Silver 2019 Chevy Silverado under overpass

Chevy Silverado: the Most Popular (and Stolen) Vehicle in Tennessee

If you’re in the market for a Chevy Silverado, Tennessee Chevy Dealers will likely be the first to inform you that it ranks among their most popular offerings. And if they do, breathe easy…they’re not lying to you or exaggerating the truth; the Silverado rates as the most popular truck across the state of Tennessee. But that popularity isn’t reserved for owners and buyers, seeing as the Chevy Silverado also rates as the most commonly stolen truck across the state of Tennessee.

That said, owners and car thieve alike might find themselves at odds when it comes to the evolving face of the Silverado. Proving incredibly divisive, the 2019 Silverado employs a reinvigorated aesthetic, a significant weight reduction (in response to that enjoyed by Ford’s F-Series) and a number of controversial features which are being called everything from “revolutionary” to “over-engineered.” However divisive, here are some worth noting.

Whoever thought that the Silverado and Camaro would incorporate some of the same design notes? Not many, but if it means a 7% increase in aerodynamic efficiency, we’d say it’s fair game. Accenting the unique front fascia, with its angular bodywork, iconic grille and sleek LED headlights, are the front air curtains found to either side of the Silverado’s front end.

Looking back over the last two decades, General Motors had almost exclusively employed distinctive squared-off wheel wells. That said, the new Silverado utilizes a rounded design. Insignificant to the casual eye, the rounded fender has a major effect on the overall appearance of the truck.

If awards were being given out, the Power Tailgate might be voted “Most Likely to be Over-engineered.” It’s hard not to like the idea of it, but time will tell if the execution was successful. Operable by key fob, hand, or from the pacing, the Silverado’s tailgate is designed for ease of use, to minimize wear, and to increase utility. By the sounds of it, not everyone is convinced.

Look behind the second-row seatbacks, and you’ll find a pair of 10-liter storage bins, easily accessible through an openable hatch. Look under the second-row, and you’ll find another 24-liter storage tray, showing that Chevy focused on cargo space as a priority.

If you’re planning to use your truck in the manner in which it’s intended (as a truck) the seven-inch increase on bed width makes the Silverado more utilitarian than ever.

And for Diesel-lovers, consider the new 3.0-liter inline-six Diesel being added to the five other powertrain options available in the 2019 Silverado. Certainly something for everyone.


So if you’re interested in buying (or stealing) a new Silverado, take a closer look at the lighter, redesigned and overall refined 2019 Silverado courtesy of The Fast Lane Truck: