A blue 2021 Kia K5 from a Kia dealership near me is parked on the asphalt at dusk.

10 Reasons to Love the Kia K5

If you have been searching online for “Kia dealership near me,” then you may have come across some breaking news. The new 2021 Kia K5 is headed to dealerships all across the country this Fall. This sporty yet charming sedan is giving off vibes of luxury fuses with athleticism. As a replacement for the former Kia Optima, this new set of wheels will have heads turning everywhere you go. Still not convinced that this is the coolest new car on the market? Here are 10 reasons to love the K5.

10 – The Price

Although the new 2021 Kia K5 is a completely restyled version of the older Optima, the price has not skyrocketed. Starting at $23,490, it is only $100 more than the 2020 Kia Optima (priced at $23,390). With plenty of financing options available, this new Kia can be affordable to all. This means that you will get all of the latest technology and an entirely new design without breaking the bank.

9 – The Infotainment System

Every new K5 model will come equipped with an 8-inch touchscreen interface. Displaying the infotainment system and the video feed from the rearview camera, this interface functions with all the latest connectivity technology. Bluetooth phone/audio connectivity is included to allow for hands-free calling and text messaging. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are also featured for seamless smartphone integration. You can navigate through your favorite apps and listen to your very own personalized playlist. For selecting specific actions within the system, you have two options. You can use your fingertips on the touchscreen monitor, or you can push the steering wheel-mounted buttons. There is also a knob located on the central stack that controls the volume.

If you opt for a higher trim level, the K5 will come with an upgraded 10.25-inch touchscreen display. It will even get its very own unique digital cluster gauge and a sleek Piano Black finish. Other added features on higher trims include a premium Bose stereo with 12 speakers and the ability to sync two smartphones using Bluetooth advanced connectivity.

Two 2021 KIA K5's one blue, one grey, are parked on the pavement with the sun setting in the background.

8 – The Standard Powertrain

Most sedans do not have options when it comes to powertrains. They are generally equipped with a V6 motor, which can make the average fuel economy not so appealing. However, the standard powertrain for the new 2021 Kia K5 is a turbocharged 1.6-liter 4-cylinder engine. Coupled with FWD and an 8-speed automatic transmission, this powertrain pushes out 180 hp and 195 lb-ft of torque. It also gets about 32 MPG combined (29 city/38 highway), which makes the K5 a perfect commuter car. You won’t find this kind of gas mileage on sedans with V6 powertrains.

7 – The Optional Powertrain

The standard powertrain isn’t the only one available to the K5. If you choose the athletic GT trim level, it will come with a turbocharged 2.5-liter 4-cylinder engine rumbling under the hood. Using an 8-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission, this motor can be paired with either FWD or AWD. This engine generates 290 hp and 311 lb-ft of torque. While the fuel economy ratings for this engine have not yet been officially released, we expect them to be similar to that of the standard engine.

6 – The Lane Safety Systems

There are two incredible safety features that come with every 2021 Kia K5 model. Working together to keep you on the straight and narrow path, lane-keeping assist, and lane-departure warning will greatly reduce the chances of a side-swipe accident. First, lane-departure warning monitors the lines on the road. If your vehicle begins to drift into the other lane, the system will alert you via an audible chime and visual warning. If no action is taken on your part to correct the path of the vehicle, then the lane-keeping assist function will kick in. This system will gradually guide the vehicle back into its original lane.

5 – The Forward Collision Warning System

Another great safety feature on the 2021 Kia K5 is the forward collision warning feature. It also comes standard on every trim level, which is something you won’t find very often on any other sedan. It uses a series of front-facing radar sensors to monitor the oncoming traffic. If another vehicle is detected, the warning system will notify you via an audible chime and visual alert. This system works with other obstacles in your path as well. For example, it can detect a deer crossing the highway during the day, giving you the time to avoid the obstacle.

4 – The Emergency Braking System

The last standard safety feature that we will mention on our list is the automatic emergency braking operation. This preventative safety system works alongside the forward collision warning system. When an obstacle is detected, and no action is taken to avoid impact, the automatic emergency braking system will be triggered. It will slow the vehicle and even bring it to a complete stop if needed.

A grey 2021 KIA K5 GT is speeding down a desert road.

3 – The Available Blindspot Monitoring System

Although we don’t expect blindspot monitoring to be standard, it will be an available option for the K5. It works similarly to the keep-keeping systems that we already mentioned. However, the difference is that it detects when the neighboring lane is empty so that you can change lanes safely. If you’ve ever driven on a highway before, you know that vehicles can disappear entirely when they enter a blind spot. While sedans typically have much smaller blindspots than SUVs and trucks, there is still an ever-present danger of having an accident. This system is designed to prevent that and keep you safe on the highway.

2 – The Available Rear Cross-Traffic Alert System

Another fantastic safety feature that is available for the K5 is the rear cross-traffic alert system. Even though every K5 model comes with a rearview camera, also having this system will be helpful in preventing accidents while in reverse. A good example would be if a small child rides their bike behind your vehicle at the last second or is a dog darts behind your car. Rear cross-traffic alert will keep anyone or anything behind you safe.

1 – The Available Head-Up Display

At the top of our list is the state-of-the-art Head-Up Display feature. This is, by far, one of the coolest new systems available. It works like a projector displaying vital vehicle information onto the windshield. Not only is it futuristic and cool, but it also keeps you safe. With the Head-up Display feature, you won’t have to look away from the road for even a split second. You will have all of the necessary vehicle data displayed right in front of you.

Finding a Kia K5

Are you already in love with Kia K5? We are too! It’s a well-rounded, sporty sedan with plenty of advanced technology to keep you safe everywhere you go. If you would like to purchase a new K5, you’ll have to wait a little bit. It should be coming to a local Kia dealership near you in Fall 2020. You can give your local dealer a call to be put on a waiting list.