The 4 Best Chevy Marketing Campaigns

Louis Chevrolet, a Swiss-American driver and engineer, and Billy Durant, the founder of General Motors, started Chevrolet Motor Car Company in late 1911. By 1914, the company began advertising in newspapers, citing their vehicles’ cheap price and “unprecedented efficiency.” The ads ended up working, as the company’s sales began growing at rapid rates. While the […]

Lexus: Innovative and Iconic

Lexus, the luxury division of Toyota, has only been in existence since 1989. But in that short twenty-six year span, Lexus has solidified its name as synonymous with innovation. Celebrated for its top-of-the-line vehicles and bulletproof reliability, the Lexus brand is increasingly iconic. If you’re shopping for a Lexus in PA then you already know that Lexus vehicles […]

DIY Detailing for Your Dodge

There is some serious debate among the car community about whether or not detailing increases the value of your car. While I’m no expert, I can safely say this: it can’t hurt. Of course, detailing won’t fool your Miami Dodge dealer into believing that your car is worth more than it is based on a […]

Famous Hollywood Jeeps

Jeep is one of the most recognizable brands in the world, so it’s no surprise that the sports utility and off-road vehicles have consistently been featured on the big screen and small screen for years. Considering the vehicle’s use in wars, particularly World War II, the Jeep has become a favorite of movie and television makers. […]

Classic Spotlight: the Dodge Coronet

The Dodge Coronet, whose name translates as little crown, enjoyed quite the long reign, spanning seven generations of American automotive history. This was Dodge’s postwar baby, designed in 1949 and released during the 1950s and beyond, right through the 1980s. Just as the Coronet rolled from one automotive generation into another, if you were a […]

Facts About the Chevy S10

  Every time I write about a car or truck, no matter the manufacturer or model year, I find that I am always treated to a history lesson of some sort. It seems nearly impossible to understand or appreciate automotive history without first understanding the larger history behind it. This is true of the climate […]

The Chevy Nova Through the Years

The Chevy Nova was a compact competitor in the legendary American pony wars. While the 1960s and 1970s witnessed a fight between American automotive manufacturers to produce the fastest and most powerful muscle cars, the Chevy Nova was just right when it came to size, speed, and affordability. But it didn’t start out as the Chevy […]