A silver 2022 Chevy Blazer is shown from the side parked in front of a modern building at night.

SUV Style Showdown: Chevy Blazer vs Ford Edge

It’s a classic conundrum between two automakers who have helped shape the auto industry as we know it, and when it comes to which vehicles are the best, the choice often lies between Chevy and Ford. Both brands have had their fair share of exciting models grace the roadways throughout the past century, and as time goes on, the competition only seems to intensify. Plenty of drivers prefer SUVs nowadays due to their heightened style and extra space, making them the ideal vehicle for any type of journey. If you’re a driver who searches for superior style, SUVs also offer some of the best designs around. Take the Chevy Blazer, for example, which recently made its way back onto the scene after a years-long hiatus, re-emerging as one of the most modern and sophisticated models available, and the Ford Edge, which has been a head-turner for years. When comparing the 2022 Chevy Blazer vs 2022 Ford Edge, is the Blazer’s contemporary elegance more desirable than the timeless class that’s found in the Edge?

Thoughtfully Designed Interiors

The Blazer came back with a vengeance, offering drivers some of the sleekest designs in SUV history, and it continues to be a style king even after a few years back on the market. Take its interior design, for instance, as you sink into its available perforated leather-appointed seating surfaces, revel in its ambient interior lighting, and enjoy all of the Camaro-inspired details throughout its cabin. Round air vents and subtle Camaro features sprinkled inside and out give the Blazer an air of exhilaration, which is highly appealing to drivers who long for a more exciting SUV. Plenty of space inside allows the Blazer to act as the ideal travel companion, whether it’s transporting families around town or workmates to the office, and with 64.2 cu.ft. of cargo space, nothing gets in the way of a comfortable ride. Even its special editions are designed to impress, with its Midnight Edition offering mysterious style in the form of gloss black design elements and exclusive badging.

The 2022 Ford Edge takes a very different approach to its design, as it emits more classic vibes throughout. It showcases a wide body, which allows it to boast favorable space inside, while available features, like leather-trimmed sport bucket seats and metal-plated accents, add in a more modern touch. Like the Blazer, the Edge makes good use of its roomy interior cabin, offering plenty of cargo space, as well as configurable seating to cater to any of your travel needs. Although the Edge does have a nice blend of classic and contemporary elements, some drivers may find that its interior is a bit too simplistic in nature, preferring a more high-end style.

For drivers who are into style, the Blazer is a hands-down favorite, especially with its posh appointments and the air of extravagance that surrounds it. It’s sleek, polished, and elegant, which is what the modern driver desires right now. The Edge, on the other hand, is more classic in its design, and its interior is a bit basic when comparing it directly to the Blazer. In the end, we’d go with modern sophistication over understated simplicity any day.

A blue 2022 Ford Edge is shown from the side driving on an open road in the rain.

Appealing Exterior Designs

Although drivers spend the majority of their time inside their vehicles, for those who are concerned with style, the exterior is equally as important. The 2022 Chevy Blazer showcases high-end design, from its chiseled front end to its sweeping curves. With athletic, designer vibes radiating across its body, the Blazer has a way of appealing to a diverse array of drivers. Opt for the Redline Edition for even more exceptional style, including 20-inch gloss black wheels with red accents, a black grille, and ultra-sleek Blazer badges to create a vehicle that belongs on the fashion runway. Although the Blazer is extremely stylish, boasting muscular features also found in its sibling, the Camaro, it’s also pleasantly practical, offering features like a programmable power liftgate to make loading and unloading effortless. The Blazer is the poster child when it comes to form blended seamlessly with function, offering a dazzling appearance with practical versatility from front to back.

The Edge features a slightly different appearance on the outside, marked by timeless appeal, yet many would call its style aging more than anything else. Base models are more simplistic in nature, which means that if you want to enjoy more style, you’ll need to upgrade. Upgrading to the new ST-Line will add a little more pizzazz to the Edge, like specialized LED lighting, 20-inch premium gloss black aluminum wheels, and exclusive badging, but we’d rather have more style in its base models without having to pay more for a high-end trim.

With the Blazer’s upscale design and sculpted presence, there’s no doubt about it; Chevy built this SUV to impress. Its body style is accentuated by features reminiscent of the legendary Camaro, bringing a lot more style to the midsize SUV segment as a whole. Unfortunately for the Edge, it’s dated and in desperate need of a redesign, with basic features and upgrades seemingly offered only in upper-level trims, which means…you guessed it, spending more to get the design elements you really want. When it comes to style, the Blazer showcases high-end appeal from every angle, making it the talk of the town if you’re one who places style above all else.

Added Extras

A vehicle can look appealing, but how it drives is also a big factor to consider when choosing your favorite model. With added enhancements, like those found in the 2022 Chevy Blazer, you’ll find that any ride becomes better. The Blazer showcases a driver-centric interior, which offers a ride quality like no other, with enough room to relax, and everything you need for your ride right at your fingertips. A Drive Mode Selector dial within reach allows you to maximize your performance on any journey, and with built-in navigation and a wireless charging station available, any ride is amplified in the brilliant Blazer.

The Edge also includes extra elements to further enhance the ride, like its massive 12-inch portrait touchscreen, which takes up pretty much all of the dash. If you want a more subtle infotainment system, you won’t find it in the Edge, as this touchscreen takes center stage. The Edge does kick it up a notch with its racing-inspired paddle shifters for added thrills on any drive; however, we wish the quality of its interior elements were of a bit higher caliber.

Both vehicles add in extra features to offer drivers an even better experience behind the wheel. However, the Blazer just goes the extra mile with its comfortable cabin, as well as all of the tech that’s nestled perfectly inside. We hope that the next year will bring more modern design enhancements and more elegant styling to the Edge, instead of the simple nature that it seems to exhibit today.

A red 2022 Chevy Blazer RS is shown from the side parked in a field.

2022 Chevy Blazer vs 2022 Ford Edge

The Blazer is just downright sleek and stylish, and from every angle you take in, you’re wowed by its dazzling features. Inside, it’s comfortable and contemporary, with premium appointments and plenty of space to relax, while outside, its polished features emanate an air of excellence. Let’s not forget about all of the Camaro-inspired features found throughout to make this everyday traveler more alluring in every single way. The Edge offers a more classic appeal, with fewer frills, and it is exceptionally versatile as an everyday commuter. In the end, though, the Blazer just offers more excitement and style in the ride. If you’re a style junkie, you’ll know as soon as you look at these SUVs side-by-side that the Blazer far outshines the Edge in every possible way.