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Ready. Set. Go Electric With Nissan!

Don’t believe it when people try to dismiss electric vehicles (EVs) as being less powerful than their more mainstream gas-guzzling counterparts. EVs of all brands and models have been shown to stand up to some of the toughest challenges automakers and drivers can throw at them. From the first mass-produced EV, the Nissan LEAF, which can take drivers up to 226 miles on a single charge, to the Ford F-150 Lightning, which can be used as a generator to power a house for up to three days, EVs are showing the public that it’s time they went electric. One trip to your local Nissan dealer, and you’ll be hooked. Experience for yourself why all the biggest names in the automotive field are going electric––one of the most vocal being Nissan.

Nissan’s Push Towards Greener Vehicle Manufacturing

Way back in 2006, Nissan established the Green Program 2010, which was designed to do a whole myriad of things from lessening carbon emissions, implementing eco-friendly practices when it came to their factories, and helping to create a more sustainable society for future generations. Then as recently as 2021, Nissan created the Nissan Ambition 2030 initiative. This project was created to bring exciting new technology to the forefront of the automotive industry, as well as empower drivers to take part in creating a safer and cleaner world for future generations to come.

Nissan first introduced their EV, the Nissan LEAF, in 2010. The affordable hatchback has since become an award-winning EV across the globe. But Nissan, being a company that’s always embraced new technology and forward-thinking ideas, knew they could still do better. That’s where the latest Nissan Ariya comes in. The all-electric Ariya, Nissan’s first EV crossover, is getting set to reinvent the wheel once again and show the public what electric power can do. Created inside and out to empower and inspire drivers, the Ariya offers all the creature comforts, conveniences, and latest tech that drivers crave, all with zero emissions.

With the Ariya, Nissan is tackling the myth of EVs and their performance when it comes to frigid conditions. To demonstrate the power of electricity and the durability of the Ariya, Nissan and their program Nissan Ambition 2030 has paired with British explorer Chris Ramsey to take the all-new Ariya on the journey of a lifetime, from pole to pole. This is a first and extreme measure to demonstrate the power of green, but Nissan is up for the challenge, hoping to put to rest once and for all some of the biggest misconceptions surrounding all-electric vehicles. Whether it concerns durability, reliability, power, or the idea that EVs will have trouble adapting to freezing winter conditions, by the end of the journey, Nissan and the Ariya will show the world why now is the time to go electric.

A bronze 2023 Nissan Ariya is shown driving on an open road after leaving a Nissan dealer.

The Ambitious Ariya

To say the Ariya is ambitious might sound a bit trite considering that more and more automotive makers are introducing their own version of electric vehicles every year. But Nissan has made a point of setting the Ariya apart from its counterparts with the idea for its latest extreme road trip from the North to the South Pole. So where does Nissan get such confidence in their latest electric wunderkind?

The technology behind the EV crossover might have something to do with it. Designed to push boundaries when it comes to technology, Nissan put their design and engineering teams to work creating the e-4ORCE all-wheel drive system that turns what you think an EV can do on its head. With the ability to distribute power to the front and rear tires, drivers have more control when roads turn slick. Add to that the independent wheel torque control that helps balance out wheel control. The advanced e-powertrain and braking abilities that monitor each tire independently give drivers better traction in wet or icy conditions. Nothing can shake a person’s driving abilities like driving in a snow storm, but the Ariya makes great use of its dual electric motors, delivering a responsive, stable ride, so drivers have the confidence they need behind the wheel when conditions are less than hospitable.

The innovative e-4ORCE technology is going to play a key in taking the Ariya where no EV has ever gone before, from the North Pole to the South. The e-4ORCE technology will be used to take the Ariya through 17,000 miles of some of the world’s most unforgivable but unforgettable terrain, as well as some of the harshest temperatures on Earth, ranging from a stinging -22 degrees to sweltering 86 degrees.

The Ariya will begin its journey starting in March of 2023 at the arctic North Pole before proceeding through North America, Central, and South America, before being loaded on a ship and taken to the end of the Earth––Antarctica. In the end, the Ariya is expected to cross through 14 countries while experiencing some of the toughest conditions they have to offer.

For the empowering journey, two Ariyas will be used. The first is a modified, beefy custom version of the Ariya e-4ORCE with upgraded wheels and tires for the harsh arctic climate. The second is an unmodified version that will be used as a support vehicle when traversing the Americas.

The Right Man for the Job

It seems only fitting that Nissan would partner with British adventurer Chris Ramsey and his Pole to Pole expedition team for this innovative, first-of-its-kind journey. After all, Ramsey, an advocate of electric energy, has been using EVs for well over a decade. He and his wife, Julie, traveled 10,000 miles in 56 days to be the first team to finish the Mongol Rally in their Nissan LEAF.

Ramsey and Nissan hope to demonstrate the power and versatility of electric vehicles like the Ariya. All the while exploring sustainability solutions for some of the world’s biggest issues that center around climate change, from melting ice caps to the changing habitats of some of the world’s latest ecosystems like the Amazon rainforest. Whether it’s tropical or arctic conditions, Ramsey and Nissan hope to inspire people from across the globe by demonstrating what an EV can do while also showing how inspiring and fun they can be to drive, no matter where you’re from or where you’re going.

A white 2021 Nissan Leaf is shown from a rear angle driving on an open road.

Green Power

The Pole to Pole journey hopes to challenge preconceived notions of what an electric vehicle is capable of while supporting Nissan’s Ambition 2030 project to promote forward-thinking and powerful solutions to the current climate crisis. Nissan hopes that with this green journey, they’ll inspire drivers, new and old, and unite society using the idea of electric power for a brighter, cleaner future for all generations.

So what about you? Ready to go electric? With the Nissan LEAF out there now and the Ariya quickly on its way, there has never been a better time to think about taking the plunge to green. Forward-thinking brands like Nissan, Ford, and Tesla, have declared the future is electric. So whether it’s through the use of hybrid vehicles or EVs, they are sweeping the car market and demonstrating what vehicles and technology can do when put to good use.

Perhaps It’s Time Go Electric for Your Next Adventure

Never thought about electric vehicles? Worried about charging? After all, a car is not like a phone, where you can keep using it after you plug it in. But no worries, it’s easy and getting easier each year to charge your vehicle either at your home or at the many public charging stations that are popping up from coast to coast. Apps can chart your route and give the location of charging stations, plus let you know how much battery you have left.

Tired of wasting your time at the pumps? Go upwards of 200-300 miles, depending on your vehicle, without stopping. And when you are ready to charge, expect to wait on average as little as 30 minutes for a charge that gives you around 100 miles, or plug in overnight or about 8 hours for a full charge, depending on your charge point and battery size. Well worth it for a zero-emissions journey and the peace of mind that comes with it.