A blue 2019 Chevy Suburban is on a gravel road.

Tricking Out Your Suburban


The 2019 Chevy Suburban is the same old giant you remember, but now more than ever, you’re given the option to customize your vehicle to your exact needs. While any model of the Suburban will be a divine driving experience, you have plenty of models to chose from as a template. From there, you can further customize the vehicle to suit your needs. These trim levels all have a fleet of improvements that really help you get the most value out of your Suburban. Whether you like to save money with these packaged trim levels, or you want a blank canvas and only add the accessories you need, any reputable dealer should be more than happy to accommodate your needs.

Which Trim Level?

Chevrolet advertises three different trim levels for the Suburban. These trim levels are known as the LS, the LT, and the Premier. The LS trim level is your basic, entry-level Suburban. Just because this is the base model does NOT mean that this vehicle is light of options. Costing over $51,000, you can expect to get plenty of creature comforts and plenty of power. You can assume that all Suburban models following the LS have a beefy 5.3L V8 engine paired with a smooth six-speed automatic transmission. For a slight premium, you can enjoy the perks of four-wheel drive, but no matter what drive train you go with, you’ll be able to fit eight adults in this vehicle without fuss. If the Suburban piques your interest, you are getting a lot more car for the money than any of the competition’s comparable models.

If you’re in a position where you can spoil yourself and your passengers a little bit more, the LT model could be the best value proposition for you. With the decision to go with the LT comes a whole slew of optional accessories you can opt for. If you need things like heated mirrors, fog lamps, or a power sunroof, then you have no choice but to upgrade to the LT. The cost is naturally going to be more expensive than the base model LS, but thankfully, the LT doesn’t break the sixty grand mark. Even inside the cabin, you continue to see the value of the upgrade. The LT lets you view navigation through the infotainment system, the steering column and some of the seats are power-adjustable, and you get to enjoy a leather-wrapped steering wheel. If you plan on keeping your Suburban for the long haul, getting the mid-level trim option may be the best bang/comfort for the buck option available.

A blacked out 2019 Chevy Suburban is parked in front of a glass building.

If you’re the type of person that can’t settle for anything other than the best, Chevrolet has created the trim level for you. The Premier is the “no holds barred” version of the Suburban where, if you want it, it has it. Unlike the LT, you won’t have to ask to have things like keyless start or auto-dimming mirrors. Those things come standard. The ride will be a little bit smoother thanks to magnetic ride control. People in the back will now get to enjoy power-adjustable and heated seats. If you need the ultimate driving experience out of your Suburban, you’re going to have to drop a fair bit of money on the luxury model. Once you rip that bandaid off, however, you’ll have a reliable, powerful, and most importantly, comfortable vehicle to cruise around in for many years to come.

It’s The Little Things

Just because the LS trim level doesn’t have navigation through the infotainment system, doesn’t mean you can’t trick it out to your liking. Within each trim level, you have a plethora of options available to choose from. This helps ensure that your Suburban isn’t exactly like every other one on the street. Chevrolet has provided you with plenty of ways to upgrade both the style and utility of their vehicle.

If you like to add a little bit of splash to your Suburban’s appearance, you have eleven different choices in rims (not all available on the LS model), thirteen paint options to choose from, and you have the option to change the grille to a more refined look. If instead, you need your accessories to be practical, Chevrolet offers you some recovery hooks if you plan on exploring off of the beaten path or traveling through the storms. For an accessory you can take advantage of on a daily basis, Chevrolet’s sharp-looking, red brake caliper upgrade can help your behemoth come to a stop more gently in traffic. You can also black out or chrome the door handles, and have the license plate frame match if you want.

The cargo area of a 2019 Chevy Suburban is shown.

While the Suburban has a ton of storage space in the cabin itself, you won’t have to sacrifice any of that space and can still bring your equipment if you opt for a few accessories. To start, the beast that is the Suburban has plenty of towing capability. Picking up a tow hitch with a ball mount and having it installed at the dealership will save you some effort and provide you with incredible utility. If you have an activity that you like, Chevrolet has come up with a carrier attachment for your gear. Everything from luggage to bikes, snowboards or canoes can be securely attached to the exterior car.

The inside of your Suburban can also be completely customized as well. Here are some of the interior features that stuck out the most to me. You can have a rear entertainment system installed that includes a 9 inch screen and the ability to play blue-rays and DVD’s. If you’re worried that your third row passengers will have a hard time viewing the screen, fear not. Chevy lets you put a screen in the third row as well. The driver can enjoy a heads up display, and the convenience of adaptive cruise control can be included with your purchase. Finally, if you’re going to get seat covers or floor mats, you might as well get the factory ones so that the flow within the interiors lines perfectly. Your local Chevrolet dealer should be able and willing to get you as many or as little accessories as you want.

Make It Yours And Enjoy It

Regardless of the features you choose to include in your Suburban, you’ve already committed to years of comfort and utility. Hopefully, you’ve been given a greater understanding about what your options are to meet your needs or express your style. Reach out to your local dealer an open a dialog so that you can find exactly what you need. A proper salesman knows far more about their product than could ever be explained in an article. Whatever trim level and customization you decide to go with on your Suburban, you’ll feel large and in charge everywhere you cruise. From Wall Street to the mountains, from the beach to the cabin. When you arrive at your destination, this vehicle makes your presence felt. As the Suburban drives away, it inspires a sense of mystery as to where it could be heading. Wherever your destination, whatever your cargo, the Suburban is the Alpha and the Omega when it comes to the ultimate SUV.