A black 2022 Mazda3 Turbo Hatchback is shown from the rear at an angle.

Why the Mazda3 Will Never Go Out of Style

When it comes to vehicles that offer bold innovation and sturdy dependability, there’s no name in the automotive industry quite like Mazda. Providing some of the most reliable high-performance vehicles since its founding in the 1920s, Mazda has made a name for itself as a trusted source of exemplary cars of all kinds. And the Mazda brand certainly has provided some highly noteworthy vehicles throughout its years of operation, such as the Mazda RX7, Mazda 323 GTR, and the Mazda RX-8, just to name a few standouts from the days of yore. Just looking at the past twenty years, there have been a whole lot of fantastic Mazdas to grace the scene, but perhaps none are quite as notable as the Mazda3, a high-end compact sedan that has offered a dynamic and efficient driving experience since its initial release in 2004.

The Mazda3 has engaged drivers in an extraordinary way in the years that followed, offering not only high-class performance and efficiency but also a sporty design and a fun overall driving experience, allowing casual drivers to tear it up on the open road or just tackle their daily commute with their own personal flair. From style to performance to the various innovative technologies the Mazda3 has utilized over the years, there are several reasons why it will never go out of style. No matter where you are—whether it’s a Seattle Mazda dealer or one in Miami—the Mazda3 is always sought out and always in demand.

What Makes the Mazda3 So Special?

On various fronts, the Mazda3 has brought the absolute best to the table. Whether its city driving or road-tripping across state lines, this powerful sedan has been providing casual drivers and car enthusiasts alike with the means to seek out whatever life is calling them to do, and that is in no small part because of the various innovations that the minds at Mazda have implemented into the Mazda3 over the years, which have, in turn, continually made it a fantastic option for drivers of all walks of life.

To start, the Mazda3 features a timeless design that appeals to a wide range of drivers, regardless of what they are looking to get out of their next vehicle. With its sporty yet elegant silhouette, the Mazda3 invokes a sense of power and capability while also appearing refined and inviting, drawing in seasoned automotive enthusiasts just as much as families. Despite being highly affordable, the Mazda3’s exterior appearance—much like its interior—has a high-class, premium feeling about it, making it a standout among compact sedans everywhere.

A grey 2022 Mazda3 Sedan is shown from the rear at an angle after leaving a Seattle Mazda dealer.

The Mazda3 has also traditionally offered some of the highest-quality and best technology features you can find in a car, constantly innovating and improving on its relationship with cutting-edge tech to offer a singular driving experience as it relates to entertainment and safety. Mazda continues to increase its smartphone connectivity, improving significantly on the simple Bluetooth connectivity options that were initially available in the late 2000s, now offering hands-free calling and music control through its highly advanced and responsive infotainment system, which is compatible with Apple Carplay and Android Auto so you can remain connected and entertained throughout your journeys.

More recently, in-car Wi-Fi became available in the Mazda3, allowing for even further connection while driving so that passengers can get work done on the way and don’t have to worry about missing a deadline on your way to your destination. Wireless smartphone charging pads are also a more recent innovation, allowing you to get rid of those annoying wires and get the charge you need on your phone without the hassle of trying to find that lost charging cord.

Of course, the Mazda3 has always been at the forefront of safety technology, as well, offering some of the most advanced features in this category so as to provide the best and safest driving experience. The Mazda3 was quick to implement rearview backup cameras when this technology first hit the scene, and now the majority of today’s models include them as standard. The 2023 Mazda3 not only features backup cameras but 360-degree cameras that allow drivers to get a panorama of their surroundings, allowing for greater awareness.

A more recent innovation on the safety front in the Mazda3 is the use of Smart Brake Support systems, which utilizes sensors in the Mazda3 to detect potential oncoming collisions and apply brake pressure so as to reduce the possibility (or diminish the damage) of any potential accidents. Adaptive front lighting systems enable the front headlights to swivel, giving drivers a greater range of visibility while turning corners, helping to make your drives safer on long, winding, and nighttime roads.

The white interior of a 2022 Mazda3 is shown.

The standard i-ACTIVSENSE Safety Suite that comes standard in all modern Mazda3s also features a variety of safety features that improve awareness and prevent accidents, such as blindspot monitoring, lane keeping and departure warnings, automatic emergency braking, and more. The Mazda3 has always been standing on the brink of the newest and more innovative safety features. And whether you’re purchasing a vehicle for just yourself or for the use of your whole family, you need a car that can offer the absolute safest driving experience, which is one of the many reasons the Mazda3 continues to be in a class of its own.

We couldn’t talk about the Mazda3 without mentioning what every driver wants to know about—power and performance. The Mazda3 has always been quite a powerhouse among compact sedans, boasting much to write home about under the hood. More recent models of the Mazda3 run on the SKYACTIV-G engine, which gets the vehicle up to 227 hp, meaning the Mazda3 can cut its own course on any road, whether it’s driving in the city or the open roads of more remote areas. And with its suspension tuned to offer a stable experience, as well as its excellent and responsive handling, the Mazda3 has traditionally—but especially over these past few years—provided drivers with a comfortable and relaxing ride that always keeps them in control.

The Mazda3’s fuel economy is also highly competitive, particularly for a compact sedan. This past 2022 model got up to 26 MPG in cities and 35 MPG on highways, and this has been even further improved in the 2023 model, which gets up to 28 MPG in cities and 37 MPG on highways. So that you can rest assured, whichever year Mazda3 you choose to go with will save you money at the pump.


To summarize, the Mazda3 is a compact sedan that has always been ahead of the curve on various fronts, whether it be style, performance, or innovation in its technology and efficiency. The minds at Mazda are always looking for ways to improve and advance their automotive technology, not just with the Mazda3 but across the board with all their vehicles. The Mazda3 serves as an example of the Mazda brand’s dedication to improving on already fantastic designs while offering an exemplary driving experience at the same time.

Style, safety, performance, and efficiency have always been the core tenets of the Mazda3’s production, creating the perfect marriage between refined, premium appearances, unbeatable under-the-hood power, and highly competitive fuel economy in every new model. More than most brands, Mazda continues to make good on its commitments to its core beliefs of providing an unparalleled experience, as well as offering drivers everywhere what they want and need—all of which is evident in the Mazda3—which is why this luxurious compact sedan will never go out of style.