A blue 2021 Ford Escape is shown from the side next to a man looking at plants.

What’s New In The 2021 Ford Escape

It’s that time of year again where we see new model years roll out from our favorite vehicles. Isn’t it always exhilarating to see what car engineers and designers craft to keep vehicles new and exciting? If you’re here, you probably feel the same way we do. Ford has started launching their 2021 vehicles in the last several months, and now is the time for the 2021 Ford Escape. This is an especially thrilling reveal because there are lots of new features and additions to the Escape for 2021. So if you’re the type that needs to know exactly what’s different from each model year, we’ve got you covered. Here are the major highlights of what’s new for 2021 in the Ford Escape.

More Hybrid Options

Hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and electric cars are all the rage these days. These types of vehicles are becoming more streamlined to produce and more affordable to the average driver. Ford has made it even easier to drive a hybrid with the functionality of an SUV with the 2021 Ford Escape. If you can remember, Ford released the first mass-market hybrid SUV back in 2005, so it makes sense they are paving the way again with the 2021 Ford Escape.

With the 2021 Ford Escape, you now have the option for a plug-in hybrid model in more trims. It’s available on the SE, SEL, and Titanium trims. With more and more recharging stations becoming available, it’s easier to adopt a plug-in hybrid into your busy daily life. Don’t worry, though; the full hybrid model is also available on the SE, SEL, and Titanium models. This is an upgrade from previous models. The 2020 Ford Escape only had the hybrid powertrain available on the SE and Titanium models. Now hybrid options are available at a variety of budgets.

In 2020, Ford announced an improved location and packaging of its hybrid battery in the Escape, which will carry over to the 2021 Ford Escape. The battery is now below the rear seats outside the vehicle so that it won’t take away from that precious cargo space we all need. Ford is an expert in crafting hybrid vehicles where you won’t skip a beat in your busy lives. Both the full hybrid and the all-new plug-in hybrid model of the 2021 Ford Escape are worth a second glance if you’re in the market for a small SUV.

A person in green sweatshirt is shown getting into a white 2021 Ford Escape.

Sport-Style Exterior

The 2021 Ford Escape got an upgrade in appearance as well. With a name like “Escape,” you would expect an edgy, sporty, agile look and vibe, wouldn’t you? Well, Ford delivered with the 2021 Ford Escape. Overall, the 2021 Escape is lower, wider, and longer. This makes the Escape easier to operate and allows for more interior space for cargo and passengers. Don’t we all need more of that?!

New wheel options include ebony-painted and nickel-painted aluminum wheels for the higher-level trims. A chrome-surround grille is now standard on the SE, SEL, and Titanium trims. For this model year, there are additional exterior body colors available, including a blue metallic, bronze metallic, gray metallic, and silver metallic. All of this is important to note because having more design options gives drivers the premium feel they’re all looking for and the ability to customize the vehicle however they want.

Enhanced Ford CoPilot360+

What we love to see in the car industry are more standard high-tech safety features. Ford has been one of the leaders in making these features standard in many of their vehicles. Just like in previous model years, the 2021 Ford Escape has the standard Ford CoPilot360 technology, which includes a variety of alerts, emergency braking, and camera views to assist you on the offense and defense as you drive. Also, like years past, there are more optional driver assist features available, known as the Ford CoPilot360+, on the 2021 Ford Escape.

The new additions include intelligent adaptive cruise control, stop-and-go and lane centering, and speed sign recognition. While this doesn’t replace focused and intentional driving, it’s a pretty remarkable technology that can help you stay ahead of potential collisions. The system will scan the road and other cars to measure their speed and distance to maintain your safe speed and distance from other vehicles. With the speed sign recognition, the system can actually recognize changes in speed limits and adjust accordingly. Stop-and-go recognition will slow and stop the 2021 Escape if necessary during traffic. Finally, the lane-centering feature will help you stay in your lane while using cruise control.

These improved safety features add an extra level of luxury to the 2021 Ford Escape. As new technology emerges and Ford adapts it, we’re seeing it become available to a growing number of drivers at varying budget levels. There is no sacrificing when it comes to safety in a Ford vehicle. The new Ford Escape is a prime example of how Ford is putting their customers first when it comes to safety, style, and convenience.

A red 2021 Ford Escape Titanium is parked next to a retaining wall and a couple on a bridge.

Improved Packages

The last major update for the 2021 Ford Escape is the improved packages it offers. Every vehicle has optional packages that put some of the most popular features into a group for easy ordering. The technology and convenience packages particularly saw revisions that give 2021 Escape owners more to love.

The convenience package includes things like LED lighting, a power liftgate, power driver seating, dual-zone climate control, keypad entry, and more comfort features for the rear seats. Now with the technology package, you can get a hands-free power liftgate, a 12.3-inch screen, premium Band & Olufsen sound system, memory driver’s seat, and wireless charging pad. You may even get these features standard depending on the trim level you select, but having these as options can help you customize a 2021 Ford Escape to your unique needs.

With all of the extra package options, it proves that the 2021 Ford Escape provides advanced convenience and technology that you might only expect from larger and luxury SUVs. We’re seeing more and more premium features becoming more attainable with every vehicle. Ford continues to make that possible with the 2021 Ford Escape. No matter which package or model you choose, there is a lot packed into the 2021 Escape, and you’ll be driving in comfort and style.

The Ford Escape Is Better Than Ever

Coming on the heels of last year’s major revamp, the 2021 Ford Escape continues to delight. There were updates to the exterior, which further enhances its sporty vibe that so many drivers appreciate, and increased safety options with Ford CoPilot360+ give drivers an added level of peace as they hit the road. More technology and convenience features have also found their way into the 2021 Escape.

However, the star of the show was the increased hybrid and plug-in hybrid options for the 2021 Escape. Now available on more models, it makes it attainable to adopt a hybrid vehicle into your life no matter your budget. The Ford Escape has always been on the cutting edge for hybrid SUVs, and it continues to stay ahead of the curve. We think you’ll see there’s a lot to love in the 2021 Ford Escape, and it’s definitely worth your consideration with its additions and changes from previous years.