A white 2021 GMC Canyon AT4 is driving on a trail in the woods.

Big Things Come in Small Packages in the 2021 GMC Canyon

Whoever thinks that in order to be powerful, a truck needs to be large may want to retract that thought when they take a look at the 2021 GMC Canyon. Although smaller than its big brothers, the Sierra and the Sierra Heavy Duty models, this small-size pickup truck is ready to impress you. Compact yet capable, small but mighty, the GMC Canyon is built tough as nails. When you explore its incredible list of features and the higher level of performance it harnesses, you’ll forget about its size and focus entirely on what it can do for you. Designed to make your drive better, your workday easier, and your off-road adventures more exciting, the Canyon stops at nothing to show you that it can ride with the best in the industry. If you’re ready for premium power packed into a capable pickup truck, the GMC Canyon is here to reinvent your driving experience.

A Powerhouse

Don’t let its size fool you, the 2021 GMC Canyon showcases sheer power underneath its glistening hood, and when it comes time to work, the Canyon is ready to move. Armed with a 2.5L four-cylinder engine and an available 3.6L V6 and a 2.8L diesel as well, the Canyon can power through a task just as easily as the competition, if not better. Its strong V6 engine provides it with 308 horsepower and 275 lb-ft of torque, making it a capable workhorse, able to accommodate tough loads. And speaking of loads, you’ll find that its diesel engine provides it with maximum strength, allowing this energetic traveler to tow up to 7,700 lbs when properly equipped. Ready to go at a moment’s notice, the Canyon aims to please, especially when it comes to fuel efficiency, with its sturdy diesel getting up to 30 MPG on the highway.

No matter which trim level you choose, you’ll be able to maximize your experience in the driver’s seat. Its Elevation Standard and Elevation models give you optimal towing power and efficiency, while its AT4 was designed to explore the trails. For unhindered luxury and performance, upgrade to the Denali model, where you’ll experience a more capable drive, in addition to stylish appointments throughout. Athletic, responsive, and strong, the mighty Canyon proves that when the job calls for a tough truck, it’s got what it takes to deliver the power. When you’re looking for the optimal workhorse in a manageable package, the 2021 GMC Canyon is the perfect solution for any type of driver.

A white 2021 GMC Canyon AT4 is climbing over rocks on a trail.

An Off-Road Performer

The GMC Canyon isn’t just built to impress you on the job site or during your daily travels; it’s also an accomplished off-road explorer. Its all-new AT4 model is designed to hit the trails with an indisputable prowess that’s unseen by the competition. Equipped with 31-inch all-terrain tires, an aggressive stance, and an enhanced suspension system, the first-ever Canyon AT4 tackles off-road terrain like it’s nothing. Four-wheel drive with an automatic rear locking differential to enable a more controlled ride in rough conditions allows you to sail past the others when you’re looking for a bit of adventure. Advanced Hill Descent Control assists you with navigating steep terrain, providing you with the most controlled ride possible, helping you to focus on what lies ahead.

The AT4’s Off-Road Performance Package catapults you to maximum efficiency on the trails with high-strength skid plates, a performance exhaust tip, and a spray-on bedliner to protect your bed from the elements. This rugged traveler proves that it’s not size that matters on the trails; it’s finesse and a strong foundation to add enhanced protection, stability, and agility even in the most precarious conditions. Donned with AT4 badging, an aggressive grille, and more bold features throughout, the AT4 shows that it’s a spirited traveler, right down to the tiniest detail. When you’re looking for off-road fun, the Canyon AT4 will get you there again and again. For all the times you wished you had a reliable and powerful truck to take you to new levels on the trails, the Canyon has reasons you should be seriously considering it as your next truck.

The black steering wheel and interior of a 2021 GMC Canyon are shown.

GMC Canyon vs Chevy Colorado

Talk to any truck enthusiast, and you’ll hear about the rivalry between the GMC Canyon and the Chevy Colorado. Although both options are powerful work trucks, as well as energized travelers, if you look at the details, they’re not entirely one and the same. For many, it comes down to which camp you’re in – Chevy or GMC. With this well-established duel for the ages, it can be difficult to persuade either one to think past the name and focus on the capabilities. Both trucks feature the same engine selections; however, the differences begin when you start to compare their performance. Is the Colorado really better, or is that just a misconception among Chevy lovers?

Perhaps what really sets these two travelers apart is the overall feel of the ride. Both feature very similar specs, but when you’re traveling in the GMC Canyon, your ride just seems better. This is made possible, of course, by its nice selection of trims, including the Denali trim, which offers up intense luxury…something that Chevy simply can’t come close to with the Colorado. Well-equipped for towing, the GMC Canyon has been known to provide a smoother ride with better handling and control over the Colorado, which has been said to offer a rough ride in certain road conditions. And of course, let’s not forget about the AT4’s alarmingly exciting off-road capabilities, which we discussed earlier, giving the Colorado ZR2 a run for its money.

Both trucks can perform virtually the same on paper, but when you’re riding in the GMC Canyon, you know that you’re experiencing something beyond greatness. When you can have the same power and pull the same numbers as the Colorado, but do it in a way that is smoother, more controlled, and more comfortable, why would you choose anything other than the Canyon? Whether you’re searching for the perfect workmate or the ideal trail companion, you’ll be sure to enjoy the ride more in the Canyon. Built for a more upscale experience with all the strength and durability you need to take on the day, the GMC Canyon surpasses the Colorado in overall performance.

The Capable Canyon

Armed with a dynamic selection of engines, which offer towing power, fuel efficiency, and strong capabilities, the 2021 GMC Canyon exceeds expectations. With multiple trims to choose from, including the ever-luxurious Denali, enhancing your ride just got easier. Let’s not forget that if off-road adventure occupies a top spot on your must-have list, the all-new Canyon AT4 is ready to pack a punch, delivering an awesome experience in the most rugged conditions. No matter if you’re using this truck for work or for everyday errand-running, trail runs, or coffee runs, you can expect to experience a heightened level of sophistication that supersedes that of its nemesis, the Colorado. Big things really do come in small packages, especially when you take into consideration the jaw-dropping qualities of the 2021 GMC Canyon.

Are you ready for a captivating ride in one of the industry’s most impressive small-size trucks? The 2021 Canyon is waiting for its test drive at a GMC dealer near you. Stop by and take in its aura of excellence as you admire its fierce capabilities and proficient performance, designed to make the most out of whatever is on your agenda for the day. For those of you who demand something better out of your next truck, the GMC Canyon is ready to give it to you. When you’re searching for greatness, the capable Canyon steps up to the plate to offer you all you want and more.