A bronze 2023 Nissan Ariya is shown from the side while driving on the highway.

What We Know About the Nissan Ariya

More and more manufacturers are recognizing that if they want to continue to impress buyers, they’ll need to break out of boxes and defy expectations. Drivers have raised their standards––as they should––and car manufacturers need to keep up. Consumers are tired of having to make sacrifices and feeling like getting the perks of one type of vehicle means saying goodbye to other benefits. A truck can tow but guzzles gas. A sedan is easy to navigate but feels cramped inside. These are old stereotypes that drivers don’t want to see show up in cars anymore. Nissan has done a great job of defying such stereotypes and is doing it again with its new all-new electric crossover that’s creating a lot of buzz: the 2023 Nissan Ariya. Visit your local Nissan dealer soon before pre-orders on this car run out. Here’s what we know about the car that’s set to come out in the coming months.

It Looks Different

Nissan crossovers and SUVs have traditionally had sharp lines and a high driving position. The Ariya has a more futuristic and sporty aesthetic, with softer lines and a lower position. This lower position should make it easier to maneuver. Plus, it just looks really cool. And Nissan delivers this vehicle in some surprising but sophisticated colours that seem to be a nod to a more planet-friendly electric future. Throughout the trims, you’ll find exteriors that look like burnt orange, forest green and snow white. Don’t expect any candy-like, neon hues here. The Ariya is a subtle, elegant vehicle, and as such, so are its colour options. Oh, and each option has a black roof, so that’s just something drivers will have to accept for now. Perhaps future models will offer something else.

It has an interesting grille, too, with a shield-like shape and a 3D traditional Japanese kumiko pattern. Kumiko translates to “Forever, beauty, child.” The essence of the phrase can be seen in this pattern that looks like water droplets expanding into infinity and is meant to represent vitality. With electric vehicles being good for our planet and allowing for long adventures unencumbered by gas stops, this is the perfect pattern to make up the face of this EV crossover.

You’ll also notice Nissan’s new redesigned logo placed prominently in the middle of the shield grille. And to the sides of the shield are the beautiful angular headlights, which contain mini-projectors giving the front of this car a really sleek look.

A bronze 2023 Nissan Ariya is shown from the rear while backing into a parking space after leaving a Nissan dealer.

There Are Six Trims

The 2023 rendition of this car kicks off with six trims for the Canadian market: the Engage, Evolve e-4ORCE, Venture+, Evolve+, Platinum+ e-4ORCE, and Premiere e-4ORCE. Each trim has its own features that make it special and just right for a certain driver.

The Venture+ gets a range of up to 482 km, making it the ideal vehicle for weekend getaways and road trips when you don’t want charging stops to slow you down. But, when you do have to pull over to power up, it does boast a CCS quick charge port for fast recharging. The Evolve+ is for those who want to connect with the road around them with an awesome power panoramic moonroof that lets you take in that gorgeous night sky and a Digital Intelligent Around View Monitor that lets drivers see what’s happening around their vehicle.

The Platinum+ e-4ORCE is where you’ll see some impressive power and some luxury additions. It enjoys 389 hp and all-wheel drive for a thrilling ride. The liftgate is motion activated, which is perfect for those times your hands are full of groceries or luggage. And the inside has lovely Nappa leather seating.

Those who do a lot of driving for work or in the city might like the Premiere e-4ORCE. It has smart features that can reduce driver fatigue and the risk of collisions. One such feature is its ProPILOT Assist, Nissan’s system that integrates intelligent cruise control with steering assist technologies to make you a safer driver. Its stop and hold function stops the vehicle and keeps it from moving again until traffic picks back up, making it great for heavy congestion. It also has the ProPILOT Park, which will park the car for you, controlling the steering wheel, accelerator, brakes and gear shift.

It’s Ready for Adventure

The Ariya boasts Nissan’s e-4ORCE all-wheel drive, which can direct power independently to the front and rear wheels as needed, which means each axle enjoys independent torque. This allows for better traction on slick surfaces, making this a car that’s ready for your mountain adventures or simply driving on slippery roads during a Canadian winter.

The Ariya also has a voice control feature, which lets you simply say “Hey Nissan” and ask the car to do things like change the temperature for you, turn down the volume, and more. And if you’re worried that you’ll run out of juice on your way, you can use the Intelligent Route Planner to show you where there are available charging ports on your planned route. For those who are loyal to their Alexa, don’t worry: the car can also hook up to Alexa so that you can use your favourite assistant to provide you with important information.

A bronze 2023 Nissan Ariya is shown from a high angle while driving off-road.

It’s Quiet and Minimalist

Nissan said in a press release that the car is very quiet inside, and several lucky influencers who have been able to try it out have said the same. It’s made with a quiet drivetrain and decked out in sound-absorbing materials that make the inside a nearly silent place, free from the stressful noises of the roads or city. If you need your car to be your sanctuary after a long day of work in a busy metropolitan area with car horns and sirens, slip into the Ariya. You’ll enjoy serenity all the way home. This is an added perk for new parents who wouldn’t mind if their baby fell asleep in the back seat. Or maybe you’re the one who needs to catch a nap between meetings––you can do that in this car’s quiet cabin.

Minimalism is at the heart of this vehicle, but if we’re being honest, it may have been a little overdone. Some who have test driven the vehicle complained that there’s just not enough going on inside. It could use more bells and whistles, more storage compartments and more easily-accessible controls. It’s certainly pretty, but it’s not the living-room-style cushy interiors many have gotten used to in luxury vehicles. Still, the Ariya has a large display screen and syncs up to many of your favourite apps. Plus, it has zero gravity seats that reduce driver fatigue and provide ample legroom…in the front. The back row gets a bit less legroom.

A Powerful and Beautiful Electric Crossover

And just like that, Nissan combined features often associated with several respective vehicle types, all in one. Sure, the Ariya is a crossover, but it looks nothing like the wilderness-ready SUVs you’re used to that almost look like they came with kayaks on top. This car is undeniably high-end in appearance. It looks so nice you almost don’t want to take it on rough roads––but you can, thanks to the e-4ORCE all-wheel drive. And though it might be an electric vehicle, that doesn’t mean the Ariya doesn’t enjoy great power, with some of its trims offering up to 389 hp. This is a beautiful, sophisticated car that will turn heads in the city and support your road trips, so be sure to take one for a spin when it reaches Nissan dealership lots.