A grey 2024 Cadillac Lyriq leaving a parking garage after visiting a Cadillac dealer.

It’s Electric! Introducing the 2023 Cadillac Lyriq

I’ve been seeing more and more electric cars on the roads recently, and even a few of my friends have taken the plunge and purchased a hybrid or fully electric model. I’m curious about electric cars and would love a more eco-friendly travel option, but from what I have heard in the past, they don’t have a range of more than 250 miles on average, and battery quality can sometimes affect that. However, upon locating a Cadillac dealer near me, I was introduced to the exceptionally stylish, luxurious, and powerful 2023 Lyriq.

Cadillac’s gamble on the electric vehicle is sure to succeed, especially with the attention to detail, beautiful tailoring, and prime comforts that make riding in a Cadillac such a unique experience. The 2023 Lyriq is arriving this summer, so before we take a peek at the real thing, I wanted to see what I could find about what the Lyriq brings to the table in terms of that Cadillac commitment to quality and luxury.

Electric Doesn’t Have To Mean Spartan

When I’ve gotten the chance to ride inside an electric car, I’ve noticed a peculiar lack of extra features, optional add-ons, and simple luxury details––even in the Tesla an Uber driver picked me up in last summer. I know that isn’t a big deal for a lot of people, but the details matter to me, and I’d rather be eco-friendly and comfortable if given the option.

Looking over (or perhaps drooling over, if I’m being honest) the 2023 Cadillac Lyriq has made me excited about electric cars again. This is Cadillac’s first entry into the completely electric car game, and it gives me hope that more and more individuals will recognize that this change is coming, it is permanent, and that we don’t have to give up all our creature comforts to save the planet.

The things I’m most interested in testing in the 2023 Lyriq are the enormous infotainment center and driver’s gauge displays, the AKG 19-speaker stereo system, and the noise cancellation technology. There are other areas I’d like to explore as well, such as the amount of space and driver-assist features, but primarily what I’m looking at for the moment are the standard luxuries that Cadillac has opted to include in the Lyriq.

The black interior of a 2023 Cadillac Lyriq is shown through the moonroof.

It’s The Little Things

While many vehicles have a touchscreen infotainment center for maps, locations, music, and calls, they’re usually small, under 10 inches, and separate from the gauge display, which can make them distracting for the driver. In the Lyriq, however, Cadillac has decided to combine the two systems and create one massive, curved screen, a whopping 33” LED display that can either be used as a touchscreen or controlled by buttons on the driver’s wheel, a system that Cadillac has used in the recent past on some of its other vehicles. The design makes it seamless, blending into the front interior of the vehicle like something from a science fiction film. We do have science fiction film and television to thank for some of our current technology, so it stands to reason that this is where Cadillac might have looked for inspiration.

While the screen itself is most definitely luxurious, it wouldn’t be quite as stunning without an upscale stereo system, hence the 19-speaker system that will appeal to those wanting a soundtrack to their drive. One of my favorite things to do to test out a speaker system is to play the soundtrack from Star Wars: A New Hope, which I’m sure would sound powerful and exciting coming from the Lyriq’s audio system. Of course, your mileage may vary, so you may want to choose your own music to test it out on, perhaps something by Mozart or songs by ABBA.

Being able to surround yourself with music is definitely a lux experience. The sound washing over you as you drive toward your next destination can be refreshing, soothing, or relaxing. You can sing along to your favorite musical number or classic rock track and enjoy the heightened experience.

One of the main things that has made a huge difference in travel is noise cancellation technology. I know you may not think the sound of tires on asphalt affects you or that you can handle hours of traffic with horns honking, people yelling, and sirens, but given a chance to experience the softening of sound from triple-sealed windows will change how much you’re willing to listen to outside noise.

There are plenty of practical reasons to want noise cancellation technology––keeping the baby asleep, having conversations, the ability to have more focus and concentration, etc., but perhaps the most enticing reason for less noise is the blissful silence or mostly muted background noise while you drive, shutting out the world so that it’s just you, the people you care about, and the open road.

Creature Comforts

Of course, all the luxury technology in the world does not seem nearly as luxurious without the addition of actual comfort––space, leather seating, seat warmers, etc., but Cadillac is known for its high-quality comforts, which means the Lyriq is being offered with seats that not only heat and ventilate, but massage as well.

With lumbar support and massage, as well as cooling and heating, you’ll never have to be uncomfortable in a vehicle again, whether you’re the driver or a passenger. You’ll be able to set your own climate-controlled temperature, at least where your seat is concerned, and simply melt into the chair and await the end of your journey.

There are even more comforts available in the Lyriq because it is electric––with no need for a transmission tunnel or driveshaft bump, there’s more leg space and storage space. This gives you plenty of room to stretch out, places for everything you need on your trip, whether long or short, and an airy feel that will give you some respite from the crowded world outside. You can bring along your precious pet and still have enough room for multiple suitcases to fly away on an exotic vacation, or you can luxuriate in the local nightlife, knowing that all eyes are on you and your beautiful, extraordinary Lyriq.

Ambient lighting is another luxury Cadillac has fitted into the 2023 Lyriq, with a range of colors to choose from. Do you feel like sitting in a space filled with golden light, or do you prefer a soft red when you’re driving at night? However you feel, you can customize this lighting to reflect that. Color has a rather big effect on us, and I wonder why this feature isn’t included in more vehicles. If you’re feeling the need to recharge, you can sit in yellow or orange light to help bring your energy levels back up. If you’re feeling the need to rest and relax, you can pick a blue or green to help your body start breathing deeper. It’s the little details like this that truly make Lyriq a luxurious package.

A grey 2023 Cadillac Lyriq is shown from the rear parked on a driveway.

Putting It All Together

Though we’ll have to wait until this summer to try out the new Cadillac Lyriq for ourselves, the entire package is incredibly appealing, with thoughtful choices regarding eco-friendliness, safety, comfort, and luxury. I look forward to visiting a Cadillac dealer near me and seeing the Lyriq up close and in-person to experience all these features for myself.