Multimatic Technology Adds a Level of Versatility to the 2022 GMC Canyon

The art of skillfully adhering to whatever is thrown at you properly showcases the layer of ingenuity in automotive suspension advancements engineered by the Multimatic Corporation. Along with brethren Chevy Colorado ZR2 (which is built alongside the Canyon in Missouri plants), the 2022 GMC Canyon will now utilize the highly advanced Multimatic Dynamic Suspensions Spool […]

What’s Special About The 2021 GMC Canyon?

Small pickup trucks are a great alternative for truck drivers looking for something compact, sporty, and effective for light towing, off-road activities, or just leisure driving. However, not every small pickup is designed to take advantage of its full capabilities. Some models lack trims that make them more off-road capable, others are bereft of luxury […]

Build Your 2020 GMC Canyon SLE

  The new 2020 GMC Canyon is a sophisticated and strong four-door pick-up truck. It is available in six different trim levels, starting from the most basic SL, base Canyon, SLE, All-Terrain, SLT, and eventually to the highest trim, the luxurious Denali. The SLE model offers a generous package of standard equipment for a starting […]