Chevy Tahoe Too Expensive? A Used 2015 Model May Do the Trick

As a recently-retired teacher, Massachusetts native Paul Battaglia was looking to buy a new car. After having driven a sedan for most of his life, Paul knew that he wanted a bigger vehicle, and he valued versatility. He wanted a vehicle that was capable of taking monthly trips to the coast, and he wanted to assure that the ride could fit all of his and his wife’s luggage and equipment. He was seeking enough passenger room to fit all of grandchildren, and he also desired several technological amenities to keep the younger occupants (and himself) entertained.

Paul eventually landed on the mighty 2015 Chevy Tahoe. Having worked his entire life, the SUV fit within his budget, but the vehicle isn’t necessarily a realistic option for all customers… unless they pursue a used version of the vehicle. With the 2016 Chevy Tahoe recently hitting lots, buyers should find plenty of good deals on the previous-year model. If you’re looking for a vehicle that delivers the capabilities of Chevy’s trucks and the style of their sedans, you won’t have to look any further than a used Chevy Tahoe. 

Still uncertain? Well, take Paul’s word for it…

2015 Chevrolet Tahoe Z71

While Paul had anticipated purchasing a new vehicle, he wasn’t necessarily eyeing any particular model. He wasn’t swayed by any advertisements or sales. He barely did any research. Instead, he relied on his family to help make the decision for him.

“One of the big reasons why I ended up opting for the Chevy Tahoe was basically just the fact that my brother had purchased the 2014 Tahoe and seemed to love it,” Battaglia said. “The couple of times that I got to ride in it I was just impressed by everything. Obviously, it’s a handsome exterior; everything about it is just kind of screams luxury. I’ve always kind of wanted a luxury SUV, and while the Tahoe isn’t necessarily considered a luxury SUV, I feel like it basically does the trick.”

The luxury is undeniable on the 2015 Tahoe. Chevy’s engineers produced a vehicle that features sharp angles and deep curves, and the large grille up front certainly commands attention. The interior is equally as stylish, with premium materials included throughout the cabin.

As a recent retiree, Paul is now planning on using his free time to hit the road and enjoy all that New England has to offer, whether it be the lakes, the mountains, or even Boston. As a result, he needed enough cargo room to fit whatever unpredictable equipment was required for his latest excursion. The 2015 Tahoe offers more than enough space for all his luggage, as the second- and third-row seats can be folded to provide 94.7-cubic-feet of space. When that space isn’t required, Paul is using the abundance of passenger room to drive around his grandchildren.

“My family is a little older now, so I’m not really hauling as much equipment, or trying to fit as many passengers,” he explained. “With all the grandchildren we can easily fit everybody into the second and third row without an issue. There have been a couple times where we’ve gone on road trips or mini vacations down to the Cape, and were able to fit all of our luggage easily. We’ve gone on ski trips. We’ve been able to fit all of our skis, and all of our equipment. It really hasn’t been an issue, there’s so much room back there.”

2015 Chevrolet Tahoe LT

Paul acknowledged that his patience had run pretty thin after all those years of being a teacher, although he’s hoping his recent retirement will allow him to calm down a bit. Either way, h That’s more than possible with the EcoTec3 V8 engine, which produces 355 horsepower and 383 pounds-feet of torque. Thanks to the inclusion of Direct Injection, Active Fuel Management, and Variable Valve Timing, drivers can also expect a 23 mile per gallon highway fuel efficiency.

“We knew the engine was going to be plenty powerful,” he explained. “You can basically see that every single time you get behind the wheel. The thing I’ve been most impressed with is probably the fuel efficiency. I kept preaching that while we were shopping for the vehicle. My wife kept telling me, “Oh, don’t trust the specs. Don’t trust the specs.” Honestly, and maybe it’s because I’m focused on it a little bit more, but I feel like I’m getting better fuel efficiency from this vehicle than I got from some of my previous sedans.”

Some of Paul’s road trips can be rather boring, but these drives have been more bearable in his 2015 Tahoe. Paul points to the Chevy MyLink system as a big reason for this turnaround. Available via the eight-inch-diagonal color touch-screen, drivers can access a variety of applications to make their drive more enjoyable. 

“The technology is awesome,” Paul exclaimed. “The Chevy MyLink allows me to listen to Pandora, I can look up movie times, I can look up restaurants. It allows me to do everything. I really appreciate the wireless charging station. I just have to put my phone down and it’ll charge it right up. I always find that I never have my iPhone wire, and I’m struggling to keep my phone completely charged. All I have to do is put my phone down and it’ll get enough power to keep me throughout the day.

2015 Chevrolet Tahoe LTZ

As a schoolteacher, Paul often found himself running outside on those cold winter mornings to defrost his vehicle. During his teaching days, he probably would have appreciated OnStar’s RemoteLink application, which allows Paul to operate the vehicle from the comfort of his own house.

“I’m able to just start the car from inside my house,” Paul said. “I don’t even have to point my keys to the car. I can just pull up the app on my iPhone. I can lock or unlock my doors. If I’m ever unsure when I go into a movie, or I go to the mall, I just do it on my phone. I can even take directions and send them right to my vehicle. It’s been awesome.”

 2015 Chevrolet Tahoe Z71

While you may want to do a bit more research than Paul, you’re unlikely to come up with a different conclusion. To enjoy all the amenities and capabilities of the Chevy Tahoe, consider pursuing a used 2015 model. 

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