How the Laziness of Millennials is Benefitting Car Shoppers

Every generation born here in America faces a new set of standards we are expected to adhere to. Luckily for us Millennials, that bar is set comfortably low, allowing us to go about our daily lives as self-involved and entitled as we please. While the Baby Boomers and Generation Xers set their sights on the moon, we prefer to stay right here on earth, with our feet comfortably grounded in our perceived complacency. No one expects you to hold a job for more than six months, and no one is shocked when you have three places of employment under your belt in that same span of time. Some call us flaky, we call ourselves opportunists. As much flack as Millennials tend to get from older generations, there is something about our free spirited attitude that society can’t help but appreciate.


Enjoy Online Shopping? Thank a Millennial.

Easily the most tech-savvy and connected generation in history, Millennials are not only demanding that technology is enhanced for our convenience – but we are setting industry-leading trends that companies can no longer ignore. Call us lazy, flighty, or egotistical – really, Millennials have already heard it all – but one thing remains constant throughout, we influence American culture. With every light tap on our iPhone screen confirming an another selfish online purchase, Millennials are forcing companies to see a new side of consumerism that is revolutionizing every aspect of our culture.

Thanks to our lazy generation, you are now able buy your calcium supplements on Amazon in the morning, and take your next dose that same night. With same-day delivery services popping up across the board, and more and more products now offered online, maybe next time you see a Millennial you will shake their hand in gratitude, rather than your head in shame.

Another online buying trend that we Millennials are getting all the credit for is much more significant than dish detergent and last minute Christmas gifts. Our inclination for laziness has lead to a new way of car buying. Rather than sitting inside of a smelly showroom, across from a salesman who actually thinks he has a shot at getting your number, buyers can now safely purchase vehicles online through various web-based dealerships.

These new online car buying services are distinct from local dealerships, because they operate as their own private entity. Sitting at home, snuggled up with a bottle of your favorite red wine and your trusty tablet, you can secure your next new or used vehicle without having to get off the couch. We do, however, have to warn you. Your initial reaction to this revolutionary car buying approach will elicit feelings of joy toward Millennials, and may even compel you to give thanks for our unwavering commitment to the couch. While you are unlikely to act on these urges, just know that as as a trend-setting group, we Millennials will accept your silent internal praise as only we know how to – blasting it on social media for all to see, begging for the undeserved credit we have always thirsted for.

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