Find the Rebel in You: Ram Rebel 1500

They say everyone has a little rebel in them. This year, Ram proved that they do, as well. There’s a Dodge Ram 1500 for sale in your neighborhood.

Recently introducing its newest edition to the 1500, the Rebel. Like any true rebel, it needs no introduction. The same way Brando and Dean carried their cool by breaking all the rules, Ram did the same with the Rebel. Making its own rules and needing no introduction, The Ram Rebel has arrived.

Rebel With a Cause 

Chances are, you’ve already heard about it because the moment the Ram Rebel arrived, it was up to no good. You can tell just by looking at it that you’re going to want to get inside and take it for a ride. That’s the problem with rebels. They’re uncontrollably addicting.

The Rebel’s appearance speaks volumes that leaves onlookers breathless, intimidated and totally intrigued. It’s aggressive front ‘RAM’ spreading across the grill act more like a suggestion of what will happen should you not move out of the way. The low, wide stance is like a one truck defensive line; you don’t mess with it. It’s rugged attitude inside and out calls to us, proving that the Ram makes trucks that appeal to rebel in us all.

So, when choosing your next Ram pickup, which speaks more to you? The tried and true 1500 or it’s wild side, Rebel? Let’s find out more from both to see which best suits you. 

The Rebel

Even though the Rebel is part of the RAM 1500 lineup, it is unlike any of the other trims on this line. If the look doesn’t immediately give enough away, step inside and take it for a test drive. Feels its power and control. Go off road. Lose yourself in the ingenuity that is the Ram Rebel.

Intimidating Power

ram rebel forwardThe Rebel offers two choices of engine: a 3.6L V6 Pentastar or a 5.7L Hemi V8. The 3.6L has 3.5 horsepower and 269 lb./ft of torque while the V8 consequently has 395 horsepower and pumps out 410 lb/ft of torque. Should you have a tendency to head down the path less travelled, do it knowing you have the most capable vehicle with you. The V8 will provide superior acceleration in low gears which will help you get out of even the gnarliest situations. 

Making its debut with the Rebel trim is a 3.6L model with 3.92 axle ratio strictly for 4×4 models. Ram’s 1500 lineup consistently delivers best in class fuel economy and the Rebel is no different. Getting 25 mpg, combining power and efficiency is how Ram Rebel differs from its competition.

Looks Like Trouble   

Any question about how different the Rebel is from the 1500 lineup is going to be immediately answered just by looking at it. Most of the obvious changes are highlighted on the exterior of the Rebel.

Dispensing of the grill which Ram has been adorning their trucks with for 30 years, the Rebel replaces the stock unit cross hair design with an all black grill with the letters “RAM” placed directly in the center.

Almost the entire front end is done in black, the wheels, the wheel arches, the front and back bumpers, the”RAM” logo on the tailgate and all the lower body panels.  

The Rebel has only one choice for cab which is “crew” but you do get the choice of a 4×4 or 4×2 for the Hemi. However, the 4×4 is standard on the Rebel.  

Soft Interior


Like the exterior of the body of the Rebel, the interior is about making a statement. The almost black-grey seats and dash contrast nicely with the red accents that appear everywhere. A customized interior has a sportier feel that contrasts quite a bit with the luxury refuge that the cabins of the 1500 lineup provides. Extra features like 8.4-inch full color touchscreen display with navigation and Uconnect and Bluetooth capabilities also carries available wifi hotspot. 

Having a heated steering wheel is a wonderful perk for those of you who spend most of the year up to your knees in snow. Yes, we know winter is cold, but this little luxury goes a long way to keep a smile on your face and warmth in your heart when the long and cold months arrive.

Get Dirty 

landscape-1432671990-mg-4185Sitting on 17” wheels covered by 33” Toyo all terrain tires. The Rebel comes with exclusive air suspension lift kit that raises the ride height to 1”, Bilstein shocks, tow hooks and front skid plate provide any passer by with all the information necessary to assess that this is one bad mother.  The sharply angled hood with matching chrome outlined snorkels give the most intimidating look to any hood in the 1500 lineup.  

…or will you choose the

Tried and True: Ram 1500

black sunset 1500For the last two years running, the Ram has been named Truck of the Year by Motor Trend. This lineup offers 9 different trims, 3 different engine choices as well as two transmission options, three box lengths, three cab styles and in rear or four wheel drive configurations. It’s a good looking truck.

Powerful Engine Choices

The Ram comes available in a 3.6L V6 engine that delivers 420 lb/ft of torque and 7600 lbs of towing capacity. Also offered is a 5.7L V8 that gives the best towing capacity of 10,650 lbs. There is also a 3.0L turbocharged engine diesel V6. While it’s only at 240 horsepower, it boasts 420 lb/ft of torque and has a towing capacity of 9,200 lbs.

The Ecodiesel engine, while reducing CO2 emissions also provides the best fuel economy of 20 mpgs city and 28 mpg highway. The other 1500 trims get anywhere from 15 to 17 city mpgs and 21 to 25 highway mpgs.  

Confident Design 

The Ram 1500 lineup offers some of the best looking full size pickup on the market. Its wide stance and bold colors ensure its going to be able to haul, tow or carry just about anything. And you will try. The 1500’s are not about showing off, but showing up. That’s reflected in its confident design.  

Its coil rear suspension that is uniquely Ram offers a more much comfortable ride when driving over broken or off roading, which will inevitable at some point. Once you own a pickup, you suddenly become the most popular person among your friends.  

Quality Craftsmanship

2015 Ram 1500 Laramie LimitedUnderstanding the 1500 lineup are work trucks which needs to take a beating inside and out, the interior has been designed to do just that. Providing quality craftsmanship

leather interior, 8.4 easily manageable controls and 8.4” touchscreen, the cabin of the Ram 1500 is just a shut door away from the opportunity to escape the demanding schedules. Ram wants your cab to be your refuge, even if just for a minute or two or when taking long rides.  Comfort and ease of ride are paramount here.  

The Verdict

Ram trucks are tested to be tried and true. They have evolved and survived to become the best, most durable and powerful pickup in today’s market. Deciding which Ram truck is right for you is like deciding which winning lottery number you’d rather have. You’re already winning when you choose Ram.

If you have a need to revisit the rebel in you, perhaps you should take this for a test drive.  Maybe the responsible adult and rebellious teenager can meet somewhere in the middle.  Ram’s middle is the Rebel pickup proving its okay for worlds to collide.  


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