Hyundai Introduces New Concepts with Bold Ambition

Hyundai is having a pretty stellar year, conceptually anyway. They’ve been busy introducing new concepts in luxury and high performance cars.

Yes, the same brand that brings Hyundai dealers the Sonata, Accent and Santa Fe has been introducing new concepts to a selected audience of enthusiasts and specialty owners and racers at this year’s Frankfurt Auto Show.

With emphasis placed on design and technology, these concepts are meant to showcase the passion of the Hyundai brand, as well as the genius of their engineering and progressive thinking.  

Performance Brand N and Vision G

Met with excitement, fans now have a better vision for the direction Hyundai plans on taking its concepts in.

Having designed both beautifully produced and stunningly engineered cars, Hyundai’s direction for its future is clear: combine style and luxury with advancing technology and performance to create their new subcategory: N.

Jochen Sengpiehl, Vice President of Marketing at Hyundai Motor Europe wants to add an emotional characteristics of performance and driving pleasure to Hyundai N. Both the Vision G and the N have given Hyundai fans an exciting future to look forward to.

A New Luxury: the Vision G

left vision gMore closely resembling a Bentley or Audi, Hyundai’s new concept car, the Vision G, presents a clear definitive outline of the direction its designs are headed. Furthering their attempt to lure buyers away from the Mercedes and Cadillac, and after initial attempts with the Genesis and Equus, Hyundai is trying something else.

Pulling out all the stops, they’re introducing a new concept car: the Vision G.

Even though sales with both the Genesis and Equus qualified Hyundai as being present in the luxury sedan segment, it still doesn’t get close enough to contending.

However, the Vision G makes it appear as though all these years of studying has finally paid off – Hyundai may have finally figured out the equation on making a knock-out luxury car.  

Every Idea Starts Somewhere

Does it seem hard to believe this is coming from Hyundai? It’s understandable, especially once you really look at the Vision G. I mean, you don’t initially see ‘Hyundai’.  

And that’s okay because eventually, you will.  Remember Lexus?

It was the same for Toyota when they first introduced Lexus. What people knew of Toyota is still what they know today: reliable, safe and conservative. Absolutely nothing shocking and nothing luxury about them. They’re just really well built cars that last forever. So, why not take that concept and apply it to a luxury sedan? And that’s how we now have Lexus.  

Following the same recipe, Hyundai is taking from what they already know how to do, which is create well built cars and add their own brand of luxury to that.

Hollywood Glam Meets Tomorrow’s Technology

Vision GHyundai has constructed the Vision G mostly from the body of the Genesis. However, the similarities end there. The entire body of the Vision G is more voluptuous than anything Hyundai has offered before.

The smoothly sculpted curves elegantly outline the body’s flawless contouring. It’s sleek lines hug its shimmering silver body in a way that’s reminiscent of a bygone era of Hollywood glamour.

Let me describe it this way: if Marilyn Monroe were to be alive today exiting a car at a Hollywood movie preview, it’d be the Vision G. As a coupe, it’s made for two which only adds to its allure and provocative nature.  


2015 Vision G sideThe engine is nothing to scoff at either. A 5.0L Tau V8 takes charge with an impressive 420 horsepower and 338 lb/ft of torque. Looking like a top of the line, first class luxury car and driving like a European sports coupe, buyers will be more than satisfied with the price tag that is thousands less than what they were expecting.  

As Hyundai’s first concept car, the Vision G gives an alluring representation of Hyundai’s direction, I want in. Pure luxury, engineering greatness and top technology combine to equal and stunning masterpiece and excellent vision, indeed.  

New Performance Brand: N

2015 GT frontThis September, the Frankfurt Auto Show in Frankfurt Germany was the host to numerous brands of automotives. A wide array of vehicles showed their prowess while a variety of new and concept cars were revealed. Among these was Hyundai’s new performance sub brand, N 2025 Gran Turismo.  

An aggressively low stance and exaggerated L shaped lights define its look as it more closely resembles a racecar that should be speeding past fans at the 24 hours of Le Mans rather than premiering at an auto show.  Still, the N 2025 had an impressive debut none-the-less.  

2015 Frankfurt Auto Show

As Hyundai’s second concept car to be introduced during the Frankfurt show next to the Vision G, the N performance sub brand made quite a show for Hyundai as they had yet to enter this segment of performance vehicles.  

New Direction

Hyundai’s fans, supporters and skeptics alike were excited to see what the new direction looked like. The outcome was far from what Hyundai fans were expecting.

The N sub brand builds on Hyundai’s commitment to solidifying their placement as an advancing competitor in the World Rally Championship. The N brand also celebrates Hyundai’s investment in pioneering high performance vehicles.

Their debut at the Frankfurt Auto Show signified their standing in this fast growing and fast paced segment and showcases their creative nature and readiness to compete.  

Dedicated to the Performance: i20 WRC  

2015 i20 WRCHyundai’s dedication to performance vehicles is becoming apparent now more than ever, not only with the release of their new performance sub brand, N, but also with their return to the WRC in 2014.

After a ten year hiatus, Hyundai returned to the World Rally Championship racing a performance version of its i20 hatchback. As evidence of its ambition, Hyundai is showcasing a New Generation i20 WRC that will appear on stage at the Frankfurt Auto Show.  

N 2025 Vision GT

N brand racingWanting to showcase their achievements in sustainable technology with race car design, the N concept is designed around a hydrogen fuel cell system that operates within a CFRP monocoque chassis.

The N develops a notional output exceeding 850 bhp from a combination of fuel cell stacks along with a super, not flex, capacitor system, that is delivered via four in-wheel motors. Designed to look as if its floating, the boat shaped underbody creates a downforce and air-brakes aid in deceleration to reduce drag at certain speeds.

Play Station Fans: Start Your Engine  

Wanting to give fans the ability to experience a virtual drive of the he N 2025 Gran Turismo, Hyundai released the concept to PlayStation’s Gran Turismo video games. Accessibility like this further engages fans in the direction that Hyundai wants to take their new brand in. Letting their passion for performance and diverse community of fans come together to connect with Hyundai is part of what this experience is all about.  

Bold Ambition

Sure, Hyundai building race and high performance vehicles is going to challenge everyone’s perception of their brand, but they’re ready for that. Their ambition to enter this segment is bold but with the N 2025 and Vision G, it’s showing the world they’re not scared of altering viewpoints.  

Can’t wait to drive the new N performance sub brand? Hyundai has released the use of the vehicle in the Playstation Gran Turismo so people can get a virtual idea of driving their new sub brand feels like.  



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