2018 GMC Canyon

Using the GMC Canyon as a Work Truck

GMC knows how to make great work and commercial vehicles. Compared to other truck manufacturers, the company has taken great strides to build highly flexible frames and model designs that can be configured in any number of ways depending on the needs of the individual driver. In fact, with a GMC truck like the Canyon or Sierra, the possibilities are almost limitless. From different cabin and bed configurations to handy accessories, something like the 2018 GMC Canyon is the perfect work vehicle to consider when you need something to keep up with your daily routine.

While you can purchase a ready-made commercial truck right from any GMC lot, you’ll get the best results if you know how to tweak your truck with some handy aftermarket parts and accessories to increase the capacity of the Canyon. Best of all, it doesn’t take much to turn a standard Canyon with no modifications into a great work vehicle for your personal or commercial use.

All it takes is a clear vision of what you want out of the work truck and aftermarket purchases to get you in the right direction. In the end, you’ll have a quality work truck for a fraction of the cost of a professionally built rig.


Starting Out Small

If you own a GMC Canyon, you are already off to a good start in building your next work truck. The GMC Canyon platform uses a reliable, customizable chassis that is well suited for the particular rigors of most work environments. It is also a chassis you can easily add some minor upgrades and modifications to get a tailor-made work truck on a tight budget.

The best place to start with these small purchases is in the bed of the truck. A single toolbox or tool chest can go a long way to giving you more organization and cargo space in the bed. For a larger setup, invest in a few different side toolboxes to give you additional organization along the bed rails. These toolboxes are often made of high-strength steel sheet metal and come with handy conveniences such as locks and weatherproofing.

A good, quality bedliner is also an important modification to make to your existing bed. If your Canyon’s truck bed lacks any kind of protection, leaving the bare-metal exposed to the elements and equipment you put into it, there’s a greater chance of extended wear and tear on the vehicle over time. A good bed liner, on the other hand, will take the abuse instead, leaving the underlying integrity of the bed intact. You will find plenty of professional and DIY bed liner options to consider.


Extra Cargo Space

Beyond adding a few toolboxes to the truck bed, if you really want to increase the amount of equipment and cargo space you have to use, you have to think bigger. In fact, you might have to think on another level entirely. Specifically, the level of the ladder rack.

Ladder racks are steel or aluminum assemblies made from square or round tubing that fit above the bed of the truck. These racks provide an extra level of space, commonly extending over the cabin of the truck, for additional materials and equipment. They provide a convenient way to tie down objects to safely secure them in a quick and efficient manner.

An alternative to the typical ladder rack is a camper shell. Traditionally, most truck shells are a single metal or composite enclosure that seals off the bed from outside elements. Some camper shells even include a rack system on top for things like bikes and kayaks.

Commercial camper shells, however, provide more than just a sealed enclosure. Quite often, the shells have built-in tool boxes and organizers that are easily accessible from the outside. This means you can store small objects in the shell itself while leaving the main bed space open for larger equipment and materials. Built-in roof rack systems on these camper shells also tend to be more work oriented.


Add Some Color

Sometimes, the most important upgrades and changes you can make to your truck for work have nothing to do with cargo space and organization. In fact, something like a simple paint job can go a long way to keeping your truck protected from the higher levels of abuse commercial jobs can dish out.

Older trucks, in particular, can benefit from the extra protection of a new paint job. In some industries, certain color schemes like orange or yellow are also better suited for the task of the job. Brighter color schemes can make the truck more visible.

Finally, the extra flair and protection of a new paint job isn’t just a practical thing. If you own your own business or work as a freelancer, a truck can be the perfect advertising platform when you put the business information such as the name and phone number somewhere on the vehicle. As you drive the truck around during the daily commute, others will quickly see the services you offer.


Crafting The Perfect GMC Canyon Work Truck

There is no one perfect formula for having a great work truck. The configuration of your own work truck is going to rely on the particular needs and demands of the job at hand. If the work truck doesn’t address the challenges your job presents, it will not be the best vehicle for you and your business.

Before you start to make any major modifications to your truck or go out to buy a new truck, sit down and take some time to list out your work truck-related needs. This list will help you craft the perfect vision of your future work vehicle. As you start to make that vision into reality, the list will help you stay on track and manage your budget at the same time.

With a little bit of effort and some persistence, it is easy to turn a GMC Canyon into the perfect work vehicle no better what industry, profession, or specific project you have to tackle.