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Alfa Romeo

Some cars seem to suffer from an identity crisis, unsure of what it’s supposed to be. Take the 2018 Alfa Romeo Stelvio - Albany, NY ’s favorite solution to the age-old question of how you turn a boring crossover into a conversation piece. All jokes aside, we’re not picking on Albany (it just happens to [...]

If you’ve determined that you can fit one of Alfa Romeo’s impressive vehicles into your budget, then you’ve surely started to explore the brand’s current North American offerings. Each of these vehicles is unique in their own way, providing drivers with specific attributes that can influence any aspect of the driving experience. Below, we took [...]

Alfa Romeo is back in the mainstream, and they're pulling out all the stops with their Alfa Romeo Giulia. The vehicle is making a name for itself with its luxurious and stylish features, and the accompanying engines have impressed many with their hefty power specs. Of course, when exploring all of these specs, some of [...]

As prospective buyers begin to explore all of the options at an Alfa Romeo dealer, they'll surely come across two of the brand's more impressive vehicle offerings: the Alfa Romeo Giulia Ti and the Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio. There two cars may both be sedans, but they're different in practically every other way. We've compared [...]

The Evolution of Alfa Romeo’s Name

Alfa Romeo is reemerging in North America, evident by their expensive advertising campaign during the recent Super Bowl. However, we wouldn’t blame you if you weren’t all that familiar with the brand. This lack of familiarity could partly be attributed to the fact that the company was exclusively oriented towards the European market for nearly [...]