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If you're seeking a used car, you're probably not looking to spend a whole lot of money. Even then, if you want to secure a vehicle that works and will last at least a year, you'll have to dish out at least $1,000. Even this may be too much money for some, leading us to [...]

How Kia Continues to Evolve The Cadenza

The Kia Cadenza has been a hit in the United States since it first arrived from South Korea in 2013. Looking to compete with the Hyundai Azera, this executive car was released due to the positive reception from fans (an indication that the brand actually listens to their customers). “The introduction of the Cadenza was [...]

Top Ten Best Selling Used Cars

There are perhaps just as many used cars as there are new cars out on the roads. Many of these models are still being manufactured today; your popular sedans can still be found at places like King’s Automall, or any other big car dealerships out there. It’s simple why these older models are still running [...]

2016 Kia Soul vs. 2016 Honda HR-V

The term "crossover" gets tossed around a lot these days, and it can be hard to know what actually counts as a crossover and what doesn't. Generally, this term refers to vehicles that look to combine the style and efficiency of a sedan with the power of an SUV in a carefully-crafted combination of form [...]

Kia Sorento Snow

5 Features That Make Sorento the Best Winter SUV for 2016

The Kia Sorento has been making the rounds on a lot of “best SUV” blogs lately. The buzz surrounding the Korean SUV is well justified, as the Sorento received a complete makeover for the 2016 model year. In such a competitive market, the Sorento has mostly flown under the radar in the shadow of other [...]

Comparison: 2016 Kia Soul vs. 2016 Toyota RAV4

The 2016 Kia Soul and 2016 Toyota RAV4 may be naturally compared to each other, but they share very little in common. Sure, they might both be considered crossover SUVs (although they're a class apart), but you won't be confusing these two rides anytime soon. After all, there are drastic differences in the vehicles' interiors [...]

Six of the Most Affordable Cars of All-Time

When you're shopping for a vehicle, it's always a good idea to check out the most affordable vehicles on the market. While these vehicles have a lower price tag, they're still usually dependable, and they often outshine their pricier rivals. However, have you ever wondered what the most affordable vehicles of all time were? Thanks [...]

New Kia Commercial Highlights Rio’s Best Features

The new Kia Rio is expected to be regarded as one of the best models in the brand's history, and it should instantly establish itself among the best in the subcompact segment. The company is certainly excited about the vehicle, evident by the statements made by Orth Hedrick (via The Washington Examiner), the brand's vice [...]

2016 Kia Sportage Highlights

When looking for a car that is a perfect fit for your lifestyle, and budget you might want to seriously consider looking at a 2016 Kia Sportage. It is one of the most popular in the Kia lineup - the compact crossover Kia Sportage in Miami and around the country. Certainly, a family-friendly vehicle that [...]

Why You Will Fall in Love With The 2016 Kia Sorento

Kia wants people who live in Miami to be able to get away, so they made the Kia Sorento Miami, and although the addition of Miami to the end isn't official it fits so well it should be. Kia knows that drivers work just as hard as they play—or used to. Those were the glory [...]