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An Ode to Our Least Favorite Parts of Securing Auto Loans

Finding the right auto loan option can be painful, especially if you’re working with a less-than-friendly auto dealer who just happens to be near your home. Between pushy salespeople trying to get you to sign on to high monthly payments to shady marketing tactics that end up forcing you to pay more than the vehicle is even worth, the used car and car loan financing industry is notoriously frustrating.

Luckily, with modern-day options like CarMax and accommodating dealerships like DePaula making the process so much better, a lot of these worst pain points are slowly disappearing – and that means generations will never know the classic struggle. That’s why we figured we’d pay homage to the worst parts of this process, so that those who never have to struggle with the problems can know just how well they have it…

To the Sky-High Interest Rate

Oh, insanely elevated interest rate, we will miss you as we turn to CarMax or DePaula for fair pricing on every vehicle. We love how you’d take advantage of low-credit buyers, and end up costing as much or more then the original loan itself once the term has run its course.

We’ll miss the confusion when we’re still paying high monthly payments even years down the road, and we won’t forget the pain of low down payment promises while we’re breezing through financing and getting great deals from the convenience of a trustworthy dealership.

To the High-Priced Lemon

We love the high-priced lemon, waiting there on the lot with a fresh coat of paint slapped over the big patches of rust along the left side. We love the underbody issues that won’t be noticed for a hundred miles off the lot, and the strange smell that seems to pervade the interior no matter what air fresheners you may shove in the vents.

We say goodbye to the lemon, who has no place in the nationwide inventory of CarMax or in the vast selection of DePaula vehicles – may you live long in the memory of all those who’ve dealt with the frustration of a deal gone bad.

To the Mystery of the Financing Department

Goodbye mysterious financing department, whose decisions are made as far from the customer as possible to inject as much confusion as possible. As we deal with clear and transparent financing with CarMax or DePaula, we’ll remember just how it felt to have no control over choosing how much to pay for a vehicle each month, and how we wished we had know this amount during the browsing process.

Gone are the days of choosing a vehicle and then finding out how much it will cost, as CarMax allows customers to figure out financing and then browse from there. We’ll think fondly of the frustration over finding the right used vehicle as we drive away, loving every mile in our new vehicle.

As with all major changes, the future of used car shopping will be better than it’s ever been before. But we’ll always keep in mind just how beautifully difficult a typical used car dealer can be, and why we’re so happy to leave it behind us for the convenience of DePaula vs Carmax instead.

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