A grey 2020 Honda Civic Hatch is shown from the rear while driving through a city after leaving a Honda dealer.

Why Used Hondas Find Success in the Used Market

When you walk into a Honda dealer, you’ll find a variety of used and new Honda vehicles. While many people will gravitate to new Hondas, used Hondas certainly hold their own. In a world where used cars are not created equal, we’ve come to appreciate all that used Hondas have to offer. Used Honda vehicles have an edge over other manufacturers, making these pre-owned cars a crucial pillar of the Honda brand. Here’s what makes used Hondas unique and some of the best used vehicles.

Used Hondas vs Everyone Else

Quality and reliability are at the top of the list when considering a used vehicle. This is increasingly important the older the model, and consistently Honda is one of the best in these categories year after year. Because of this quality and reliability, Honda vehicles can hold their value longer than other vehicles, making them an excellent used car option. In fact, three Honda models won the JD Power US ALG Residual Value Award this year for holding the highest percentage of their retail price after three years.

Honda has many more awards and accolades to show its used cars are dependable and valuable. Kelley Blue Book named Honda the best value brand for 2022, and multiple Honda vehicles have won JD Power Dependability awards over the years for excellent used models. Bottom line, used Hondas stand out with both drivers and critics across the whole vehicle lineup.

Used Honda vs New Honda

This praise of used models isn’t a knock on new Hondas. Honda has released some remarkable new models for 2022, like the 2022 Honda Insight and the all-new 2022 Honda HR-V. If your budget and needs allow, a brand new Honda is an excellent choice. Since used Hondas are a unique part of the Honda brand, they might be chosen over a new Honda.

The main reason a used Honda might outrank a new Honda for some drivers is affordability. Even though Hondas hold their value well, a used Honda is still cheaper than a new Honda. A budget-friendly price doesn’t mean drivers sacrifice features either. For example, advanced technology like Honda Sensing has been a standard feature in Hondas for several years, so it’s something drivers expect in more recently used Honda vehicles.

Popular Used Hondas

Although the entire Honda lineup carries with it in the used market, the reliability and innovation drivers have come to expect from the brand; some specific standout models are worth noting when buying used.

A red 2020 Honda HR-V is shown from the front at an angle in the rain.

Honda HR-V

The Honda HR-V is Honda’s subcompact SUV, packing a lot in a small size. True to Honda, though, you don’t feel cramped or cluttered in this small SUV. The Honda HR-V was launched in 2016, so all of the used models are fairly recent, and the 2022 Honda HR-V is all-new this year.

Some notable features in the Honda HR-V are the magic seat, excellent fuel economy, and all-wheel drive. The magic seat is a flip-up seat that allows you to bring extra-long and large items in the HR-V. The fuel economy in the 2019 Honda HR-V is 28 MPG in the city and 34 MPG on the highway. Additionally, the HR-V features an all-wheel drive option that appeals to many drivers. The Honda HR-V makes a great used vehicle because it will be reliable, efficient, and comfortable for many years.

Honda CR-V

Going a step up in size is the Honda CR-V, which falls into the compact SUV segment. The Honda CR-V is a highly rated SUV from critics like Kelley Blue Book. It has tough competition with other small SUVs like the Toyota RAV4 and Chevy Equinox but usually finds itself at the top. There’s a lot we could say about the Honda CR-V, but to sum it up, the CR-V offers excellent resale value, reliability, and flexibility for any life stage.

The Honda CR-V has been around for decades, giving drivers many opportunities to snag a used CR-V. While you really can’t go wrong with any Honda CR-V model, several model years stand out. The 2017 Honda CR-V is all-new for that model year and introduces Honda Sensing as standard on nearly all trims. In the 2020 Honda CR-V, Honda Sensing is now standard on all models, and a hybrid model is available.

Honda Odyssey

The Honda Odyssey is the epitome of a minivan for many families. Honda transformed from what used to be an uncool soccer mom car to a luxurious family vehicle that keeps every passenger happy. The Honda Odyssey is also one of Honda’s most popular used vehicles because it’s a more budget-friendly option for growing families without lacking any technology, safety, and convenience features.

So what makes a used Honda Odyssey so special? First, it consistently earns 5-star safety ratings, which is what every parent wants in a family vehicle. Second, it carries the reliable foundation you find in every other Honda vehicle. Finally, the Honda Odyssey has many standard and optional features that make a parent’s life easier and a child’s car ride more enjoyable, such as the Advanced Rear Entertainment System, comprised of a drop-down tv monitor, complete with a Blu-ray DVD player. One standout used model of the Honda Odyssey is the 2018 Honda Odyssey, which was all-new for that model year.

Honda Pilot

For some families, a minivan doesn’t suit them. Luckily, Honda has another impeccable family vehicle option with three rows of seating. The Honda Pilot is Honda’s full-size SUV that delivers big time in every category. It’s full of technology, spacious interior, and powerful performance. The Honda Pilot makes for an excellent used vehicle as it holds up strong year after year.

The 2019 Honda Pilot is a notable model year for the Pilot because the Honda Sensing safety suite became standard. The 2016 Honda Pilot is also noteworthy because that year launched a new generation with sleek styling, tech upgrades, and luxurious convenience features. Since the Honda Pilot is engineered and manufactured with high-quality materials and finishes, drivers can expect a high-quality experience whenever they own it.

A red 2020 Honda Passport is shown from the front on a dirt road.

Honda Civic

In a world where SUVs reign supreme, Honda still hangs on to its sedans. The Honda Civic is one of Honda’s noteworthy sedans, and it’s consistently a standout in its segment. Honda Civics are affordable new and even more affordable used. Additionally, Kelley Blue Book ranks the Honda Civic as the best small car year after year. It’s a highly rated, highly praised sedan when sedans are mostly overlooked these days.

So what does the Honda Civic offer? Pretty much everything you could want in a car! The Civic is known for great fuel economy, dependability, easy drivability, high resale value, and much more. A used Honda Civic makes an excellent first car for a new driver, a budget-friendly purchase for a first-time car owner, or a commuter looking to save money. The Honda Civic is a major reason why used Hondas generally stand out above the rest.

Hondas Standout in the Used Market for a Reason

For many car brands, consumers envisioning a particular make and model typically do so as a pristine, new vehicle. While Honda does make it enticing to bring home a new vehicle, their used vehicles get just as much notoriety. This is one of the reasons Honda is a top car manufacturer overall. Used Hondas offer the same reliability and value as new Hondas and are often more reliable than other used cars in the industry. As Honda’s vehicles continue to update and evolve, we fully expect the used Honda inventory to stay above the rest.