A white 2022 Chevy Express is shown parked outside of a warehouse.

6 Used Work Vans That Are Dominating the Roadways Despite Industry Lows

It’s obvious that the auto industry has had to overcome some challenging obstacles since the Coronavirus pandemic, and its main issues reside in supply chain shortages. Car sales are down, the number of cars manufactured has declined, and it’s been this way for the last two years. It’s hard to believe, though, especially when you notice how many commercial vehicles are traveling down the roadways, jetting off to their next service call, delivering goods to their loyal customers, and fueling the productivity of many local and national businesses. When it comes to work vans, many companies are seeking out vehicles to add to their fleet the only way they can—on used car lots since new vehicles are hard to come by these days. Used work vans for sale are everywhere. When businesses need to keep their doors open and their services available to their customers, there are a few commercial options that can be seen the most traveling down city streets, interstates, and dusty back roads across America.

#1. Chevy Express

Chevy has been around for a while, and when it comes to tackling tough tasks, its slew of trucks and vans deliver. The Chevy Express Van has been a tried-and-true option for workers everywhere for decades, which means that the selection available is abundant. This appeals to businesses that need to add to their fleet of vehicles yet want to stick to their budget, as Chevy vehicles are very affordable. With plenty of room for cargo, plus multiple ways to customize these vans, they’re perfect for tradesmen, delivery services, transportation businesses, and many other industries. Not only do they offer enough room to accommodate various load sizes, they’re able to tow an exceptional amount, which makes them intensely appealing to those who need to complete more challenging work on a daily basis.

The Chevy Express vans are also loaded with helpful features to make any drive easier. Models from 2018, for example, feature a standard rearview camera to help improve visibility while backing up and navigating out of parking spaces, as well as blind spot monitoring to heighten safety on busy roadways. When businesses are looking for used work vans to add to their fleet, Chevy showcases a reliable, safe, and affordable option in its Express van lineup.

A group of people are shown taking cargo out of a white 2022 Ford Transit van.

#2. Ford Transit

Ford is another automaker that has proven its excellence throughout the last century. If you take notice of some of the vehicles surrounding you on the road, chances are there are a few Transit Vans in the mix. These vans are sleek, easy to handle, and versatile, making them one of the top sellers in the industry year after year. From driver assistance technology to a contemporary design, especially in newer models, the Transit Van is eye-catching and capable, which appeals to businesses that want it all in their fleet of vehicles.

Models from 2020 include many desirable features to make the drive better, like available all-wheel drive to improve safety in dangerous weather conditions and better engines to enhance performance during the workday. A crew van is also an option, which can handle up to five passengers, making this model ideal for businesses that frequently need to transport team members to various locations around town. When businesses are looking for a sleek modern work vehicle with comfort and convenience features that can’t be matched, the Ford Transit line is a top choice.

#3. Ram ProMaster City

Another sleek option is the ProMaster City van, which showcases a vibe that’s upscale and luxurious, which really sets it apart from other work vehicles on the road. It’s a fierce competitor for similar vans, like those from Ford, and features unrivaled cargo volume, incomparable horsepower, and the respected Ram name standing behind it. Its responsiveness on the roadway and easy handling make it ideal for city driving, and with its small size, navigating through packed streets is easy in this Ram favorite. Sliding rear doors makes its cargo hold easily accessible, while its impressive payload capacity makes it easy to load it up with goods and materials for a day on the job.

ProMaster City models from 2018 feature several technology enhancements, including an updated infotainment system to help drivers stay connected while on the road. They also feature an innovative backup camera, which helps immensely, especially when traveling through streets filled with pedestrians and other motorists. The Ram ProMaster City vans are stylish and capable, and they prove their worth in the industry with many class-leading attributes, which makes them popular options when businesses want to work smarter, not harder.

#4. GMC Savana

Residing on a truck platform and showcasing a rugged build, the GMC Savana makes any work task effortless, which adds a level of assurance to any company. When the job calls for hauling more, towing more, and being able to complete tougher tasks, the GMC Savana delivers. Like the Chevy Express Vans, Savana vans are reasonably priced, which appeals to many businesses on a budget. With a selection of engines available, getting the power required is easy with this GMC work-a-holic. Whether it’s hauling around materials or passengers, the Savana can handle it with a configurable interior and plenty of ways to customize its space to meet any business’ needs.

Models from 2021 feature a more capable engine selection, allowing them to tow and haul more than before. Its base V6 engine showcases an improved gross combined weight rating, allowing it to accommodate more during the hectic workday. Strong, durable, and customizable, the GMC Savana is a rugged work van that has proven itself in a variety of different work-related scenarios.

A popular used work van for sale, a black 2022 Mercedes Benz Sprinter, is shown parked on the side of a street.

#5. Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

It has height, style, and a respected luxury name behind it. The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter vans aren’t just beautiful; they’re ready to handle anything the workday entails, with highly configurable interiors, unmatched capabilities, and a design that’s stylish and durable. Choosing between a variety of roof heights, interior cabin set-ups, and powertrain options allows businesses to craft a fleet of vehicles that meet their unique demands, propelling them toward greatness in the industry. Models from 2021 include many more standard features to make the workday better, such as cruise control, a multifunctional steering wheel, and more safety features to help any crew feel more comfortable behind the wheel.

#6. Nissan NV

Although new NV models aren’t available anymore, it doesn’t mean that a slew of quality used models can’t be found on dealership lots near and far. The Nissan NV showcases a tall design, which appeals to companies that need to handle tall cargo, as well as a powerful available V8 engine that allows it to accomplish tougher tasks on the job. Available as a cargo or a passenger option, the Nissan NVs are versatile, capable, and sport impressive styling that allows them to stand out from the crowd.

Choosing models from 2021, its last model year available in North America, allows businesses to take advantage of in-dash navigation to help their team arrive at their destinations with confidence. No matter what challenge lies ahead, the Nissan NV models can handle it without question.

Work Vans for Commercial Success

Just because the industry is struggling right now, it doesn’t mean that businesses aren’t finding ways around these roadblocks. Choosing to buy used allows these companies to shop from a selection of vehicles that are versatile, capable, and equipped with the features needed to get the job done right. As the years progress, it’s expected that the auto industry will unbury itself from its challenges, especially when it comes to material shortages. In the meantime, it helps to know that there are options out there for companies to rely upon to help them move forward, grow, and thrive in their respective industries.