A red 2024 Buick Envista ST parked on a sandy beach.

The New 2024 Buick Envista Brings Affordable Luxury to the Masses

The world of Buick has been changing over the last several years, and the inclusion of the new 2024 Buick Envista is ushering in a whole new era for this classic car brand. Everyone from your local Buick dealer to Buick enthusiasts is excited about this new SUV in Buick’s lineup. Changing demographics, different priorities for technology, and evolving styles are spurring Buick to continue to innovate. The Envista is being met with a lot of excitement from folks all over the auto industry and is being heralded as an affordable option for consumers, something that hasn’t existed to quite this extent with Buick before.

Most people know Buick as a premium car brand, straddling the worlds of premium and luxury without quite hitting that super-high price point. Its sister company, Cadillac, also owned by GM, typically takes that position in the market. So Buick’s decision to add a more attainable SUV option to their lineup is seen as an attempt to reach down the market and attract a new subsect of shoppers into the Buick family. So how did we get here and what exactly made Buick choose to produce a premium vehicle at a lower cost point? We’ll take a look at Buick’s history, their switch to SUVs, and some of the reasons they decided to engineer and bring this exciting model into the market.

A Look at Buick’s Evolution in the Automotive Industry

Before we can really understand Buick’s choice to produce a lower-cost SUV, we have to take a look at its history because it’s a long and evolving one. Buick’s ability to evolve is one of the reasons they have lasted so long, having started all the way back in 1899, right before the turn of the century.

Buick’s founder, David Dunbar Buick, was an automotive pioneer. His company established General Motors in 1908 and paved the way for innumerable excellent and diverse vehicles to come to market. Buick itself is the longest-surviving car brand in America, older than even Chevrolet and Ford. In their early days, Buick established a reputation for quality and innovation that carries on even to this day. For example, it was the first car brand to add turn signals in 1939 to its vehicles, something other brands wouldn’t adopt for a decade.

After WWII, Buick dug its heels into the market as a premium and luxurious vehicle manufacturer. Models like the Roadmaster, Riviera, and Electra were popular sedan and coupe-style cars, well-known for their luxurious appointments. All were sunset in the late 1990s as consumer preferences began to change. Buick began focusing on making smaller, more efficient cars in response to steep gasoline prices, which were shifting consumer demand. This ability to change with the times is another hallmark of Buick’s longevity.

Overhead view of a blue 2024 Buick Envista Avenir with a moonroof.

Buick’s Shift to SUVs

During the early 2000s through the 2010s, consumer preferences changed again. This time, the preference was swinging to SUVs. Now, the automobile market in America is dominated by SUVs and crossover vehicles. Better engine technology and fuel utilization have helped make SUVs the favorite of individuals and families, commuters, suburbanites, adventurers, and country folks around the nation. People are demanding more from their vehicles, wanting the drivability and fuel efficiency of a sedan but all the cargo area and safety provided by a larger vehicle.

Cargo space is a major reason SUVs have taken off the way that they have. A ‘bigger is better’ mentality is pervasive, with the majority of vehicles you see parked at your local grocery store just squeezing into the spots these days. You can fit all your kids’ gear and your sporting equipment, easily haul your groceries, or even move house with the help of an SUV. They make for a highly versatile choice, and consumers no longer want to compromise.

While it may have been more true in the early days of SUVs, there is a perception that SUVs are safer than sedans. They often have more advanced safety technology, though modern sedans come equipped with great options now, too. The perception of better safety has made them a key choice for parents with kids; however, it is something that isn’t lost on Buick.

Today, Buick’s entire vehicle lineup consists of crossovers and SUVs, which is a clear read on the preferences of modern drivers. Buick’s ability to pivot with the times, change vehicle styles and sunset models that are no longer fashionable has kept them at the forefront of the premium vehicle category.

The Buick Envista Arrives

The switch to SUVs was the last big move Buick made to stay relevant to its loyal buyers. But each year, Buick makes smaller changes, like adding more technology to its vehicles. This last year saw another big shift with the launch of the Envista for model year 2024. This entirely new compact SUV is unlike any other Buick model for one reason: its affordability. Buick has read the proverbial room and taken note of the economic environment of the world.

Following the pandemic, rising inflation, and high fuel prices, the market for higher-end vehicles has shrunk slightly. However, Americans’ taste for the finer things in life hasn’t waned. Buick took this as a challenge and has created a vehicle with premium features and a high-end look and feel that comes in at a much more modest price point to appeal to a consumer base reeling in an uncertain economy.

The 2024 Buick Envista has a base MSRP of just $22,400, putting it well under the starting prices for less premium compact SUVs like the 2024 Chevy Equinox or the 2024 Nissan Rogue. People who prioritize a more luxurious experience but want to enter the world of premium vehicles at a smaller price point will be able to do so with the new Envista. This move aims to cater to a new demographic of younger people who may not have had a premium vehicle before. It’s an entry point that can work well within their monthly budget and even save them money if they’ve been considering another popular SUV in the industry.

The modern infotainment screen in a 2024 Buick Envista ST at a Buick dealer.

About the 2024 Buick Envista

Besides the expected attributes, like elegant styling and comfortable interior, the Buick Envista doesn’t disappoint with its robust range of features. Perhaps surprisingly, Buick didn’t seem to cut back on features to make the Envista come at a lower price point. Drivers will find all the things younger and more technologically savvy consumers are demanding, like a standard suite of advanced safety and driver-assistance technology. Abilities like available Adaptive Cruise Control, which monitors the speed of vehicles ahead and adjusts the Envista’s speed while in cruise control, add extra convenience.

Amenities like an ultrawide 11-inch digital touchscreen that houses the infotainment platform and lets drivers easily connect to their favorite apps and entertainment are also standard. This enlarged touchscreen is something you’d typically only find on the highest trim levels of other compact SUVs. Buick didn’t skimp on the details.

A Welcomed Addition to an Already Stunning Lineup

Overall, drivers will likely find all the premium features they’ve come to expect from a Buick SUV. The interior is lush with a high attention to design and detail. The outside is distinctive, with a classic Buick grille and elegant lines. All this is marked with a price tag that comes in much lower than expected, catering to the changing attitudes of modern drivers. This is just another example of Buick’s ability to understand the market and adjust its lineup to appeal to drivers. Smart moves like these will help Buick stick around for another 100 years!