Understanding Hyundai’s Commitment to Buyers

Hyundai is an automaker committed to providing its customers with an unmatched car-owning experience. Drivers avoid experiencing the dreaded “buyer’s remorse” after they’ve purchased one of Hyundai’s vehicles, as the engineers have continually worked to design features and functions that improve the driver’s well-being. Specifically, the brand has focused on providing a variety of safety features, […]

Replacing our Beloved Jeep Patriot and Compass…

Take a close look. That 2016 Jeep Patriot in Miami, FL will be the last model year you’ll ever see because its replacement is looming just beyond the horizon. This replacement vehicle will replace both the Patriot and Compass, and should bring a level of off-road capability to that awkward segment positioned between the Renegade and Cherokee. The Patriot and Compass were […]