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2016 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Named 4×4 of the Decade

The editors of Four Wheeler Magazine have recently named the Jeep Wrangler Rubicon the best 4×4 vehicle of the decade while naming the 4-door Unlimited the most significant SUV of the decade. This recognition confirms what enthusiasts have known for decades: not only is the Jeep Wrangler one of most capable SUVs on the planet, but it’s also the funnest to drive. With vast improvements made over the last decade that enhance performance through advanced technology and safety features, the Rubicon is finally getting its due. 

Being called the most capable production vehicle on the planet, you can place the Jeep Wrangler Rubicon in any climate around the world and it will not only survive, it will conquer. The introduction of the Rubicon Unlimited meant that now entire families could enjoy the thrill of adventures on muddy trails, crawling over boulders and scaling sandy dunes.

There’s a reason why Jeep Wranglers have continue to be such highly demanded vehicles. Jeep’s work with understanding and ability that they can go anywhere, conquer anything. Getting into a Jeep Wrangler lease is  the decision for someone who is ready to do just that. 

Rubicon’s Well Deserved Accolades 

While Jeep Wrangler fans have needed little convincing that the Rubicon or the Rubicon Unlimited are the funnest vehicles on earth. They know this and celebrate it everyday. When accolades comes from the prestigious editors at Four Wheeler magazine and Kelley Blue Book, who called the Wrangler Unlimited the most significant SUV of the decade, it only furthers their solidarity and love for the all-American Jeep Wrangler.

History of Uncompromised Capabilities

For the last sixty years, Jeep has not wavered in solidarity, compromised its structure or off-roading capabilities. It’s been steadfastly strong in producing vehicles that can get in and out of any situation presented to them all while giving one hell of a ride.

The Wrangler’s engineering has been based on the same quality craftsmanship since its beginnings when it was trolling over war-torn battlefields in WWII. It’s ability to transform on farming fields, trails and driveways while never compromising its quality and off-roading capabilities has proven its place in American culture.

To be given the title of 4×4 of the Decade is recognition for its commitment to the drivers, enthusiasts and cultures of fans who are devoted to Jeep and particularly, their Wranglers. There are few other vehicles who command such a following as Jeep Wranglers do and this award is recognition that their getting muddy every weekend is not just a fun adventure, but a great lifestyle.

Let’s take a look at what makes the 2016 Wrangler really that great!

The Award Winning 2016 Jeep Wrangler 

2016 Unlimited Red

Starting at an MSRP of $23,495, there are a slew of different models, trims and selections to create the Jeep that best fits you. From the Wrangler Sport all the way to the top Hard Rock Rubicon, there are plenty of choices for you to make the best Wrangler while keeping your budget and sanity in balance.

A Powerful Engine that Delivers

All 2016 Wranglers are powered by a 3.6L Pentastar V6 engine. This powerful engine runs efficiently conscientious of fuel economy getting 17/21 mpg city/highway. For a Wrangler, for a 4×4 for an off-road all-terrain vehicle, the 2016 Wrangler gets up to 472 highway miles which satisfies any driver knowing they can easily get lost far out in the wilderness without having to worry about getting stuck. The Pentastar delivers 285 horsepower and 260 lb/ft of torque proving its ready for the road as well as objects that lay ahead. Nothing can stand in the Wranglers way. It can achieve.

You See Obstacles, We See Opportunity  

2016 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited River

It’s a matter of perspective. Where someone may see an obstacle in their path and feel stuck, Jeep sees opportunity and a way to improve their situation. Constantly working with the newest technologies to improve performance, to be better, stronger and more capable than before, Jeep utilizes every part of its design to provide function.

Now with Jeep’s Off-Roading Trail Capability seal of approval, you know you’re getting the best quality that can be given. Only the Command Trac 4×4 system and Rock-Trac 4WD system that is provided in the 2016 Wrangler can provide you with the confidence you need to make over any obstacle in your way.

The Command Trac 4×4 splits torque 50/50 between front and rear axles for conditions where more traction is required, like off-roading or sever winter driving. The main case joint is clamped by 18 bolts for added structural stiffness.

The Rock-Trac 4WD system helps deliver more control and more torque at the wheels which help you to go basically anywhere you desire. With the Rock-Trac 4:1 low gear ratio and crawl speed, the Rubicon can climb over huge rocks and timber and with greater torque at the wheels ascend or descend sharp inclines.

Offering Monotube shock absorbers that feature low-speed tunable valve technology, the Rubicon is guaranteed to be firm on rocks while relaxed at higher speeds. Standard Dana 44 front and rear axles are equipped with Tru-Lok locking differentials and offer the ultimate in traction. Allowing for better articulation off-road, the front axle sway bar disconnects.

Jeep: Looking Out for You

When your Wrangler is being dragged through as much dirt, mud and trails as you know you do, proper protection from the elements is necessary, which is why every Wrangler is fortified with underbody armor. These critical components are guarded by 2.5 mm stamped steel skid plates on its fuel tank and transfer case.

A friend in need is a friend indeed, right? Alright, so they got into a gnarly situation. Who hasn’t? Be a friend and use the heavy-duty, forged-steel dual front and single rear frame mounted tow hooks to help pull your over-ambitious pal out of his current jam. Hey, we’ve all been there, which is why Jeep makes it easier to get us out of there. These mounted tow hooks come standard on all models, making you the hero anywhere you go.

While there are enough light modifications to doll your Wrangler with, you won’t need as many with the high-efficiency round fog lamps that come standard on the 2016 Wrangler and include chip-resistant polycarbonate plastic lenses with halogen bulbs that provide a low, wide beam of light.

And the Award Goes to….

2016 Wrangler Unlimited

Because Jeep basically laid the groundwork for all SUVs that have since followed in its footsteps, it’s easy to believe that they too would’ve changed along the way. Part of what makes Jeeps so great and loved by so many is its ability to stay relatively the same. Sure, it’s improved with advancing technology and updated itself, but the Jeep Wrangler design has stayed true and become an icon the world of overdone SUVs.

To be as decorated as the Wrangler is for the decades of producing a steadfastly authentic and now iconic SUV only solidifies its placement in this segment. It’s this recognition that not only do we love the Jeep Wrangler, but critics, automotive writers and manufacturers do as well is enough to keep the Wrangler firmly in our hearts and lives.

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