The Four Best Mods to Upgrade Your Dodge

Dodge owners love adding some style to their rides, and they’re constantly looking to upgrade the look and capabilities of their vehicle. However, which mods and add-ons are worth pursuing? We’ve got you covered there.

What if we said you could transform your truck into an intimidating, loud menace? What if we said you could insert a chip into your vehicle’s computer unit, thus unlocking your car’s true abilities? Believe it or not, it’s all possible via some easy and inexpensive extra add-ons.

Before you head out to a Dodge dealership, see how much money you should be budgeting for these extra amenities and upgrades. It may seem silly, but let’s be honest… don’t you want to personalize your Dodge?

Performance Exhausts


Exhaust pipes are usually intended to guide exhaust gasses away from the combustion inside the engine. However, these parts are often manipulated to increase a vehicle’s power and street cred.

This is a recommended add-on for both the Dodge Challenger and Dodge Charger, although the part would likely look good on any of the brand’s vehicles. The performance exhausts will certainly add a level of intimidation to your ride, as fellow drivers will hear your roaring engine from miles away.

The part also can also improve your vehicle’s performance, as the vehicle’s newfound ability to breathe should result in an upgrade on engine power. You’ll often see these tube-like metal pipes sticking out of race cars, and these performance exhausts provide those racers with some much-appreciated power.

There are several other parts that can improve your vehicle’s power while also transforming your Dodge into an intimidating ride. The air intake system will add a growl to your vehicle, and it will also boost the power and fuel economy. The exhaust headers, as describes, will “unleash the power hidden under the hood,” while also improving the acceleration of your vehicle. Finally, the Superchargers (compatible with specific models) will help boost your Dodge’s horsepower and torque, which also improving your Dodge’s speed and performance.

Tonneau Cover


This upgrade is one of the few essentials on this list, especially if you’re intending to use your truck bed as a storage space. Compatible with Dodge Ram pickups, these hard or soft covers will protect and secure all of your cargo, and they’ll also protect everything from theft and the elements. Of course, when the cover isn’t locked, you can easily access all of your stored goods and tools.

Worried that the weight of the cover will affect your vehicle’s abilities? There’s no need to worry, as the aerodynamic design will sustain (if not improve) your vehicle’s fuel economy. Plus, the stylish design of the cover matches well with the stylish design of the Ram.

To put it over the top, you can opt for a cover that matches or pairs nicely with the color of your Dodge Ram. There are countless options, meaning you’ll find some color or shade that matches up perfectly with your pickup.

Best of all, these covers are easy to put on. You could be protecting all of your cargo as soon as you get home with the cover, and you won’t need to visit a local mechanic or dealership to get it installed.

While it won’t protect your cargo, you can also protect your truck’s bed by purchasing a liner. The product will prevent rust and wear, and they even provide some traction, assuring that your stored materials are safe and secure. These are especially important if you’re not going to purchase a cover for your bed.

You don’t have to limit yourself to a cover for your bed. There are car covers that could protect your exterior from the weather and elements. If you opt for a car cover, you can (mostly) be assured that your paint will never chip and the mechanics will never rust. You could also opt for a seat cover, protecting your interior from any spills or grime.

Floor Liners/Mats


If you’re going to be using your Dodge for work or off-roading, you should expect your interior to get messy. To prevent your vehicle from getting too muddy, you can install floor liners and mats. The rubber or plastic material prevents the water, mud, and dirt from ruining the upholstery, thus keeping your vehicle looking good as new.

Why is this important? If you’re considering selling back your vehicle, you’ll receive a better deal if your interior is spotless. Over time, it can be tough to remove these blemishes, and potential future customers could be turned off by the dirt and grime. When a customer recognizes these issues, they’ll probably attempt to negotiate a more favorable deal.

In general, it’s always a good idea to keep your vehicle looking good. If you treat your car well, the car will treat you well in return.

Performance Chips


Your vehicle’s engine is capable of doing so much more, but it’s limited by the pre-programmed onboard computer system. This limits your vehicle to maximum specs determined by the brand and engineers. There is a way around this, however, and you can truly maximize your Dodge’s capabilities.

A high-tech performance chip will reprogram your vehicle’s computer, thus unlocking the ride’s full potential. If you opt for these tiny chips, you’ll find that your engine will suddenly produce improved horsepower and torque, which vicariously improves the towing and acceleration. The fuel efficiency can also be bumped up, as could some of the vehicle’s other capabilities.

You’ll want to be aware of which performance chip you’re going to opt for, as different types can unlock different capabilities. A control module is inserted into the under-the-hood electrical system, which grabs the applicable data before it has time to reach the built-in computer. The chip will immediately analyze some of your vehicle’s key functions, subsequently making the necessary adjustments to maximize your car’s abilities.

Power programmers are similar to control modules, although they’re not permanent. These chips can be installed whenever the driver sees fit, allowing them to manipulate their vehicle’s abilities based on terrain or weather. Plugging into the car’s OBD-II Port, the system will allow you to specifically enter your desired specs. This allows for greater control and customization.

Finally, the engine management system (EMS) gives you the most control among the performance chips. The EMS is more extensive than the previously mentioned systems, as it dives into specs and functions that previously seemed inaccessible. If you truly want to see what your Dodge pickup can do on the highway, you should consider opting for an EMS.


As you can see, there are several ways to upgrade your Dodge. Of course, this isn’t devaluing the brand’s product, as the company produces some of the best vehicles on the market. But there are several reasons why someone may want to personalize and customize their new ride, and the easiest way to do that is via some mods and upgraded parts.

If you want to unlock your vehicle’s truly abilities, keep your interior clean, or have your engine let out an intimidating roar, you should consider the add-ons mentioned above. You won’t regret the purchase.

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