2018 GMC Canyon

Behind The Scenes With The 2018 GMC Canyon

There are many of us out there looking for just a little bit of adventure and trying to find it even in just our everyday lives. However, seeking out adventure can be difficult, especially if we are not adequately prepared for it. Getting a car or motor vehicle (such as a truck) that is prepared and ready for anything is one step towards the ideal adventurous life, and having the right car or truck can make a big difference in where you go, what you do, and how you feel about it. In other words, the purchase of the right truck can even change your life.  Enter, the 2018 GMC Canyon.

The 2018 GMC Canyon Is A State Of The Art Vehicle


Technology has come a long way in recent years, advancing exponentially, more and more rapidly by the day. And perhaps no other industry has benefited as much as the auto industry when it comes to the innovations made in technological fields. Even the ordinary car or truck has become like a luxury vehicle, and these amenities are often affordable to the average driver, meaning that all of us can ride in style (and comfort).

The 2018 GMC Canyon is certainly no exception to this quickly forming rule. The GMC Canyon comes equipped with all the expected essentials – an AM/FM radio and a radio data system. But it takes it to the neck level with not only a radio, but a voice activated one. On top of that, it has a touchscreen navigation system and wireless phone connectivity. All of these features come standard with the truck, meaning that you don’t need to pay extra to experience such amenities as part of your 2018 GMC Canyon experience.

It’s also got a rearview mirror that adjusts for daylight versus the kind of lighting that you’re likely to encounter at night or in situations with low visibility. The 2018 GMC Canyon also has steering with manual tilting, making it easier to navigate the road than ever before, no matter what the conditions outside of the truck may be.

It’s Easy To Make it Your Own


The 2018 GMC Canyon is, there’s no doubt about it, a good looking truck. It’s powerful but not overly ostentatious – quietly muscular and can be more than a little imposing. The 2018 GMC Canyon is the type of truck for those looking to present a stoic power, but it is easy to customize and doesn’t skimp on interior comfort.

To start with the appearance of the exterior, there are a total of thirteen exterior colors that the prospective truck owner can choose from. These colors cover a wide range, from the aptly named Doeskin Tan to the warm and buttery Wheatland Yellow. It’s got a stylish chrome grille, as well as the option for a license plate bracket. Though the license plate bracket is a premium feature, many people opt for it as it helps to polish the overall appearance of the truck. Metallic paint is also an option and can add an intense shine factor to your truck.

The interior is none too shabby either, with four color options for the leather seats, ranging from cocoa to jet black.

It’s Got Tons Of Safety Features


From parents to bachelors, safety features are truly important, something that a car simply can’t afford to skimp on. Fortunately for those looking seriously into the 2018 GMC Canyon, it’s a truck that’s got enough safety features even a mom would approve of (particularly your mom).

In the unfortunate event of a motor vehicle crash or accident, the 2018 GMC Canyon is ready to protect you from whatever may come your way. It has a total of 6 airbags throughout the interior of the cab, and these airbags include the overhead curtain airbags in both the first and second rows. The front passenger seat also comes equipped with a standard airbag safety sensor, meaning that the airbag will only deploy if the person occupying the front seat is of a certain weight, making it therefore safe to do so. But the GMC Canyon has more safety features than airbags, though the airbags are, of course, crucial and quite impressive.

The GMC Canyon comes equipped with seat belt tensioners as well as side impact bars, two features that help to make the cab of the truck a reasonably safe place to be in the unfortunate but sometimes unavoidable event of a motor vehicle accident or crash.

However, the 2018 GMC Canyon doesn’t just have features that benefit passengers in the midst of a crash, though those features are plentiful, as can be seen above. No, the GMC Canyon also comes with a number of safety features that can help to keep a car accident or crash from ever occurring in the first place. These features are varied, including electronic stability, four-wheel disc brakes, and ABS and driveline traction control. Aside from these features, the Canyon also comes with a compact spare tire, just in case of emergencies.

It’s Nothing If Not Powerful


Finally (and for some, most importantly), the 2018 GMC Canyon is nothing if not a powerful motor vehicle. For all of its power, it’s environmentally friendly as well, officially classed as a low emissions vehicle. But with a standard engine of 200 hp, it can certainly handle a lot. It’s a six-speed manual with overdrive capabilities as well, making it perfect for unknown terrain.

What To Do Next

If you think that the 2018 GMC Canyon might be the right truck for you, it’s important that you go see it in person. Even better, it’s important that you test drive it. Only once that you get a feel for it on the road, you will know if it is truly the ideal car for you and your lifestyle. There’s no doubt about it that the GMC Canyon is an upstanding vehicle that anyone would feel lucky to drive, but it’s important to make sure that it’s a good personal fit as well.