Five Best Used Volkswagens You Can Buy Cheap

If you’re looking for a Volkswagen that you can buy for pretty cheap, used car lots might not be a bad idea. However, knowing what you’re looking for is important. Volkswagens come in SUVs and cars, although the cars tend to be a little cheaper. With Volkswagen, you’ll also have the option of purchasing the model of your choice in a TDI, which is Volkswagen’s diesel version and is becoming more and more popular as people look for alternative fuel options and ways to save on fuel economy.

We’ve compiled a list of the five best used Volkswagens that you can buy for cheap. Consider used car lots when checking out these cars. Remember, if you’re buying from a private seller, take safety measures to ensure you’re protected. Used car lots will probably be your best option for these five cars, however.

Here are the five best used Volkswagens that you can buy for cheap!


VW Passat

The Passat’s been in production since 1973, so Volkswagen must have done something right with this car in order to keep producing it and to have it be one of the most popular sedans on the road today. This vehicle is the biggest sedan that VW has to offer on this list, and is ideal for those who need a lot of cargo space or frequently travel with their families but still prefer the look and feel of a sedan. You can get a used Passat for fairly cheap on the market today.

The Passat is a large four-door sedan that has ample trunk space and usually gets up to 32 MPG. Of course this changes when you consider the diesel version of the Passat, which are clearly labeled as Passat TDI. The Passat TDIs get up to 45 MPG. Although these have a distinctive diesel engine sound, the vehicles are very similar to the gas models. The Passat has been a popular full-size sedan next to the Jetta and the Golf, which offer more compact models for the right buyer.


VW Jetta

The Jetta is one Volkswagen that you can buy pretty cheap. There are many VW Jettas out there today from all different years. Smaller than the Passat, the Volkswagen Jetta has been around since 1979. While it’s more compact than the Passat, it still offers some great interior space and tends to be more than enough room for a single driver. The seats fold down to give extra cargo space for hard-to-fit things. When you throw in a trailer hitch, the Jetta becomes pretty invincible out on the road. The redesign of the Jetta in 2011 made it look more like the Passat than ever, so you might have to look twice when distinguishing these vehicles if you’re looking for a newer model year.

The Jetta also gets a little better fuel mileage than the Passat, especially when it comes in diesel. Jettas that are well broken in and maintained can get up to 50 MPG or more. That’s a lot for your money! Used Jettas sell for fairly cheap and newer Jettas can feature some decent prices also. Whether you purchase a diesel or a gas option, the fuel mileage is bound to be pretty good and you can’t beat the space and reliability for the price when it comes to the Volkswagen Jetta.


VW Golf

The Golf is a very popular Volkswagen that’s available for a fairly low price. The Golf is traditionally a hatchback and has been featured in four door and two door. Again, it’s offered in a diesel or gas option. The Golf gets even better fuel mileage than the Jetta or Passat because it’s smaller, and these used vehicles have a surprising amount of room and are perfect for the sporty driver or the single driver who doesn’t need much space or can haul his or her cargo on the roof rack.

The Golf was manufactured to replace the Volkswagen Rabbit, which was popular hatchback as well. The Golf also comes as a station wagon in addition to the hatchback which gives you some more room in the back. The Golf is also featured in a GTI version, which stands for Grand Tourer Injection. This effectively means that the model is a high-performance variant.

The GTI version of the Golf is as popular as the Golf is, although the TDI is becoming a very popular option for car buyers everywhere. So you can either get the Golf TDI or the Golf GTI or the station wagon—either of these should be a great buy for your money when it comes to cheap used Volkswagen cars!


VW Beetles

The Beetle is a classic Volkswagen that simply can’t be mistaken for any other vehicle. Even with its current redesign, the shape of the car is unmistakable. The new beetles have a more traditional curvature and definition to their shape, but the older Beetles will do just as well as used when it comes to Volkswagen cars to get cheap.

The Beetle, as with nearly all Volkswagen models, is offered in a TDI diesel version. This gives you flexibility when trying to decide which Volkswagen model is right for you, because you know that pretty much all of them are offered in the diesel option. Benefits of diesel are that it doesn’t need to pass emissions testing, it gets better fuel economy, and the engines are designed to last longer.

So if you have your heart set on a VW Beetle—get on with it, because it’s one of the five best used Volkswagens that you can buy cheap! With its distinctive design and fun flair, the Beetle is irreplaceable when it’s on your wish list for used VW cars.


VW Touareg

For those looking for an SUV option, the Volkswagen Touareg is here! Although this is a larger SUV, it’s surprisingly affordable used. The Touareg also comes in diesel, so you have the option of getting a diesel SUV, which is pretty much unheard of unless you want to go with a more expensive SUV such as a Mercedes or Audi. For the affordability, the Touareg offers Volkswagen seekers some great value and a diesel option.

VW started manufacturing the Touareg in 2002 and even back then the models got up to 23 MPG. Today they get closer to 29 MPG. The older Touareg models from 2002 and 2004 are surprisingly cheap for SUVs, and you can get newer models as well, although it’ll cost you a little more. The Touareg could be a great choice for those looking for a little more room in their used VW as well as the safety and comfort of an SUV.

When you’re looking for a used Volkswagen, odds are you’d like it to be as cheap as possible. Volkswagen has been a reputable car dealer for many years, and keeps its models current and relevant with new technology. The option for diesel in nearly all of its models is impressive and offers another dimension for car buyers to consider when shopping for used Volkswagens.

When you’d like to become part of the Volkswagen family with a used vehicle, consider these five Volkswagens that you can buy for cheap. From hatchbacks to the classic Beetle to a full-size sedan to a compact car to an SUV, Volkswagen has lots of options for every buyer, whether they’re looking for diesel or gas!

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