Exploring the New Jeep Grand Cherokee Summit and Trailhawk Trims

While the 2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee in Miami has some amazing trims already, 2017 is looking even more promising. The Summit trim available now is already considered the most luxurious vehicle in its class, so it’s hard to imagine how the 2017 variant will be able to top that, but it does. Also new for 2017, we see the much loved Trailhawk trim making its way over to the Grand Cherokee model, which will surely help restore its impressive off-roading capabilities from the older days.

But before we jump into the 2017 models, let’s take a look at what is already offered on the 2016 Grand Cherokee Summit – the most luxurious vehicle in its class.

Here’s What the Grand Cherokee Summit Currently Offers

2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee Summit

The most luxurious vehicle in its class didn’t land this title by having cloth seats and a cheap plastic dashboard.

The Summit-exclusive exterior is the first thing that will draw you in, and it’s the pinnacle of the Grand Cherokee lineup. It has distinctive features like stunning bi-xenon headlamps with signature LED daytime running lamps in order to make it stand out, along with chrome trim that runs across the grille, front-bumper, and sides. It’s much more elegant overall than the other Grand Cherokee trims and exudes luxury from its unique design.

While the outside looks nice, the interior is truly indicative of the Summit’s commitment to luxury. With Natura Plus leather-trimmed heated seats with edge welting you’re riding in one of the most comfortable Grand Cherokee’s ever produced. Complimenting this comfort is a refined and premium suede-like headliner that encompasses the top of the doors and dashboard. This headliner truly provides a sense of total luxury immersion and is complimented by open-pore wood accents with either copper or chrome trim to provide a touch of outgoing personality to an otherwise laid-back interior.

The Summit also offers a premium 19-speaker sound system, along with an available dual screen Blu-ray and DVD entertainment system. You can even add a dual-panel sunroof if you want extra elegance. 

The All-New 2017 Summit

2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee Summit

For the new 2017 Summit, Jeep made multiple upgrades to the exterior, interior, and overall technology, all of which contribute to an even more refined sense of luxury.

The overall intention of the design? A breath-taking WOW factor. Mission accomplished! A new front fascia and grille are the first noticeable upgrades, and they are now streamlined and more aerodynamic. Wrap-around LED foglights are included and combine with the new front fascia design to provide another unique look exclusive to the Summit. Also new are the 20-inch polished aluminum wheels, which stick out even more than the current trim’s wheels, giving the Grand Cherokee an even bolder stance and appearance. Finally, the windshield and side glass are upgraded with sound-deadening technology. Now acoustic, these glass parts have been engineered to reduce wind noise and provide the quietest cabin that’s ever been found on a Grand Cherokee.

On the inside, upgrades can be found everywhere. From the Nappa leather trim on the doors, center console, and dashboard, to the Laguna leather seats, these are the upgrades likely responsible for the Summit’s title as the most luxurious vehicle in the full-size SUV segment yet again. Along with the upgraded materials, the 2017 Grand Cherokee Summit will now also have four two-tone color options that take customizing your Summit to a whole new level.

On the convenience side of things, the new Summit also offers a slew of standard driver-assist features. Auto-folding power mirrors take the hassle and worry out of getting through a tight spot, and headlamp washers straddle the line between a convenient and frivolous piece of technology.

Nevertheless, it’s an added feature that’s sure to make your life easier when driving in bad weather. Parallel and perpendicular park assist also come standard, eliminating the effort required to park in a tough or tight space.

All-New 2017 Trailhawk

2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee Traihawk

If the intention of the all-new Summit is most luxurious full-size SUV available on the market, then the goal of the Trailhawk is most capable.

Since the Grand Cherokee Trailhawk is an all-new model for 2017, that means it has a new style as well. While it’s still recognizable as a Grand Cherokee at a base level, it’s bolder and more aggressive than we’ve ever seen before. Which makes sense, since the other Trailhawk models make us realize that its bold and aggressive look is just as important as the practically of the design.

This is why the trail wear attire found on the Grand Cherokee Trailhawk is practical for off-road use and enhances the ruggedness of the design. To start things off, the front fascia is the same found on the 2016 Grand Cherokee 75th Anniversary Edition, which provides the Trailhawk with its “lean and mean” front end. The front and rear red tow hooks, exclusive to the Trailhawk model trims, feature as well, along with rugged Goodyear adventure tires. These tires come standard on 18-inch wheels, or can be paired with optional 20-inch wheels if you’re in need of slightly higher ground clearance.

Further reinforcing the off-roading look, MOPAR rock rails are also available, and skid plates come standard on the front and back. In celebration of the Grand Cherokee Trailhawk’s arrival, new trail rated badges are present, which now have red accents. Completing the design is the practical and stylish Trailhawk specific anti-glare hood decal, which prevents the sunlight from reflecting up into the face of the driver and passengers.

Apart from this functional and fashionable off-road attire, the all-new 2017 Grand Cherokee Trailhawk also comes standard with a host of additional off-road capabilities.

Jeep’s latest jump into off-road performance, the Quadra-Drive II 4×4 system, equips the Trailhawk in order to help tackle any and all rugged off-roading conditions. As an example of how it can do this, the 4×4 system is able to automatically apply torque to whichever wheels have the most traction at any given moment. That way, the Grand Cherokee Trailhawk will have the best grip possible, regardless of which tires are touching the ground. The unique Quadra-Lift air suspension also comes standard and allows you to raise the Grand Cherokee Trailhawk up to a maximum of 10.8-inches for maximum ground clearance.

Couple that air-lift technology with the aforementioned 4×4 system, along with an improved suspension to handle off-road conditions with 20-inch tires — and you have a vehicle that’s ready to tackle anything the wild throws at you.

When to Expect These New Models

Although that’s all we know about these models at the moment, we do expect them to officially arrive on lots and showrooms later this summer. This gives you plenty of time to start saving up for one of these great models, both of which launch the Grand Cherokee ahead of the full-size SUV competition in terms of luxury and off-road performance.

No matter which trim you ultimately choose, at the end of the day, you are still getting a Jeep. That means both of these models have been built by a company with over 75 years of knowledge when it comes to SUVs, ensuring that either one will be a worthwhile and rewarding investment.

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