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5 Features That Make Sorento the Best Winter SUV for 2016

The Kia Sorento has been making the rounds on a lot of “best SUV” blogs lately. The buzz surrounding the Korean SUV is well justified, as the Sorento received a complete makeover for the 2016 model year. In such a competitive market, the Sorento has mostly flown under the radar in the shadow of other SUVs. While the complacency toward the Kia Sorento has been tolerated for the past few years, Kia has made it clear that the 2016 Sorento is a whole new breed of SUV.

Regardless of which part of the United States you call home, the capability and performance cannot be ignored on the new Kia Sorento. Miami drivers may not have to worry about snow and ice, but the same list of features that benefit winter drivers, can prove useful on even the hottest day in South Florida.

A Very Brief History: Where the Sorento Started and Where it is Today

Kia Sorento

As we previously mentioned, the Kia Sorento has not been in the direct spotlight for quite a while. It’s name is not the immediate thought that comes to mind when the word “SUV” is heard – but all of that is changing. Before we take a closer look at some of the important changes made to the Sorento for the 2016 model year, let’s take a quick look at the SUV’s roots.

Created by Kia as a mid-size SUV back in 2002, the Sorento started off as a truck-based traditional SUV. Drivers were able to choose from either the EX or LX trim level, and both offered the option of a four-wheel drive system for off road capability.

In 2010, the Korean automaker announced the redesigned second generation of the Sorento, which was manufactured right here in the United States. This model was the first Sorento to feature a unibody construction, as well as Kia’s UVO infotainment system. It was after this complete redesign that the world began taking notice of the Sorento, and the SUV earned a slew of impressive awards for Kia’s effort.

In 2014, the Kia Sorento entered into its third generation, and featured a longer wheelbase and seating for up to seven passengers. For the newest Sorento model, Kia pushed all of the boundaries and created what we believe is the best version of the SUV thus far.

Completely Redesigned for 2016

Sorento cargoKia’s enthusiasm to grow the Sorento in both length and popularity has proven to be successful. Even with the larger interior cabin and updated everything, the 2016 Sorento still manages to keep a conservative price tag. Starting at just $24,900, the 2016 Kia Sorento is everything we love in a full-size SUV, without all of the extra fluff.

Featuring upgraded and refined materials, a stiffer body structure, and plenty of accommodating interior amenities – the new Sorento has other midsize SUVs scrambling to keep up. Kia has found the perfect balance between affordability and function, allowing drivers to get a lot more bang for their buck. A technique you won’t see us complaining about, isn’t gaining the Korean automaker any friends in the competitive midsize segment. Thankfully, the auto brand didn’t look back or think twice about the changes they made to the new Sorento, and their rebellion is our gain.

5 Features That Make the Sorento the Best Winter SUV

Sorento Seat WarmersWhen drivers head to their local car dealership to search for their next winter-ready vehicle, the name Kia may not immediately come to mind. This unfortunate attitude toward the very capable lineup of SUVs, is becoming a thing of the past.

For 2016, Kia equipped the Sorento with even more features and performance upgrades to ensure that no matter where you take it, the Kia Sorento will exceed all expectations.

We have gathered a list of the top five reasons the 2016 Sorento is the best winter SUV. Whether you live in the northern United States and desire dependability in inclement weather, or simply want to drive an SUV you know you can count on, these features are the ticket to accomplishing both of those with confidence. Check each of them out by exploring below:

  1. Dynamax All Wheel Drive:

    If you have never had a reason to be confident in hazardous winter road conditions, you have one now. The completely active Dynamax all-wheel-drive system automatically monitors driving and road conditions, as you navigate through them. This continuous system works to anticipate your every need, delivering premium performance by staying one step ahead at all times. To create an even more stable ride when the weather gets rough, is the Torque Vectoring Cornering Control system included with the Dynamax all-wheel-drive system. This feature allows for precision turning, even in ice and snow.

  2. Smart Power Liftgate:

    While this feature may not seem like an important one to have when living in a colder climate, you will be humming a different tune after the first use. The hands-free smart power liftgate is optional on the new Sorento, and automatically opens when it senses your proximity. Simply having the Sorento’s smart key on your person, your SUV will warmly welcome you back without having to dig for keys, or uncomfortably kick your foot under the bumper. Whether you are loading groceries in negative temperatures, or need a quick exit out of the airport waiting line, the smart power liftgate is a true lifesaver.

  3. HID Headlights:

    The optional Xenon High Intensity Discharge headlights on the 2016 Sorento are your ticket to clearly seeing the road ahead. Rain, snow, ice, or the darkest night won’t stop you from getting to your destination safely. These brilliant lights feature self-leveling technology, for even greater visibility.

  4. Exceptional Performance:

    For the first time ever, the Sorento is available with a 2.0-liter turbocharged engine. This engine offers a more dynamic driving experience, enhanced torque, and does not sacrifice fuel economy in the process. For drivers who crave an experience behind the wheel, rather than simply a means of transportation, this nimble engine is a must.

  5. Surround View Monitor System:

    Especially when driving in adverse weather conditions, it is important to be aware of your surroundings. With the available Surround View Monitor system, the Sorento is able to effortlessly and safely maneuver wherever it needs to take you. A rearview camera system is also standard on all 2016 Sorento models, with the exception of the base L.

Each of the above five features play a vital role in keeping you confident behind the wheel. Whether or not you encounter rough and icy roads on a daily basis, the new Sorento will keep you focused on what is most important, while it takes care of everything else.


Sorento Rear


Starting under $25,000, the completely redesigned 2016 Sorento is an SUV worthy of much more than it has been given credit for in the past. Kia has gone to great lengths to prove the Sorento’s worth, and we hope that their effort does not go unnoticed.

If you find yourself searching for a new SUV in the near future, don’t discount the Kia Sorento, but rather, embrace it. The list of standard amenities for the price will have you dancing through the dealer showroom – we promise.

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