A yellow 2023 Cadillac CT4 V-Blackwing is shown parked on yellow paint.

Make It Your Own: How to Customize the Appearance of the 2023 Cadillac CT4

There are plenty of benefits to driving a luxury car. These high-end vehicles are generally equipped with the latest and greatest comfort and convenience features, so you can enjoy all kinds of drives, whether long or short, without getting antsy or suffering from fatigue. There are also tech features to consider, from high-fidelity speaker systems and well-designed infotainment setups to a wide range of driver assistance features. But luxury drivers don’t just want a laundry list of features. They also want all of that to come in a package that matches their sense of style.

Cadillac is an automaker with plenty of experience catering to luxury tastes, so it’s no surprise that the 2023 Cadillac CT4 gives drivers plenty of options to choose from. On top of the powertrain choices and available feature packages, there are multiple ways that you can customize the look of your CT4. There are sporty looks, classy looks, unique looks, and plenty of different colors available. Let’s break it down and find out all of the different ways that you can customize the appearance of the Cadillac CT4.

Exterior Paint

We’ll start with the most obvious choice: paint color. The CT4 is available in Black Raven or Summit White for those who like to stick to basic tones. You can also give the white a more complex look by opting for the Crystal White Topcoat. For a color with a little more personality, you can opt for Wave Metallic, a shiny blue. There are three new colors that have been added to the lineup for the 2023 model year. Argent Silver Metallic is crisp and classy, while Midnight Steel Metallic has a unique blueish tint. The Radiant Red Tintcoat is bright and bold. The even bolder and brighter Blaze Orange Metallic is a distinctive color that’s only available on the Sport trim.

A blue 2023 Cadillac CT4 V-Blackwing is shown driving on a road.

Wheel Designs

Every car needs a set of wheels, but not all wheels are created equal. The CT4 is available with a variety of different wheel sizes, finishes, and designs. Options also vary based on trim level. The Luxury trim comes standard with 17” alloy wheels that have a Bright Silver finish and a basic design. If that doesn’t suit your tastes, you can upgrade to available 19” alloy wheels with a more complex design and a polished Dark Android gloss finish that catches the light nicely. If you opt for the Onyx package, you’ll get a set of 19” alloy wheels with a Gloss Black finish that matches the other gloss black accents the package provides.

A set of 18” alloy wheels with Sterling Silver finish comes standard on the Premium Luxury trim. The design is similar to the standard wheels on the Luxury trim, but with some added flourishes that give the face more depth. You can also opt for available 18” alloy wheels with Diamond-Cut/Midnight Silver finish and a more intricate design. The 19” Dark Android and Gloss Black wheels are also available on this trim.

The Sport trim has the most available wheel options in the CT4 lineup. It comes standard with 18” alloy wheels with a Pearl Nickel finish and a unique design. Available 18” wheels with Diamond-Cut/Medium Android Satin finish have a bold look with stark angles, while available 18” wheels with Satin Graphite finish have a design that’s a little more complex and subtle. As with the other trims, you can also opt for the two available 19” wheel designs.

Caliper Color

In addition to having more wheel options and a unique shade of exterior paint, the Sport trim also has unique Brembo V-Performance brakes. These brakes feature four-piston fixed calipers that are visible through the gaps in the wheel design, making it part of the car’s exterior aesthetic. You can decide whether you want these calipers to be bold red or cool blue.

Front End

The Luxury and Premium Luxury trims have essentially the same front end design. The Cadillac logo sits proudly in the center of the shiny grille, and the use of LEDs allows for the headlights on either side to be slim, with distinctive shapes. The Sport trim stands out from the pack with its black mesh grille. This is designed both to keep the engine cool, even at high speeds, and to project the look of a performance car.

A red 2023 Cadillac CT4 V-Blackwing is shown driving on a racetrack.

Exterior Accents

A car’s paint covers most of its body, and the grille and wheels are eye-catching focal points. Smaller accents like mirror caps and window surrounds aren’t as noticeable, but they can help tie together the look of a car. The Luxury and Premium Luxury trims of the CT4 come standard with shiny silver door handles and window surrounds that match the look of the grille and provide a cohesive design. On the Sport trim, the window surrounds are darker and the door handles are painted to match the color of the body, making this trim stand out from the others.

Any of these three trims can be altered with the available Onyx Package, though the specifics are a little different from trim to trim. In addition to the previously mentioned gloss-black wheels, Onyx Package CT4s across all trims feature mirror caps with a gloss black finish and a blacked-out grille. The Onyx Luxury trim also gets a Cadillac Emblem that has a monochrome silver finish, while the Onyx Sport trim features a black grillette to match the grille.

Interior Colors

Exterior design isn’t the only thing that you can use to personalize the CT4. There are also variations when it comes to the interior. Like many other aspects of the car’s design, the options vary from trim to trim. The Luxury trim has two different options, both of which have seating that’s upholstered with Cadillac’s “Inteluxe” material, which is essentially faux leather. The Jet Black seats pair with a Pitch Dark Night center console trim, giving the cabin a black-on-black look. The Whisper Beige option has a bit more contrast, since it also has some Jet Black accents and uses the same dark finish for the console trim.

On the Premium Luxury trim, the Jet Black seats are genuine leather, as are the Whisper Beige seats. The third option is a color called Cinnamon that has a more natural, earth-tone look. All of these colorways pair with a center console that has a neutral aluminum trim designed to go with just about anything.

The interior options for the Sport trim are a bit more creative, though they might also be too busy for some tastes. The standard Jet Black option uses Inteluxe seating surfaces and has bright orange contrast stitching on the seats, the inside of the doors, and the center console. You can upgrade to genuine leather while still keeping the basic look of the standard theme. The third option, Sangria, is a dark purplish-red that has some lighter accents on the seats in addition to the contrast stitching. It uses genuine leather, and like the other two design colors, pairs with a center console with aluminum trim.

A gray and yellow 2023 Cadillac CT4 V-Blackwing are shown parked in a garage.

Some Final Thoughts

The Cadillac CT4 may not have a wide range of appearance packages for shoppers to choose from, but it does give people many opportunities to make their car their own. Inside and out, there are several different color combinations to play around with, and the variety of wheel designs add a nice little cherry on top. Since a big benefit of owning a luxury car is making a grand entrance, it’s a good move for Cadillac to allow its customers to put together a CT4 that matches their personal style.