Auto Parts Shops: What to Know Before You Go

In today’s economic climate, it is not unusual to hear multiple ways that people are finding to stretch their dollar, especially when it comes to higher expenses like auto parts and auto repair. Some people prefer to take a DIY approach because they feel comfortable enough in Rick Hendrick Duluth’s auto parts store.

Improved Technology and Advanced Auto Parts

new technology

However, reports are showing that people are keeping their cars longer than they have in the past. Because cars are made with better equipment and improved technology, manufacturers expect consumers to hold onto their cars for longer.

These rapid changes in the past 20 or so years has changed the way the frequency and amount of money we spend on our cars annually. While some choose to avoid or ignore car issues because of costs, other consumers are still very diligent with routine service and treat their car like it’s their grandfather’s Caddy. While neither of these approaches are the best option, there is a happy middle.

Auto parts shops are equipped with best technicians to guide you in choosing the best auto parts for your particular situation. Should you choose to repair the car yourself, or enlist the aid of technicians around you, they are they to aid in the process. Let a trained technician and sales associate talk to you to help you decide which parts are best suited for you car.

Built to Last

Improved technology also means that cars are built to last longer and go further with less repairs and fewer servicing. While this seems like a break for our wallet, the costs of purchasing, repairs and servicing has actually increased.

When considering all that our vehicles provide for us in terms of convenience and everyday use, the costs aren’t really that great. We should be willing to put top quality into our vehicles if we want expect the best in safety standards. This means using top quality parts. 

So how do people save money when it comes to their vehicles?

You can choose to shop around for the lowest deals possible. If you know when the best times to shop for certain items are, you can actually save quite a bit on big ticket items, like car tires. For instance, buying snow tires in during the early fall months and you’re more likely to save money than waiting till the first snow fall. Because there won’t be such a rush to get snow tires in the fall, you won’t have to deal with over crowded stores, you’ll have the attention of the store associate who can best guide you into the right tire and possibly strike up a deal. 

You can wait for sales on auto parts or you can use second hand auto parts.

However you choose to do it, be aware of all the good and bad that follows. There are definite pros and cons to how you choose to save money in auto repair.  

Used Auto Parts: Are They Okay?

used car parts

Buying used auto parts is a great way to save money when repairing a car. However, do you really know what condition the part is in when you get it? Having a trusted mechanic or trained technician on your side at this juncture would be wise, but what if you don’t? Can you trust that the part in use will fit your car as it needs?

Before you decide that used auto parts are best for your repair, you should know a couple things. First, be fully aware of the exact part that you need for your car. If it’s possible, have the old part with you for comparison. Second, ask questions. When it comes to your car and the safety of your loved ones, there is no harm in finding out more information. These shops deal with DIYers like yourself all the time and in most circumstances will be happy to volunteer all the information you need.

Make sure the part can be returned. If you get all the way home and start your project only to find out it’s missing a pivotal piece or just happens to be the wrong part, it’s important to know you can return the product and get your money back.

Even though you are knowingly using secondhand parts, do not settle for damaged parts. This should go without saying, but it’s still astonishing how willing some people are to compromise quality for costs. There are limits in being frugal.

With that idea in mind, know the limits. Parts like a tail light or motor mount can be fine used, if still in excellent condition and are a good low-cost solution. Parts that wear out, like alternators, starts and brake rotors should always be purchased new.

Used Auto Parts: Know When It’s Okay 

A good itemized list to follow about which used parts are always, sometimes and never okay to use can be found online.

DIY: Do It Yourself

Another trend these days is DIY: do it yourself or fix it yourself. While I’m all for learning trades and becoming knowledgeable in a ‘jack-of-all-trades’ way, there are some maintenance and repair issues that require the right parts and right hands doing it. This probably offends most machismo, however, it’s important to learn when to back off and let professionals handle the project.

Given what we put in our car, ourselves and loved ones, and that we expect safe transit to and from locations, it should only stand to reason that we do not take servicing our car or its’ care for granted. Safety should always be top priority.

Importance of Quality Auto Parts 

auto parts

While everyone knows the importance of using quality auto parts, it can be easy during tough economic times to compromise quality for costs. Sure, less expensive parts give your wallet a brake for now, but in the long run it may end up costing you more when the problem isn’t fixed, and now much larger.  

Don’t Neglect Your Car

Neglect doesn’t only mean ignoring the problem. It can also mean not ensuring proper care and precaution is taken. Keeping current with routine oil changes, tire rotations and system checks as well as using quality parts are all part of proper car care.  

Reports are showing that consumers are keeping their vehicles for longer lengths of time and the reasons are: 1) Manufacturers are making better cars. Technology is greater than it’s ever been and so the government has stricter regulations than ever before as well. 2) It’s more cost efficient to fix a problem in your car than to buy a new one.  

Pay For What You Get

It’s easy to bring your car to whichever auto body shop is having the least expensive service, but in those cases, you pay for what you get. Trained technicians have the knowledge, information and are equipped with the proper tools to repair and fix your car.

Trust a Professional

You want a professional who is going to take their job and your vehicle seriously and understand its importance. Your auto technician will want to build a rapport with you. Through listening and talking with you about your vehicle, what it’s used for in your daily life they will come to better understand its needs as well as your needs. In giving them your trust, you entrust the safety of your vehicle and likewise those in it, in them.   



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