A red 2021 Ford F-250 is crossing a river.

No Job is Too Big for the Ford F-250

Everybody loves a good pickup truck. Pickup trucks are tough, rugged, and full of strength. These powerful vehicles are a ton of fun to drive and are extremely useful too. However, sometimes you have a job that requires more than just what the average pickup truck can handle, and that’s where a Super Duty truck comes in. When you have a big job, and nothing short of the biggest and the best will do, look no further than the 2021 Ford F-250.

With the 2021 F-250, no longer do you need to worry about having a job that is too big for your truck to handle. No longer do you need to go through trailer specs and worry that your truck isn’t big enough to tow the thing. With the Ford 250, there is very little that this bad boy cannot handle.

The Power and Handling of the F-250

When you opt for the new 2021 Ford F-250, you’re going to have one heck of a beast on your hands. There is no doubt that this puppy can handle more than the average pickup truck, and it’s all thanks to the treasures that lie under the hood. The 2021 F-250 comes standard with a 6.2L Flex Fuel V8 engine, along with a powerful TorqShift heavy-duty 6 speed SelectShift automatic transmission. Even with just the base engine, you are going to get 385 horsepower, 430 lb-ft of torque, and a max towing capacity of 15,800 pounds. There is a lot of power behind this truck, and you’re going to feel it every time you hook up a trailer or drive down the interstate.

If by chance, the standard engine is not enough for you, the F-250 gives you the option of upgrading to one of two other engines. You could upgrade your truck to include the 6.7L Power Stroke V8 Turbo Diesel engine or the 7.3L V8 engine. Each of these upgraded engines will give you more power and performance capabilities, so you’re sure to be able to handle absolutely anything you throw at your vehicle. You could also upgrade your transmission to the TorqShift 10-speed automatic transmission that comes with selectable drive modes. These drive modes include normal mode, slippery mode, towing and hauling mode, economy mode, and deep sand and snow mode. If you regularly drive your truck through terrain that is above and beyond your typical paved highway, this upgraded transmission might be worth considering.

In addition to these heavy-duty engine and transmission options, your 2021 F-250 also comes with a tire pressure monitoring system that will individually monitor the pressure of every single one of your tires. This feature ensures you are never left stranded at the side of the road with a low tire again. This Super Duty truck also comes with a stabilizer bar and a steering damper which work together to give you as much stability and control as possible, no matter what you’re towing.

A blue 2021 Ford F-250 is parked at a job site.

The Performance and Strength of the 2021 F-250

Knowing what kind of engine you have under the hood or what kind of transmission you have to work with is all fine and dandy, but what does that translate into? What is the real capability of the 2021 Ford F-250 pickup truck? For starters, let’s take a look at the available horsepower of this Super Duty truck. Depending on the specific options you go with, your F-250 could get between 385 and 475 horsepower as well as between 430 lb-ft and 1,050 lb-ft of torque. Yes, you read that right – there is the potential to get 1,050 lb-ft of torque. Nobody can say the Ford F-250 is a wimpy vehicle.

What can you do with that kind of horsepower and torque? Well, for starters, you can zip off the starting line at any traffic light or up any on-ramp quicker than just about anybody else. If you like a vehicle that can go fast but don’t want to end up with a sports car that can’t tow a trailer, the F-250 is a good option for you. But more important than just going fast is the towing power that comes with this kind of torque. When you can achieve up to 1,050 lb-ft of torque, you’re not going to be slowed down no matter what you’re towing behind you.

Speaking of towing, there are several variations of the 2021 Ford F-250 Super Duty pickup truck, and each one will give you a different towing capacity. You’re sure to be happy with any of these numbers. Just to give you an idea, depending on your truck’s specific options, you could wind up with between 12,600 lbs and 22,800 lbs of towing capacity depending on your engine, vehicle layout, and any additions you equip. I dare you to find a job too big for this pickup truck to handle.

Dimensions of Your F-250

A white 2021 Ford F-250 is towing a camper on a highway.

While every potential Super Duty pickup truck owner cares about power and capability, you should also consider what’s inside the bed of your truck before you commit to bringing it home. So what is so special about the bed of the 2021 Ford F-250 pickup truck? Let’s take a look.

First, let’s take a look at the cargo box. The cargo box of the F-250 actually has two size options – the 6.75 ft box and the 8 ft box. When you opt for the smaller box, you’ll get 81.9 inches of floor-length, and when you opt for the larger box, that amount goes up to 98.1 inches. The interior height of your cargo area will be 21.1 inches, no matter which box you get. And interior cargo box volume yields either 65.4 or 78.5 cu.ft. depending on which size you get. You won’t have to worry about running out of space for all your tools and equipment anytime soon.

Cargo box dimensions are not the only things that matter when it comes to truck dimensions. Ground clearance is also an important thing to consider because when you’re working a job site or dragging a trailer off-road, you want to know what kind of height issues you need to watch out for. The 2021 Ford F-250 has pretty good ground clearance, coming in at either 8.5 inches and 8.7 inches, depending on the specific cab you opt for. That’s enough ground clearance to get you through most construction sites, and any camping or boating trip you go on should not yield you any problems either.

Are You Ready for the 2021 Ford F-250?

Are you convinced? Is the 2021 Ford F-250 for the perfect truck for you? If you’ve got a big tough job that needs to get done and you don’t want to end up with a truck that can’t handle everything you throw at it, then it’s time to commit to the F-250. Call up your local Ford dealer and let them know you want to schedule a test drive of the new 2021 F-250. Or, if you prefer, hop online, look up a Ford dealer near you, and schedule your test drive that way. However you end up behind the wheel of your brand new truck, you’ll sure be grateful that you did.