A blue 2021 Honda Civic is shown parked near a used Honda dealer.

Sitting On Top as the Cream of the Crop: The Best Used Hondas

A true star in the automotive industry, Honda is a manufacturer known for crafting solidly built and dependable vehicles. For example, a 2003 Honda Accord has surpassed 1,000,000 miles on its original V6 engine. With industry-leading fuel efficiency and high resale value, a used Honda is bound to serve a buyer well for many years.

Perhaps you are looking for a used Honda dealer whose reliability matches the vehicles they sell. Budget-conscious shoppers, and those simply looking for something reliable, will find that a used Honda will check all their boxes. Which Honda models are known for being the best of the best, the real cream of the crop? Let’s jump right in and examine the best used Honda models to own.

Honda Civic

You’ve probably seen countless Honda Civics on the road, and there’s a good reason why. They’re practically synonymous with affordability and reliability. This has been one of the best-selling cars in the United States for years due to its practical design, high fuel efficiency, and ability to last seemingly forever.

Don’t fret about your trip to the pump, either. The Civic is considerably fuel efficient, and has been for a long time. You can find a slew of efficient engine options, and any one of them is a great choice for daily commuters. For example, the 2021 Civic Sedan with the 1.5L Turbo I-4 engine is rated for 32 MPG in the city and 42 MPG on the highway, an impressive figure for a non-hybrid vehicle. The fact that Honda is known for building reliable vehicles only backs up the fact that the Civic has a lot of value. A Honda Civic can easily surpass 200,000 miles on its original engine, given that proper maintenance has been completed throughout the years.

There isn’t just one boring old body style available, either. Instead, you get to choose between a sedan, hatchback, and coupe, and all of them have a sporty vibe. You can simply choose which one strikes your fancy the most. All of them are renowned for their safety features and designs, with the Honda Sensing bundle of advanced driver aids taking center stage. This equips the vehicle with features like forward collision mitigation, lane keep assist, and adaptive cruise control, all of which are designed to make each drive safer for everyone.

A blue 2020 Honda Accord is shown parked near a crosswalk.

Honda Accord

Those looking for a high-quality midsize sedan might be interested in the Honda Accord. Like the Civic, it offers efficient engine choices, cozy cabin layouts, and immense resale value, hence why it has been a favorite among buyers for so long.

The Accord might look small from the outside, but inside it boasts a spacious cabin. There is no bad seat in the house, either, as they are all padded for comfort and given premium upholstery materials. Families and those who make long commutes enjoy the Accord for these reasons. What’s more, with its smooth and composed ride quality, the Accord gives its owners a pleasant driving experience.

Honda emphasizes dependability and desirability with their vehicles, which helps the Accord hold its value well over time. For a used car buyer, this can be a truly wise investment. There are plenty of advanced technological features on used Accords that lend to its value, including smartphone app integration via Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Honda CR-V

As far as compact SUVs go, the Honda CR-V is renowned for its extensive flexibility and spaciousness. With its tranquil ride quality and adaptability of its cargo area, the CR-V is well-loved by adventurers and families alike. Its cargo area offers one of the most generous spaces for this class, with a rear seat that folds down flat to accommodate bulkier cargo. Enjoy long and short journeys alike with how much comfort Honda packs in with their well-crafted seats.

If you live in a place where poor weather is common, or plan on making some off-pavement excursions, all-wheel-drive is available on the CR-V. This enhances the CR-V’s traction and stability, making driving feel more secure. You can also rest assured that despite being an SUV, the CR-V, especially its more recent iterations, offers decent fuel economy. For example, the 2022 CR-V gets a combined rating of 29 MPG even with all-wheel drive, while hybrid models get 38 MPG combined.

An orange 2020 Honda Fit is shown parked near many city buildings.

Honda Fit

Small but mighty, the Honda Fit is an efficient and practical option for folks needing versatility in a smaller package. The “Magic Seat” function lets you adapt the layout to multiple seating configurations, helping you meet your passenger and cargo needs. When you need to, you can max out your cargo space to 52.7 cu.ft. in the 2020 model, making this a subcompact car bent on utility on par with many SUVs.

The Honda Fit gives you clear visibility with tall windows all around. You can easily wind your way in and out of tight parking spots without hassle. Fuel efficiency is high given that this is a small vehicle, which furthers its attraction to those who drive in the city. The 2019 Fit LX with CVT, for example, gets up to 33 MPG in the city and 40 on the highway. You can maneuver through any cityscape and not worry about how much fuel you are using.

Honda Pilot

For those in need of a larger, three-row SUV, the Honda Pilot is a standout choice. It combines Honda’s reputation for reliability with ample interior space, making it an ideal option for families and travelers. This vehicle has plenty of space for occupants in all three rows, which is why those with larger families tend to prefer it for all their people-hauling needs. The Pilot can also tow up to 5,000 pounds when it is properly equipped.

The Pilot is not a dedicated off-roading vehicle, but it can be equipped with optional all-wheel drive to provide added traction. You will feel confident winding around slick roadways in this vehicle. Add to that the fact that the Pilot can come with a lot of advanced driver aids through the Honda Sensing Suite to help keep you and your passengers even safer.

A blue 2021 Honda Pilot is shown parked near a pond.

See Why Buyers Love Used Hondas

Buyers love Hondas when they’re new, and they love them just as much, perhaps even more, when they are used. There is certainly no shortage of great models to choose from, from the tiny Honda Fit to the large and roomy Honda Pilot. Honda is a brand with a great deal of diversity in its excellent offerings. They have a solid reputation for crafting vehicles with a lot of advanced tech gadgets, reliability, and excellent resale value.

Don’t jump into buying just any used Honda. Be sure that you do some thorough research on the different model years and trim levels that you want, not to mention learning the vehicle history of any model that you find. After all, even a Honda can be a lemon in the wrong hands. Still, first-time buyers and Honda-lovers alike will find that these used Honda models inspire a lot of joy and bring plenty of value up front and over time. Find out for yourself why Honda owners keep going back for more.