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Urban, Suburban, and Rural Car Needs and Ford Dealerships Who Provide Them

The environment you live in makes all the difference when it comes to choosing the right mode of transportation. Whether you are a part of an urban, suburban, or rural community, you need a ride that fits your daily stride. Sometimes it’s as simple as knowing you need a smaller vehicle for crowded city streets, or a large SUV for the residential carpool, but what do you do when you live in an area that offers a little bit of everything? Such versatility demands deep consideration as to what transportation will be right for you. Luckily, Ford dealerships understand this area well and are always well stocked, and ready to provide you with the exact car you need.

In order to know what the exact car you need is though, it is important to understand the environment you will be spending most of your time in. So here is a little bit of information about three unique environments you will find near Troy, NY and what kind of features are best suited there.



Urban an area that is related to a city or some sort, often a large and crowded one. The urban lifestyle is often fast pace and can be difficult to maneuver if you aren’t a local. It is also one of the greatest epicenters for entertainment, socialization, and culture. You won’t want to miss out on spending some time in an urban setting, especially if you are near New York City which is known to be one of the most famous urban cities filled with premium shopping, artistic performances, and an intense nightlife as the city that never sleeps. So, here are a few features that may be useful if you truly want to embrace an urban lifestyle.



The city may be exciting and fast pace, but it is also extremely crowded. For those that wish to take on urban streets, it is best to use a vehicle that is compact and easy to handle. Nothing is worse than getting to your destination only to discover you have to parallel park in a spot that you barely fit into, but with a compact vehicle such as the Ford EcoSport or Ford Fiesta, you won’t ever have to stress again, because you can make them fit anywhere. Not only that, but compact vehicles are also satisfyingly affordable starting as low as $14,000.


Fuel Efficient

Another great feature to look into if you are investing in an urban lifestyle is fuel efficiency. Vehicles with high fuel economy will not only save you a pretty penny in gas but will also lower the already highly polluted city air. The top ford vehicle in fuel-efficiency, which can be found at your local Ford dealership near Troy, NY, at this moment is the Ford C-MAX Hybrid with an impressive 42 mpg city and 38 mpg highway.



The suburban life is calmer than the urban life but faster than the rural life; it can kind of be considered the best of both worlds. It is an ideal environment to settle down, raise children, and just manage a well-balanced lifestyle. You will be able to easily commute to the city for work, have a wide variety of stores to choose from within a short distance, and be able to enjoy some peace without it ever getting too boring. So, what features work best for such a stable lifestyle?



The suburban lifestyle often requires a long list of daily chores that require a mode of transportation that can fit a lot of people or cargo. Daily carpools, weekly grocery trips, monthly meetings, and bi-monthly community events, and yearly road trips or vacations are all common in the life of a suburban citizen. This is why you must have a vehicle that offers plenty of space. The Ford Expedition and Ford Explorer are both great options that can fit from 7 to 8 people, and over 100 ft³ of cargo space for all the vacation gear and groceries you could dream of getting.



Living in the suburbs requires a lot of versatility in order to match your everyday needs. Commuting, chores, and children will always lead to some unexpected changes to the flow, so having a vehicle that is ready to aid you in any way with a long list of features such as hands-free calling and easy fold seating will be a convenience you never knew you couldn’t live without until you have it. The Ford Escape is a well-balanced SUV that offers numerous features and has a great starting price of only $23,940 new.



Living in or enjoying the countryside has many advantages. It is quiet, humble, and offers its own version of culture and community. That being said, the rural life can require a fair amount of driving even to get to the local store compared to the ease of an urban and suburban community. This is why there are a few things a rural resident must look for in their car that those living in other areas may not.



Towing and hauling trailers and fishing boats is a common rural practice, and in order to do that, you need a truly powerful vehicle. The Ford F-series is one of the most respected and muscle heavy vehicle lines on the market and has been for years.



Nothing is more frustrating than becoming stranded in a rural area due to the unreliability of your vehicle. This is why you must look into the longevity of whatever vehicle you decide to invest in, especially if you live in an area that requires long commutes. Ford is one of the leading manufacturers in reliability and tough vehicles, so there almost isn’t a wrong choice as long as it is a Ford.


The Best of All Worlds

Living near Troy, NY can be exciting with all of its environmental options, and having the right vehicle will only make it that much better. So, find your friendly Ford dealership near Troy, NY and get ready to experience all the world has to offer.