A close up of the black front grille on a Ram truck that says 'RAM' on it.

Rumors Swirl About the Ram 1500 Rebel TRX


If you love Ram trucks, you’ve probably heard about the Rebel TRX rumors that have been swirling around the auto world. Well, you will be pleased to know that the concept for the Ram Rebel TRX has been approved for production.

Not very many details have been released yet, and an official roll-out date has not been confirmed either. However, making an educated guess, you could expect to see this supercharged model rolling onto dealership lots by the second-half of 2020. Everything you are about to read is pure speculation due to the automaker’s tightlipped policy. Let’s dive into everything we think we know about the upcoming Rebel TRX!

Power and Performance

When it comes to power and performance, Ram trucks are at the top of their game. While the company has not officially confirmed this yet, experts are relatively sure that this upcoming vehicle will feature a supercharged 6.2-liter Hellcat V8 engine under the hood. Equipped with a 10-speed automatic transmission, ARB Air Lockers at both axles, and 4WD, this beast is rumored to generate a staggering 707 hp. Talk about a force to be reckoned with!

Based on spycam photos, folks noticed that this truck rides high. Standing quite tall, it will most likely also feature dual Bilstein shocks for smoother handling. Of course, with this kind of power, this model will also receive larger brakes for a more responsive stopping time. These images also showed that the Rebel TRX has eight-lug wheels in the back and six in the front.

A black lifted Ram 1500 driving away on a sandy dune

Off-Roading Capabilities

With all that power under the hood, the Ram Rebel TRX must be able to hit the wild outdoors. Rocks, mud, sand, hills, and anything else nature can throw you way won’t stand a chance.

If you want to hit the dunes, the Rebel TRX is equipped with a raised off-roading suspension that is ideal for handling the shifting sands of the desert. Lifted from 9-inches to 13-inches, this Ram truck has an increased suspension travel of 40 percent. Using a link coil rear suspension system, this model is comparable to the fastest desert-racing trucks on the market. It’s upper and lower A-arms have been custom-built, and adjustable coil-over shocks with an internal bypass system enable it to take on bumpy roads or rough terrain with ease.

For even better handling, the Rebel TRX is said to ride on custom Mopar beadlock wheels with 37-inch tires. These tires feature a 10-ply design and treads that have been optimized for adventures. Just to put things into perspective, the engineers wanted this beast to be able to hit speeds over 100 mph while going over rough terrain. They accomplished that goal.

Overall Design

It takes more than just a strong engine and tough wheels to make any kind of vehicle hits speeds of over 100 mph while traveling over sand or rocks. That’s where the exterior styling elements come into play. The Ram Rebel TRX needed to be aerodynamic enough to slice through the air, but it also needed to keep its aggressive exterior look that Ram is so popular for.

First, composite wheel arch flares were added to accommodate the large size of the tires and to help the suspension system. The hood was styled based on inspiration from the Ram Heavy Duty, and the grille has been refreshed to allow more air to flow freely into the engine. Dual exhaust pipes and fender extensions with exposed fasteners have also been added for better performance. Keeping all of these changes in mind, certain styling elements had to remain the same in order to keep Ram fans satisfied. This truck features steel bumpers and a sleek hourglass body style that adds to the overall aggressiveness of the look.

This new Ram truck isn’t just for racing over dunes, though. It has all of the functions to operate as a daily driver. The bed includes newly designed rails with tie-downs to secure any cargo in the back. It also features a built-in lockable storage unit that has a tow strap, a jack, and a space for larger tools. The concept was also shown with two full-size spare tires, but whether or not those will be included with the production model has not yet been decided. Our guess is no. The addition of two extra wheels will put too much weight on the truck and may hurt the overall performance.

As for color, the concept is a dark red model with blackened features. Matte black Ram badging can also be seen on the tailgate.

A dark red Ram TRX, which is soon to be a new model among Ram trucks, is parked in a dirt lot with an off-road set up.

Interior Design

Slipping behind the wheel of the new Ram Rebel TRX will be quite an experience all by itself. Designers have eliminated hard-touch points by decking the cabin out in suede. These soft-touch points make it easier to grip onto surfaces. That will come in handy during off-roading. You won’t be sliding all over the cabin.

The front bucket seats and rear bench seat are all covered in suede as well with mesh cloth inserts as accents. With four total seats for occupants, these seats offer six-point racing harnesses to keep everyone strapped in and firmly planted in their seats. The front seats take it a step further with upper bolsters that used integrated sport-sanctioned lateral support.

There is no carpet in the Rebel TRX, which shouldn’t come as a surprise. This model features black rubberized flooring and black Mopar all-weather floor mats. This makes cleaning up very easy. You can simply remove the floor mats and shake them out. Then you can hose out the floorboards if you track in any mud, dirt, or sand. The armrest and upper bolster are wrapped in suede and feature red stitching for a beautiful contrasting design. Housing the instrument panel, the center console is also home to the polystable shifter, which is covered in suede with red stitching as well.

Of course, the vehicle’s infotainment interface will most likely offer Bluetooth connectivity for hands-free calling and compatibility with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto for seamless audio streaming. If you are heading out into the wild on the adventure of a lifetime, you need to be able to listen to your personalized playlist to amp yourself up even more! You also need to be able to make calls to your loved ones. Other details about the comfort, convenience, or entertainment features in the Rebel TRX have not yet been released. However, it’s safe to assume that this beast will be loaded with everything you could possibly want in a Ram truck.

Release Date

As previously mentioned, there is no official release date as of yet. Some speculate that this model will be ready for 2021, which will put it at arriving at dealerships in the later months of 2020. However, a few others have estimated that it may not be ready until 2022, which would mean that we will hopefully see it on dealership lots in 2021. Since the concept came to life back in 2016, the company can’t wait too much longer to release it.