Cincinnati, OH is shown from the view of the Roebling Bridge.

5 Major Cincinnati Construction Projects You Should Know About


Cincinnati has a booming construction scene, with a lot of development happening downtown and in the surrounding area. Whether it’s the renovation of an old structure, a completely new development going up, or major remodeling to turn something that was into what will be, you’re likely to see a lot of commercial vehicles driving around downtown and going over the bridge. While extra traffic and the clutter of construction can be a nuisance, the end result will make Cincinnati more beautiful than ever before.

There are dozens of construction projects going on in the greater Cincinnati area right now, but a few of them are particularly noteworthy. Not only because of what the new and renovated structures will look like, but also for the business and assets they will bring to the area. These are the buildings and projects we’re going to be seeing every day for quite a long time, after all, so being aware of what’s going on is always a good idea. While there are plenty more incredible projects in the works, these are the five that you should keep an eye on and be excited to see the end result.

#1 – Fourth and Race Tower

Although these are really in no particular order, this might be the project that should get you the most excited because the end result is going to be gorgeous. Development is currently underway on a new residential structure on the northwest corner of 4th & Race streets – you really can’t miss it. There has been a lot of construction work in this area, so you have no doubt seen large commercial vehicles like heavy-duty trucks and flatbeds with large containers on them. These kinds of vehicles might make traffic a little difficult, but they are instrumental in getting commercial work done – particularly major construction projects.

The end result at 4th & Race will be a mixed-use development consisting of 22,000 square-feet of street-level commercial space, which will be perfect for a wide range of businesses moving into or expanding in Cincinnati. In addition to this commercial space, there will also be residential space built above, starting at level 7, and offering 264 units for people to live in downtown. Finally, the parking garage that had been in that area, which was demolished for construction, will be replaced with a 584-space above-grade parking garage. So while parking in that neighborhood might be problematic right now, in the end, it will be better.

A construction worker is talking on a walkie-talkie in an area where many commercial vehicles will be passing.

#2 – FC Cincinnati’s Stadium

If you’re a soccer fan, then this is probably the construction project you’re most excited about. On the west side of town, at 1510 Central Avenue construction has begun on a $200 million soccer stadium for major league soccer here in Cincinnati. It’s not set to open until 2021, but designs have specified the stadium will be built to fit into and be a part of the community, rather than disrupt the existing layout of the city.

The end result will be a massive stadium with seating for at least 21,000 people. Expect to see construction continue to ramp up throughout 2019 and over the next year, which means there will be a lot of commercial vehicles and extra traffic in the area. Don’t be surprised if you spot a large crane doing some work as well as big commercial vehicles that are needed to transport building materials to the scene and haul away scrap, debris, and excavated materials.

#3 – The Amazon Air Cargo Hub

The Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport, also known as CVG, is the fastest-growing cargo airport in the country, and that expansion will grow by leaps and bounds with the development currently underway. Amazon has invested $1.5 billion in building a fleet of 100+ Amazon cargo planes and a massive hub at CVG. They have leased more than 1,100 acres of land to construct three million square feet of buildings for the hub and support, which will add more than 2,000 jobs to the area.

The hub, with its massive buildings and 200,000 square-foot loading dock is set to open in 2021. With the construction going on, getting to and from the airport has become a bit more difficult, so if you’re flying out of or into CVG, be sure to give yourself some extra time. You will no doubt notice a lot of commercial traffic in the area, not only the individual workers going to and from the site but also support vehicles like large trucks that need to bring in materials and take out waste. These kinds of huge projects are great for the local economy and will bring in a lot of traffic, so get used to seeing all these commercial trucks on the road.

#4 – The Uptown Gateway

The future buildings for the Uptown Gateway in Cincinnati, OH is shown.

Under development at the corner of Reading Road and Martin Luther King Drive, the Uptown Gateway is set to be a new “front door” to the uptown area. It is a $150 million project being developed on almost 6 acres of land near the new I-71 interchange. The construction going on is set to complete in 2021 and will include 480,000 square-feet of office space – starting off with the new Digital Futures Building for the University of Cincinnati, which will be located in a 180,000 square-foot building. The entire idea behind the Uptown Gateway is this kind of blend of business space, education integration, and living spaces too.

There will be a 7-story hotel with more than 150 guest rooms available, as well as a below-grade parking structure with spaces for 1,350 vehicles. In the meantime, traffic in the area will certainly be a bit congested as commercial vehicles head to and from the project. That doesn’t mean you should stay away, however, as watching these large trucks and the construction of the Uptown Gateway is a great way to show children how development gets done. As this type of project changes the face of the city, it’s important to remember what came before and look to the future with a renewed focus on improvement and education.

#5 – St. Elizabeth’s Cancer Center

On the other side of the river, the construction of the Cancer Center at St. Elizabeth Healthcare is one of the biggest and most important developments in the greater Cincinnati area. Not only is this project important for the wellbeing of the area, as it is expected to accommodate more than 600 employees and create hundreds of new positions, but it will be one of the leading locations to offer support for people battling cancer. The huge, 5-story structure will cover more than 233,000 square feet and is set to be complete in 2020.

In the meantime, anyone who needs to head to St. Elizabeth Healthcare will undoubtedly notice all of the construction going on. A large area of wilderness near the facility had to be cleared to make way for the additional development, with big commercial vehicles handling much of that work. While not in the city limits of Cincinnati itself, it’s positioned in northern Kentucky in the Edgewood area, this new Center will provide care and treatment for people in both states. Sadly, there is no shortage of patients in need of cancer treatment, so more facilities that use the latest technology and bold approaches to battling cancer are always welcome.