A blue 2019 Ford Edge ST is shown from the front at an angle.

Ten Reasons Why Ford Has the Edge With Its Standout Midsize SUV

Businesses are always looking to get an edge on their competition, and automakers are no different. Each one is trying to find something to help its vehicles stand out from the rest of the pack. Some choose to make their models the fastest. Others try to make them more affordable or boost fuel economy. Ford is no different. This is why it chose to name its flagship midsize SUV the Edge. This model is designed to be different by excelling in many categories. It is safe, affordable, and economical. It also gives drivers different options, which makes it versatile. Plus, it has a reputation for sporty performance, making it fun to drive.

If you head over to a used Ford Edge dealer, you can see why this model earns its name and holds an edge over many other two-row midsize SUVs. It also has an edge in the sense that it has its own unique looks that set it apart from so many other cookie-cutter crossovers. This is why the Ford Edge has always sold well, averaging over 100,000 sales per year in the United States. Here are some interesting facts about the Ford Edge that will help give you some insight into why this remains one of the most popular midsize SUV models.

1. There Are Two Great Generations of This Model

Ford introduced the Edge in time for the 2007 model year. The timing was perfect as tastes started to move from sedans to SUVs. More and more drivers across America were discovering the benefits of driving an SUV. These midsize models combine the drivability and comfort features of a sedan with the ruggedness, cargo space, and higher ground clearance of a truck.

The Ford Edge proved to be no exception. It drove well, helping many drivers make the transmission from a sedan to an SUV. In addition, Ford equipped the Edge with wide door openings and low sills, making entry easy. This proved to be a plus for older drivers. Not willing to rest on initial success, Ford made some adjustments to the Edge in 2011, with a full-blown second generation arriving in 2015. Following the same successful formula, Ford made another round of adjustments to the Edge in 2021, improving aerodynamics while boosting the quality of the SYNC infotainment and Ford Co-Pilot 360 safety features.

A blue 2019 Ford Edge ST is shown from the rear at an angle.

2. An SUV With a Car-Based Design

Unlike some midsize SUVs built on a truck platform, Ford chose to use its successful Ford Fusion midsize sedan as the basis for the Edge. This accomplished a number of different goals. First, it gave the Edge a softer ride than an SUV built on a truck platform, which tends to ride stiffer. It also made the Edge easier to handle and more maneuverable. This is because the Fusion’s frame was designed for solid performance. Finally, using the Fusion’s platform helped keep costs down. Rather than develop a new platform, Ford was able to utilize an existing one, passing the savings along to drivers like you.

3. The Edge Shares a Lineage With Two Other Successful Suvs

Ford developed the Edge during the time that it owned Mazda. As a result, the Ford model was planned and built alongside the Mazda CX-9. These proved to be two of the most popular and successful midsize SUVs. In addition, the Lincoln MKX was also created together with the Edge. In a way, the Lincoln became a more upscale version of the Edge, emphasizing luxury styling and features. Even though Ford spun off Mazda in 2015, it benefited from the cross-pollination of working with the engineers and design teams at Mazda and Lincoln in creating the Edge.

4. An Incredibly Roomy Interior

The Edge has seating for up to five passengers. One thing that some folks complain about with midsize SUVs is that they don’t provide enough space in the back. Ford addressed this with the Edge, providing over 100 cu.ft. of passenger space between the two rows of seats. This can be seen in the fact that the 2023 Edge provides 40.2 inches of headroom in the front and 40.3 inches in the back. Similarly, the 2015 Edge gives front-row passengers 40.5 inches of legroom and rear-seat passengers 40.6 inches. This might be why Edge drivers don’t find their passengers fighting over the shotgun seat.

5. Ample Trunk Space

In addition to having plenty of passenger space, the Ford Edge has always given drivers a great deal of trunk space as well. The first generation model featured 32.1 cu.ft. of cargo space that opened into 69.6 cu.ft. with the rear row of seats easily folded down. This was increased in the second generation Edge to a 39.2 cu.ft. Trunk, with a total cargo space of 73.4 cu.ft. The Edge certainly puts the Utility in the term Sport Utility Vehicle.

6. It’s Had Two Engine Options Since 2011

When the Edge first hit the road in 2007, it sported a standard engine, a 3.5-liter V6 paired with a 6-speed automatic transmission. While this was a fine engine in its own right, Ford gave drivers a second engine option starting in 2011. This was a 2.0-liter turbocharged I-4 gas engine with an impressive 240 hp. The goal was to give drivers a choice between the acceleration provided by the V6 and the fuel economy delivered by the turbo I-4. This option continues to this day, with the 2023 Edge featuring the choice of a 2.0-liter EcoBoost turbo I-4 and a 2.7-liter EcoBoost turbo V6.

7. Solid Fuel Economy

One issue that has become increasingly important for American drivers is fuel economy. Gas prices have increased substantially over the past two years and don’t appear to be waning anytime soon. This is why getting a new or used vehicle that won’t hurt you at the gas pump is crucial. The Ford Edge began life as a fuel-efficient vehicle and has only improved over the years. The 2007 Edge averaged a combined 18 MPG and improved to 22 MPG combined with the 2012 model. The current Ford Edge exceeds this, giving you an impressive 23 MPG combined. Still, no matter which one you choose, you won’t be losing money buying gas in a Ford Edge.

A red 2020 Ford Edge ST is shown from the side while rounding a corner after leaving a used Ford Edge dealer.

8. It Keeps You in SYNC

Most vehicles today feature an infotainment system that keeps you connected wherever you travel. The Edge is no different. The first generation featured the MyFord Touch infotainment system, allowing you to connect your smartphone using Bluetooth connectivity. This was surpassed by the Ford SYNC system, which became standard on the Edge starting with the second generation in 2015. The SYNC is easy to use and allows you to connect your smartphones using Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility. In 2021, Ford introduced the SYNC 4A system with a 12-inch touchscreen, voice recognition controls, and wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, allowing you to leave the annoying charging cables at home.

9. Safety Is Standard

Each year, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) conducts safety crash tests on most passenger vehicles available in the United States, and the Edge has always scored well in such tests. Since 2006, the IIHS has published a list of the Top Safety Picks for each vehicle category. The Edge has ranked as a Top Safety Pick for midsize SUVs for 11 years since its introduction in 2007, including four years straight from 2019 to 2022. This is because Ford has made sure to equip the Edge with the latest safety technology, including the Ford Co-Pilot 360 suite of active driver assistance features, which has been standard on all models of the Edge since 2019.

10. All-Wheel Drive Is Now Standard on the Edge

Ford has always offered all-wheel drive as an option on the Edge, which was a front-wheel drive model. However, beginning in 2022, all Edge models now feature standard all-wheel drive. This allows you to get improved traction without having to pay a premium.

An Edge Over Its Competition

We are all trying to get the most for our money, which is certainly the case when it comes to vehicles. With a Ford Edge, you will get all of these great features in a midsize SUV that will give you an edge over the competition. This is because when you buy a pre-owned Ford Edge, you get the most for your money in a safe, economical, and fun model.