A silver 2022 Jeep Compass is shown from the front parked by the ocean.

What to Expect from the 2022 Jeep Compass

If you have been watching and waiting to see what changes the 2022 Jeep Compass will have, your wait is almost over. Your local Jeep Compass Dealer may not have the 2022 models on the showroom floor just yet, but they are expected to arrive soon. The 2022 Jeep Compass will make adventuring or off-road driving more fun, more exhilarating, easier, and even safer. The adventure, excitement, and thrills you want from your excursions are ready to be found sitting behind the wheel of the latest Jeep Compass.

The Compass Trailhawk

Traveling across the most challenging terrains, fording water up to 19″ deep, rock crawling, and driving over ice, snow, and mud have just been made easier by the Compass Trailhawk. Two incredible 4×4 systems are available in the 2022 model that will help get you through almost any adventure.

Jeep, Active Drive 4×4

The Jeep Active Drive 4×4 System includes Selec-Terrain that offers the driver the option to choose between four modes to improve their off-road and on-road abilities. By selecting the proper mode, you will improve traction and steering control when you travel over ice, through mud, across the snow, or you can use the auto-select option. The 4×4 system also offers Hill Descent Control which helps the driver control speed and helps you descend from dizzying heights safely and without standing on the brakes or the need to throttle down. Another fantastic feature of this 4×4 system is increasing the fuel economy by switching to front-wheel drive.

Jeep, Active Drive Low 4×4

The Jeep Active Drive Low 4×4 system increases the number of modes the driver has to choose from. This system offers a rock mode to go along with the mud, snow, sand, and auto-select options. Rock crawling just got more accessible, more thrilling, and a little safer for you and your SUV.
When the SUV is switched into the 4-Low mode, the driveshafts, both the front and the rear, are locked to assist you when you are towing a heavy load or doing a little rock crawling adventure driving.

A red 2022 Jeep Compass is shown from the rear on top of a rocky mountain.

Trail Rated Options

The 2022 Compass Trailhawk can carry the trail-rated badge that ensures the vehicle has been tested on the roughest terrains, the slickest roads, the deepest waters, and the rockiest surfaces to prove it can handle whatever you decide to drive across. This trail-rated vehicle has skid plates made of steel installed to protect your undercarriage and give you the confidence to go anywhere you want to go.

Lifted Higher

The 2022 Compass Trailhawk has a one-inch factory lift, so the overall ground clearance of the vehicle will be 8.6 inches. This extra lift ensures you can ford water up to 19 inches deep and that nothing can get in your way.

Advanced Uconnect 5 System

The 2022 Jeep Compass will have an advanced Uconnect 5 system to keep you connected, protected, and entertained. This system will be utilized through an 8.4-inch touchscreen or a 10.1-inch touchscreen (depending on trim/options chosen). The latest design has connection speeds up to five times faster than the previous systems had.

With this system, Alexa is also riding with you. You can use Alexa to help you locate things, remember things, and do all of the things you are used to using the virtual assistant. There is the possibility to connect two Bluetooth-enabled phones simultaneously. Standard Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are also included.

The newest Uconnect allows you to program up to five different user profiles. The user profiles can establish preferences in music, the positioning of the driver seat, the adjustment of mirrors to the proper angle, and the climate control levels the user likes the most. If you are purchasing the Compass as a family car and expect your partner and possibly teens to drive it, you’ll be happy that you will never have to adjust the front seat and mirrors manually again.

Luxury, Comfort, and Style

Typically luxury and comfort are not descriptions used when speaking of a go-anywhere, off-road capable vehicle. Usually, you hear terms like rugged, dependable, tough, and reliable. The 2022 Jeep Compass will bring comfort, luxury, and style to the forefront of your mind. The latest instrument panel has a large touch screen that is easy to see and navigate. The manufacturer also made the air conditioner vents a little slimmer to increase the size of the instrument panel. Luxury options include the ability to have heated rear seats and heated front seats. Everyone in the vehicle can ride in comfort, no matter what seat they occupy.

USB connectivity is available in the front and the rear so everyone in the vehicle can connect, plugin, charge, and stay in touch with what is important to them. A wireless charging pad has been included so the driver can quickly put their phone or device on to charge with no clutter, no connection wires, and less effort. Even more, an enhanced door trim has been installed, so the interior of the cabin has a bold new style.

A close up shows the black leather seats of a 2022 Jeep Compass.

The Curbside Appeal

The latest Jeep Compass will not disappoint you in curbside looks. This SUV is going to turn heads and make people take a second look when it rolls by. It has an upgraded grill that is not too aggressive but not too subtle. New for 2022 is an updated front fascia with a newly redesigned seven-slot grille and redesigned LED headlamps. The Compass is stunning inside and out.

Speaking of Safety

The 2022 Jeep Compass has 75 available safety and security features to give you confidence and peace of mind when you are on the road or when your vehicle is unattended.

Some of the safety features you will have on the 2022 model are:

Forward Collision Warning with Active Braking that uses sensors to determine if the SUV is approaching a vehicle in front of it too quickly. If the sensors determine that the speed should be reduced, it will sound an alert warning the driver, and if the driver does not respond soon, brakes will automatically be applied.

Blind Spot Monitoring will use sensors to watch over the blind spots on the vehicle. If something like another car gets inside one of those blind spots, you will be notified. This feature comes paired with Rear Cross Path Detection that alerts you to a car in your path when you are backing up.

Lanesense is a system designed to alert you if you start to drift out of the lane you are driving in. The system uses both visual and audible warning signals to make sure you stay in your lane.

Adaptive cruise control is available as an upgrade. This system lets you pre-select the distance you want to stay from the vehicle ahead of you, as well as selecting the operating speed you wish to travel at. If the sensors determine that you are getting too close to the vehicle ahead of you, they will make the car slow down and then pick up speed back up when the coast is clear.

Final Thoughts

If you were not excited about introducing the 2022 Jeep Compass before reading about all of the features, conveniences, and luxury the SUV will have, I am sure you are excited now. The latest and greatest technology, engineering, and materials have created the best Jeep Compass to ever be driven.