Chevy and Carhartt Teamed Up to Make the Silverado Hd Concept

Chevy and Carhartt Team Up for a Glorious Silverado HD Concept

I’m sure every self-respecting redneck has already beat me to the punch when it comes to hearing about this truck. But just in case anyone out there missed it, here it is! General Motor Co.’s Chevy and the apparel maker Carhartt, Inc. have teamed up to produce a 2017 Silverado HD concept that has thus far only appeared in dreams. This truck is detailed with plenty of Carhartt touches, and fans of the clothing brand will appreciate the subtle ways the company was able to incorporate this rugged style with Chevy’s dependable performance. Of course, it’s not unusual to see Chevy pairing up with another company to produce a concept truck. They’ve produced plenty of others in the past.

But, Chevy and Carhartt working together just makes sense. It’s like they’re the perfect couple.

Why GM’s Chevy and Carhartt are the Perfect Couple

Why do these two brands make the perfect couple, you might ask? Because, they both stand for the same thing: durability and long-lasting quality.

When it comes to work clothes, there is no better brand than Carhartt clothing – the perfect blend of comfort and rugged durability. With Chevy, the Silverado models have always been the epitome of durability and reliability. Constantly proving — in more ways than one — that the Silverado lineup really is the longest lasting pickup truck on the road.

Also, it just makes sense from a consumer-targeting point of view. The working man and woman who shares a passion for Carhartt’s durability is looking for the same appeal with the vehicle they rely on for work, which makes the Chevy Silverado the perfect choice.

The project took several months to complete, and Carhartt had some say in the design. They wanted the Silverado HD to act as a mobile office, including storage for clothes, files, and charging room for tools and equipment. That way, the working man or woman really did have everything he or she needed within reach. Carhartt also wanted it — to Chevy’s undoubted delight — to appear strong and rugged in both performance and appearance.

Together, the companies nailed it. After a lot of hard work and careful collaboration, this beautiful concept truck was produced.

It Looks Freakin’ Badass

The design is great. Actually, it’s more than great — it’s freakin’ badass.

It’s a two-toned black truck with a matte paint job along the top, and a shiny paint job on the bottom half. A goldish-orange “Carhartt Brown” accent paint is also found on the exterior, with the famous Carhartt “C” logo above the “Silverado” tag on the front driver’s door.

Remember how I mentioned Carhartt had subtle ways of fitting in their own design elements? The nickel finishes that are similar to the buttons found on Carhartt clothing are used on the wheels, and even around a blacked-out Chevy bowtie logo on the grille.

But, it doesn’t stop there. On the inside, the Carhartt name is featured on the floor mats, with the logo found on the headrests. The duck-brown cloth color and material that Carhartt is also well-known for is used along sections of the seats, armrests, and also door panel inserts. Finally, the truck bed features a roll-up tonneau cover made from Carhartt material. How cool is that?!

The truck will be shown at the SEMA (Specialty Equipment and Market Association) show in Las Vegas next week, alongside 20 of GM’s other concept vehicles.

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