A silver 2022 Ford E-Transit is driving on a city street at dusk after leaving a Ford commercial vehicle dealer.

The All-New 2022 Ford E-Transit Takes Work To The Next Level

The day has come where electric meets Ford commercial vehicles. Electric and hybrid vehicles have become all the rage in recent years, but mainly for personal vehicles. Ford has its own fleet of electric and hybrid vehicles, which are great options for you and your family, but what about a new option for work vehicles? In late 2021 that option has arrived. Meet the all-new 2022 Ford E-Transit, the all-electric commercial van. We have all the insight, knowledge, and facts you need to know in preparation for the release in late 2021, and your Ford commercial vehicle dealer will have even more updates. Buckle up because we think you will be amazed at just what this 2022 Ford E-Transit can do for your daily jobs, the environment, and your business bottom line.

How Electric Meets Commercial

We know how much you love and appreciate your Ford Transit. There’s no question it’s the best selling brand of commercial vans in the United States, and we’re here to tell you that going electric will make it even better. How does all-electric work with a tough, hard-working commercial van, though? The best part about the Ford E-Transit is you don’t lose any of the components of the Transit that work perfectly for your business. Ford has just added a cost-saving, environmentally-friendly electric drivetrain that’s a win for everyone.

You still have the option for three roof heights, three body lengths, and the chassis cab and cutaway models with the 2022 Ford E-Transit. The E-Transit goes through all the same durability tests each Ford commercial vehicle goes through, which means you still get the same reliability you need in your work van each and every day. Every part of the 2022 Ford E-Transit was designed to meet the needs of business owners and van operators. The battery of the E-Transit is placed under the body of the van, so you don’t have to lose any of that necessary cargo space. With your work van packed tight, we know you have lots of jobs to handle. The E-Transit is targeted for 126 miles of range on a single charge, which is higher than the 76-mile average daily mileage for commercial vans.

Driving the E-Transit can definitely affect your business in a positive way. Fewer service visits and no gas tank fill-ups mean more time and money in your pocket, which we all know means more time to serve your customers. You may even find yourself in a position with more business opportunities from utilizing the Ford E-Transit. It’s equipped with a powertrain that’s virtually silent and produces zero emissions, which means the E-Transit can access jobs that other work vehicles cannot. All-electric work vans are a product of the future and will change how commercial vehicles work. You won’t skip a beat in the all-new Ford E-Transit.

A man is loading flowers into a white 2022 Ford E-Transit at a nursery.

Charging And Maintenance Stays Simple

The next question you might ask is how to actually operate the Ford E-Transit for long workdays and jobs. Your daily tasks and jobs may differ, and you need charging options that are just as reliable and accessible as fuel stations. Fortunately, there are a variety of options for charging the 2022 Ford E-Transit, no matter if you have just one van or a fleet of over a dozen.

The E-Transit gains you access to the largest public charging network in North America. No fuss, no endless searching, it’s all available to you. However, Ford offers a 240V mobile charger and a 240V-48A charge station that you can install at your home or business to ensure that you have a fully charged, ready to work vehicle each morning. Finally, some businesses may have a need for a charging depot that can recharge an entire fleet of E-Transits. If so, your Ford commercial vehicle dealer will work with you to find you the exact charging solutions you need for your Ford E-Transits.

Get ready to say goodbye to oil changes, belt replacements, and more! That’s right – your all-electric commercial van will spend less time being serviced and more time on the road completing jobs. In fact, compared to the 2020 Transit, the E-Transit’s scheduled maintenance costs are projected to be 40% less over an 8 year/100,000 mile period. When it does come time for maintenance, around 90% of Ford Commercial Vehicle Centers are already certified for electric vehicles, so you can rest assured your E-Transit is in the best of care.

The Electric Difference

What really is the benefit of converting to an all-electric vehicle? Besides all of the incredible benefits mentioned before, there’s a whole lot more to electric vehicles that further elevate its appeal and usability. Electric vehicles, including the 2022 Ford E-Transit, can reduce emissions and use electricity from domestic sources. We all know what reducing emissions can do for the environment and public health. With a zero-emissions work vehicle like the Ford E-Transit, you can take jobs literally anywhere, even indoors. The benefits of electric vehicles are a win for everyone.

The electric difference gives you more opportunities. With the increased production and popularity of electric vehicles, it’s now easier to adopt electric vehicles in your fleet without the worry of disruption. We think once you experience the Ford E-Transit for yourself, you’ll see the full advantages of converting to all-electric commercial vehicles.

A man is charging a white 2022 Ford E-Transit.

More Reasons to Love the E-Transit

The all-electric component is truly the most groundbreaking feature of the 2022 Ford E-Transit, but there are other reasons to get excited about this new work van. Let’s dive inside first. You’re in and out of your work van all day long, so it needs to be more than just accessible – it needs to be comfortable. Ford reimagined the interior of the 2022 E-Transit and made it more functional by adding a new rotary shifter to the center console and switching out the manual parking lever with an e-brake on the instrument panel. These changes make it easier to operate the E-Transit and more comfortable for drivers.

For carrying all your gear, the E-Transit has you covered. With a maximum payload of up to 3,800 lbs depending on the model, you have full capacity to bring all you need for each job. You can even have the standard overhead rear shelf removed if you need more height to move around the van. Combine these features with the top technology like the brand-new SYNC 4, Ford Telematics, and Co-Pilot 360, and your work van will be safer and more connected than ever before.

The 2022 E-Transit is an exciting addition to Ford’s growing fleet of electric and hybrid vehicles and first jump into more environmentally-friendly commercial vehicles. Countless hours have been spent designing and crafting the Ford E-Transit to ensure that it meets the standards of a top-quality commercial van. The end result is truly worth the wait and is a perfect mixture of durability and innovation. Converting to electric will be a seamless transition for your work because of Ford’s expertise in commercial vehicles. The 2022 Ford E-Transit is expected to launch in late 2021, and your Ford commercial vehicle dealer can give you all the updates on ordering dates to come. Electric vehicles are here to stay, and we can’t wait to see the impact they will make on commercial fleets.