Hyundai Accent Hatchback

The Hyundai Accent Hatchback – For Unique Drivers Only

In the world of hatchbacks, few measure up to more than the basics. Sure, the odd minivan or SUV may have a sporty hatchback with some nice tech features, but few luxury models truly inhabit the compact hatchback world in an astounding way. For those in search of a high-class, comfortable, and capable hatchback that won’t sacrifice efficiency, choices thus far have been relatively slim – and that’s why we’re so pleased with the 2016 Hyundai Accent hatchback.

Born out of an efficient and capable sedan and available with the full range of upgrades and features, the Accent hatchback finally offers that much-awaited breath of fresh air into the market and gives us – along with enthusiasts, consumers, and critics in the know – something to get excited about. With a size-defining cargo capability, an impressively powerful engine, and standard safety features any family should look for, the Accent hatchback is easily one of the most impressive hatchback models we’ve seen in a long time.

Interested in getting on board with this impressive new Hyundai hatchback? Here’s a deeper look at the ins-and-outs of the Accent hatchback, and why we’re so happy, after so many less-than perfect iterations, that the hatchback is back.

A Spacious, Stylish SubCompact

Long gone are the days where the hatchback brought with it a huge, hulking boxy frame and, shall we say… utilitarian style; no, the hatchback of today is sleek, stylish, and refined. In the case of the Accent, even subcompact. But despite its small size, this handy hatchback is no slouch when it comes to carting around cargo – and with plenty of modern design elements, it’s actually a luxurious option for the modern driver.

Built Bigger Than It Looks

From the outside, you might even be surprised that this subcompact can comfortably fit five. Essentially nothing more than a slightly modified sedan, the hatchback Accent maintains a small stature and relatively low profile on the road – but once inside you’ll find one of the most spacious interior cabins in the subcompact category, including up to 21.2 cubic feet of cargo room. For some consumers, this perfectly fills the need for a small, handy vehicle with the storage space to fit a busy lifestyle.

Plenty Of Interior Style

Take a step inside the spacious cabin and you’ll be surrounded by an array of comfortable materials, premium features, and advanced technology that all help make the Accent a truly modern hatchback. Whether you enjoy the finer elements of a 6-speaker premium audio system with SiruisXM capabilities and MP3 and USB connectivity or the classy and convenient storage options, there’s sure to be something for everyone in the new Accent hatchback.

Head-Turning Exterior Elements

No matter how useful the Accent may be, however, that certainly doesn’t mean Hyundai sacrificed even a bit of style in designing this desirable hatchback. With the baseline Accent hatchback SE, drivers can enjoy funky 14-inch steel wheels alongside heated power side mirrors and a rear wiper on the hatch. Or, for those who choose the premium Accent Sport Hatchback, you’ll be carried on stylish 16-inch alloy wheels, guided by standard fog lights, and followed by a stylish rear spoiler for total refined style.

Plenty of Performance Power

Being a subcompact, one might not expect the Accent hatchback to pack any degree of serious power under the hood – and that’s just the kind of assumption Hyundai has refuted with the Accent. What this little hatchback holds under the hood might surprise you – and with one look at what it can do, you’ll be convinced of the Accent’s power, too.

A Sporty Hatchback For Today

Take one ride around the block on the Accent’s 137 horsepower, 1.6L engine and you’ll understand why we’re blown away by the muscle this subcompact packs even with its hatchback. But when you begin to notice the benefits of getting 27 miles per gallon and a whopping 38 miles per gallon highway, then you’ll really convert to the way of the Accent. This sporty model doesn’t just hide a serious punch, but executes it with some impressive efficiency – meaning you can spend more time zipping around and enjoying the ride and less time filling up at the pump.

Compact, Efficient Handling

With a small stature and powerful engine, it’s no wonder the Accent handles like a dream – and with the addition of handling technology like Electronic Stability Control, Traction Control, and Vehicle Stability Management, you’ll feel more secure than ever driving through even the worst road conditions. And for those who opt for the premium Accent Sport hatchback, you’ll find the sport-tuned steering and rear disc brakes more than capable of taking on some serious challenges with no problem.

As Safe As It Can Be

Let’s face it – the hatchback is a family car. Perfect for fitting five passengers and all their daily gear, nothing beats the stylish, low-profile look of a sleek hatchback – and when it comes to those you love most, nothing is more important than staying safe. That’s why the Accent hatchback features some of the most comprehensive safety features available on a vehicle today, ensuring the safety of you and your most precious cargo in the back seat.

Built To Be Tough

Engineered to take on the worst the road has to offer, the Accent Hatchback is based on a solid high-strength frame with specially-designed crumple zones to take the brunt of the impact, while active head restraints on the seats help provide whiplash protection to passengers inside. Plus, with six standard airbags and front seat belt pre-tensioners to minimize passenger harm, you can feel free to ride in safety knowing the Accent is ready to protect you.

Plenty Of Safety Features

Aside from safety features like airbags and seatbelts, as well as those features like Traction Control that help you avoid accidents altogether, the Accent also comes with some truly innovative safety features meant to respond and help the driver in a dangerous situation escape harm’s way. These include innovative tech like Brake Assist, which can detect sudden braking and provide full brake power to ensure a complete and safe stop. This works with the anti-lock braking system, which also features Electronic Brake-force Distribution technology to safely and evenly balance braking power across all four wheels in the event of sudden braking to help you brake smoothly and swiftly – and, of course, successfully.


So whether you’re a loyal hatchback lover or a burgeoning convert to the ways of the spacious trunk, you can be secure in the knowledge that there’s nothing really out there today quite like the Accent hatchback. Spacious yet small; stylish, yet useful; powerful, yet efficient; tough, yet comfortable – clearly, the Accent is a unique hatchback among hatchbacks. Do you need to be quite as unique to drive it? We can’t say – only that you might just find you become a little unique simply driving such an amazing car around for a while.

If you’re ready to start thinking seriously about fitting a little more junk in the trunk, consider looking into a hatchback – and while you’re at it, start your search with an Accent hatchback. Available in two premium trims and starting at just $14,995, there aren’t many models available today that offer so much for so little. So get out there and see what the Accent has to offer – but move quickly, before they’re all gone.

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