and (of course) the Apple CarPlay and Android Auto technologies.

Apple CarPlay allows the driver to easily access their iPhone or iPod while driving. Besides integrating the phone with your car (thus allowing you to easily make phone calls or send text messages), the system also includes several other features and capabilities. Drivers can use Siri voice control, allowing them a hands-free interactive experience. They can also utilize a traffic-optimized navigation system, all without having to remove their hands from the steering wheel and eyes from the road.

Meanwhile, Android Auto allows the driver and occupants to take full advantage of Google’s best apps and technology. Google Maps provides a voice-guided navigation system, as well as traffic info and a lane guidance technology. Google Play Music provides instant access to over 30 million songs, and you can also access a number of your phone’s other applications. Of course, similar to Apple CarPlay, you can also use many of your phone’s basic capabilities.

Speaking of Uconnect, Dodge is expected to release a police-exclusive 12.1-inch high-resolution touchscreen with their Dodge Charger Pursuit.

Besides the phone-integration technology, Dodge has several other plans up their sleeve. With their new digital technology concept, the company was looking to personalize each driver’s driving experience.

“The digital technology concept explores how personalized driving experiences can seamlessly integrate a vehicle, technology, the environment and people to help drivers achieve Car. Life. Balance,” said a Dodge press release.

The concept includes several innovative technologies that may eventually make their way to all of Dodge’s vehicles. For example, the predictive technology is intended to keep track of a driver’s daily habits, like their ideal traffic patterns. The mode will adapt the vehicle to cater to your ideal conditions. Other technologies include:

Vehicle-to-X Communication: allows vehicles to communicate, thus reducing accidents. Engineers are convinced this technology will not only provide drivers will warnings, but it could also prevent common crashes

Workload Manager: Limits distractions, providing drivers with only essential information when driving in difficult terrain/conditions

Privacy mode: Determines when a passenger is in the vehicle, transferring their personal info.

Intelligent Concierge: learns driver’s preferences and supplies corresponding driving suggestions

These are some pretty incredible features, and it’s clear that the brand is completely focused on integrating their vehicles with a driver’s phone. Cars will truly be attached to their owners, a feature we’ve truly never seen.


We’ve learned two things. First, we know that Dodge’s current technological offerings are advanced and innovative. Second, we can expect some pretty interesting features coming down the road. The brand has continually proven that they’re willing to evolve their vehicles, and the engineers have certainly shown that they want to takes risks. Based on what we already know about the brand’s future technology, we can be assured of some pretty progressive features. However, based on what we’ve already seen from the brand, we can probably expect a whole lot more.

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