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Build It, Don’t Buy It; Perks of Getting Car Parts Installed

You know that slogan “Jeeps are built, not bought”? Well, the same concept should apply to those looking to install (or preferably, have someone else install) aftermarket car parts and accessories on their vehicles. It’s most certainly smarter to pick and choose the parts you want on a vehicle, rather than buy one with parts already installed. Unless that pre-modded model has exactly what you’re looking for, which is a rare occurrence. One of the many advantages of having the parts installed is that you get exactly what you want. No more, and no less. In this case, more could be an issue. Seeing as you might buy a pre-modded vehicle for a stupidly high price, only to use two or three extra features that were added on among 20 others – 20 others that you’ll never use, or even like for that matter.

While buying pre-modded does have its advantages, it has pretty big disadvantages that are a major turn-off. Especially when compared to getting the parts installed yourself.

Advantages of Installing Parts

The idea of having a clean slate or canvas to work with is every artist’s dream. Heck, it’s not even a dream — it’s a necessity. In order to make your vehicle 100% your own, you need to put in the time to paint or draw every little detail.

Aftermarket parts allow you to do what you want with your car or truck. You can add on every extra part and accessory available, or simply just personalize it with one or two. The choice is yours, and at the end of the day, that personalized vehicle was “made” by your hand and vision, which is a great feeling.

In the same vein, you know the parts and accessories that you tagged will actually be used. You paid for the ones you wanted, and don’t have to fret over wasting money on any extra parts you have no interest in using.

On top of that, you’re able to take your vehicle and vision to a professional and get it done right. Whereas, if you buy a pre-modded vehicle, you have absolutely zero idea of who installed the parts last, and if the installations were even done correctly, turning that expensive vehicle into an even more expensive long-term purchase when things start to break.

Disadvantages of a Pre-Modded Vehicle

A pre-modded vehicle isn’t your own. For some, this might not matter. For the true car modding enthusiast, this is a nightmare. It means the vehicle won’t have that personalized touch to truly make it yours. A vehicle without personalized flair might as well be soulless.

You’ll have to “settle for more” just to get the part you might want. What I mean buy this is you could buy an off-roading truck with the decked out tires, roof rack, enhanced transfer case, tow hooks, and warn winch. But, what if all you want are the tow hooks and warn winch? Now, you’re paying for all that extra, just to get those two aftermarket parts – shelling out more, and arguably getting less. It’s rare, but it does happen in the automotive world. But, this can be avoided entirely if you just get the parts you want installed instead.

Those are only a few of the disadvantages surrounding pre-modded vehicles. But, they are downright depressing for those who like their vehicles to feature that personal touch. Even if you aren’t one of those people, you can’t deny that it would be foolish to pay for an abundance of extra parts you don’t want and, ultimately, won’t use.

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