Three Best Places to Buy a Car in Cincinnati

We’ve all been there. The car-buying process can be an all-day endeavor, and you’re not even guaranteed to complete your excursion in a 24-hour period. Most customers like to shop around, and this often involves taking a look at multiple brand’s vehicles. Considering how long these trips often take, it can be difficult for a potential customer to visit multiple dealerships in one afternoon. Luckily for those in Cincinnati, there are several Auto Malls and superstores that will make the entire process less time consuming.

There are a variety of different dealerships in Cincinnati and the surrounding area, so you’re certainly not limited to these giant businesses. However, if you’re still determining what kind of vehicle you want, it’ll be in your best interest to visit a dealership that includes a variety of brands and models. We’ve compiled the best of the best below, so whether you decide to pursue a new car at McCluskey or you’d rather search at Kings Auto Mall for a used car, you’ll know what option is right for you…

Kings Auto Mall


Located off Exit 19 on 1-71 and Fields-Ertel Road, Kings Auto Mall is a small development of 14 different dealerships on (where else) Kings Auto Mall Road. Unsure what brand you want to target? The Auto Mall certainly won’t make your decision any easier, but you’ll at least have a wide variety of vehicles to choose from. When visiting the Auto Mall, you’ll find brands like Dodge, Chevy, Ford, Toyota, Chrysler, Jeep, Honda, Mazda, Volkswagen, GMC, Subaru, Nissan, Infiniti, Lexus, Porsche… you can find it all at the Auto Mall.

While each of the businesses if focused on selling a specific brand, they all operate under the same logic. The dealerships want to provide the buyer with the best experience possible, and that includes finding these potential buyers the best possible deal. Instead of wasting customers’ time on gimmick sales, the collection of dealerships is more focused on assigning a value to a vehicle that will fit within a potential buyer’s budget.

You’re not only limited to new vehicles at Kings Auto Mall. You’ll also find a wide assortment of used vehicles, many priced below $10,000! If you need help affording a targeted vehicle, any of the dealership’s financing departments will find you a fair and logical deal that reasonably fits within your budget. It may sound cliche to say that 14 of these dealerships have the customer’s best interest in mind. In regards to financing, you might occasionally come across a dealer who is more focused on making a deal than assuring that their customer won’t be in future financial turmoil. However, each of the dealerships at Kings Auto Mall has received positive marks from more than 500 reviews, with many of the testimonials focused on the financing department. If you’re worried about staying within your budget, whether you’re going new or used, there’s no need to panic if you visit the collection of dealerships.

If you happen to ultimately make a purchase from Kings Auto Mall, you’ll know you’ll be in good hands going forward. Each of the dealerships has their own specialized service department, meaning immediate repairs are close by. Whether you need an oil change, a tire balance, or entirely new mechanics, the professional mechanics will get your vehicle back up to tip-top shape… and you won’t have to pay an arm and a leg for the service.

Have any apprehensions about visiting the sprawling complex? You can take a virtual tour of most of the area’s dealerships, allowing you to better anticipate the layout and what to expect. Furthermore, you can visit any of the dealership’s individual websites to get a better understanding of their inventory and prices.

McCluskey Chevrolet Used Car Superstore


McCluskey has their own dealership in Kings Auto Mall, but they also have a large used car superstore located on East Galbraith Road. The complex is your best shot at purchasing a Chevy car or truck for a great price. In fact, McCluskey’s website shows more than 50 used Chevy vehicles selling for less than $10,000, with several recent models (like a 2012 Chevy Sonic or 2011 Chevy Equinox) also available. Many of these used vehicles are accompanied by their own specific used car special, meaning you won’t be able to find a better deal for a particular car.

That’s not it for specials at McCluskey. The dealership also offers an educator discount, providing current school employees an opportunity to purchase or lease a new Chevy vehicle for the supplier price (including the impressive Corvette or Camaro). This discount could go a long way, as the website shows that customers could see a more than $2,000 savings on a new Chevy Impala. McCluskey also offers a “Tax Refund Anticipation” deal, allowing you to use your future tax money right now! All the dealership needs is a recent pay-stub, and the financing department will determine any applicable taxes or fees.

Sure, plenty of other dealerships feature their own financing department, but not many offer similar online resources to McCluskey. When visiting the dealership’s website, a potential customer could expedite the entire process by getting pre-qualified for credit approval (although your acceptance is guaranteed, regardless of your situation). Potential customers can also calculate any payments or fuel costs, and they can even receive an instant offer for their potential trade-in. Finally, you can determine how much money you’ll save on auto insurance by switching to McCluskey Insurance Agency, which will provide you with a reasonable and comprehensive plan.

The service department will repair your Chevy back to its original form, and you won’t have to worry about dishing out too much cash if you’re eligible for the free Lifetime Mechanical Protection. The center is I-Car Gold and ASE Certified, and they’ve also been named a “Preferred Body Shop” from area insurance companies. Their 7am-10pm multi-shift staff ensures that your vehicle will be repaired and back on the road in no time, and they’ll complete these projects much faster than any rival repair center.

Jeff Wyler Eastgate Auto Mall


Similar to McCluskey, you’ll also be able to find one of Jeff Wyler’s Nissan dealerships at Kings Automall. However, if you take a short trip down 1118 OH-32 to Batavia, Ohio, you’ll come across the dealer’s exclusive superstore.

The dealership offers a variety of new and used vehicles by a number of different brands, and a quick search on the business’s website will pull up more than 500 used vehicles priced below $15,000. There are various specials that accompany new and used vehicles, meaning you’ll always be able to find an ideal price.

The financing department will assure that all of your payments can be completed in a timely fashion, and you can even calculate your potential spending by visiting the website. Meanwhile, the service department will get your vehicle back to working order, and the body shop will come in handy if you ever have some aesthetic damage to your car.


Easy, right? Each of these auto malls and superstores features a financing department and service center, and they each offer an incredible variety of different vehicles. While we’d understand if you didn’t want to dedicate the time to visit each of these businesses, it might actually be in your best interest to do so.

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