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The public wants an online car buying service that works for them, and that’s exactly what is. Because people are sick and tired of the usual car buying experience, not only online but in real life. And for too long they’ve had to wait, but now there is a solution. offers an experience that is simply unparalleled. Consumers are waking up to the potential that a true online service has, and you don’t want to get left behind.

Why Not Go To A Dealership?

Some consumers aren’t hip to buying big things online (like cars) at all, and even question why anyone would ever want to do anything except go to a dealership. There are many reasons and rationales, some that should be carefully considered by the thrifty shopper, and the wise consumer.

What dealerships and Brick and Mortar Book Stores Have in Common?

Whenever a consumer buys a vehicle from a dealership they are paying a tax to the dealership. This money goes to pay for the property tax on the property, and to pay the staff for their time spent manning the parking lots and building.

There are also costs of repair and upkeep. If there is a lawn someone has to mow the grass. If there is a giant balloon floating high up in the sky like some kind of bizarre flag then the money goes to that as well. Physical places cost money, it’s inherent in owning property, and one of the reasons that brick and mortar bookstores struggle to stay open.

Because just like the experience of buying cars online is becoming more friendly to consumers with, places that sell books online made it easy and hassle free to buy a book off the internet. Not only that, but some online sites even sell books so cheaply that there is no way for brick and mortar stores to compete.

The online car buying service and the online book buying service experience are only analogous to a degree because the stakes for buying an expensive car are much higher. If someone rips you off on a book sale, that isn’t such a big deal.

What probably happened is you weren’t really sure what you wanted to read, or what such and such author writes, and some seedy bookseller hustled you into spending a few extra bucks on something that was only mediocre because they wanted to get rid of it. But that isn’t the case when buying a new car online.

Many sites offering the online car buying service experience will let you roam around after setting up an account, and many consumers do just that. They’ll go about picking out what car they want to purchase, and get to the very end only to find that the site doesn’t actually sell cars at all, but instead only directs consumers to local dealerships that they are secretly in cahoots with.

Some believe that the sites themselves are set up by the dealerships, but it’s more likely that the sites were instead created by opportunists who knew that if they offered the dealership what is essentially a dirty advertising trick that the dealerships would take the deal—that’s a dirty service trick.

Affordable Online Car Buying

But why would a dealership compromise their values like that? Because most of them are only out to make a quick buck off the average person. The days of people having a loyalty to a certain dealership are near dead, if not already in the ground, simply because dealerships don’t care if you come back and buy something else as long as they can make a sale off of you that one time.

That’s the mentality of a hustle when the product itself isn’t what is being sold, but instead the experience is what is being sold. Have you ever wondered where the idea of “working on a sales pitch” came from? It was birthed into this world by people who only want to sell, not create. And that’s not what is about at all. wants you to have the best online car buying service experience possible because they are literally trying to recreate what it means to buy a car off the internet.

So they aren’t pulling any of the dirty tricks. You won’t have your information secretly collected by and sold to other sites and dealerships for circa $400 dollars. Imagine how much money those sites are making off of being thieves!

Buying a new car online shouldn’t involve any of these mountebanks, but unfortunately due to the ill will of some tricksters this is something that is very common.

But now there is, an online car buying service that manifested when a group of tech and automotive people decided they were going to provide a better alternative. They wanted to make something steeped in integrity, so when consumers check out with their purchase they are presented with a price comparison with other sites and dealerships.

What dealership is going to do that? Even though they easily could, they’ll tell you that it isn’t that simple and they don’t have the technology set up on the showroom floor. And other sites will list all of the deals that are worse than their own. also has something that is very key for many peoples’ online shopping experience—actually customer service. There are real live human beings standing at the ready to answer any questions you might have about the service.

Not only this but an Associate will call you when you check out to square away the details of delivery. That’s the kind of value puts into its customer service, because it’s the kind of service that puts the customer over everything else.

That’s why doesn’t hide fees like other sites do, and why it doesn’t skim some money off the price and then add it back on as a surcharge after the fact so that the final sale bloats in price.

You Come First

Family With Car is the online car buying service where the consumer comes first. There is nothing better for than to make everything as great as possible for the consumer so that they can build a reputation and grow word of mouth.

Not that that very thing isn’t already happening, it’s just that the good folks at want everyone to know that they mean business, and not funny business but actual, genuine integrity that can’t be conjured up out of thin air, but was made possible by a common belief between two groups of people, tech and auto, that the online service experience was meant to be the ultimate in automotive buying experiences, and then made it so.

Put into your browsers URL now and take a look at the sleek site that works so easily and such a short amount of time. It’s great when things come together for the betterment of everyone involved, and essentially that’s what is as an online car buying service. And they are proud of that fact and intend to not only keep it that way but to build on it, one customer at a time.

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