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What To Do When You’re (Figuratively) Stuck Between Two Cars

Buying a car, as most people with money know, can be a difficult task. People with enough money may just decide to buy both cars and use one in the winter and one in the summer, but for those without the adequate garage space, one car will just have to do (unless you love both cars so much that you just decide to buy a whole new house with a four car garage and be done with it.) Let’s say you’re considering the 2018 Buick Enclave vs. 2018 Chevy Traverse, two cars that anyone with a four car garage would love to have. But you only have a two car garage and there are no new houses with the adequate garage space available in your neighborhood. And you don’t want to switch neighborhoods because your kids go to a great school that will put them on the path to a great adulthood in which they can buy two cars at once and store them in their four car garages. So, you have to pick the right car. The question is, how? Below is one suggestion for success.


Let Your Children Pick The Car

There’s no better way to make a firm and sound decision about a vehicle that you’ll have for years to come than to bring along your five year old and let them make the final decision. Yes, them. After all, your five year old has an opinion about everything – your hair yesterday morning, the mashed potatoes at Tuesday’s dinner, and how much she wishes you had gotten a dog instead of a baby brother. You didn’t let her pick her brother’s name (she suggested “Jill” after her best friend Jill). So, now its basically your responsibility to make up for it by letting her choose the car. And hey, she can name that to.

Your child will love to get her sticky hands (you shouldn’t have let her have a popsicle before car shopping) all over the interior of the 2018 Buick Enclave. After all, that coveted quilted leather is the perfect napkin material. The real wood accents will be another nice touch that she enjoys. With little plastic and only high end materials utilized, your child will revel in the challenge of spreading her crumbs and snacks thoroughly around the spacious second row. Your children will also enjoy the state of the art ionizer that comes with the 2018 Buick Enclave, an efficient and effective way to eliminate unwanted odors from the air. The rear camera mirror will allow them to distract you as much as possible while you back the car out, as you will be more precise with your parking and driving than ever (at least let’s hope so). As he grows older, she may even teach her brother how to properly care for the 2018 Buick Enclave and its upkeep.

But your child may find joy in the 2018 Chevy Traverse as well, with its spacious interior. With eight seating options, your child will have a blast bouncing around the luxurious amount of space as soon as you unbuckle her car seat. With so many seats, she and her brother can bring all of their friends along. After all, when it comes to singing in the car, it’s the more the merrier. The 2018 Chevy Traverse comes with heated passenger seats as well, the perfect spot for her to melt her crayons into works of art – just like those DIY videos she catches you watching. With a third row that folds down, you’ll be set to get her all of the items on her Christmas wish list – with or without her input piping up from the back seat. With a lane change alert as well, she’ll be able to talk to you the entire duration of any trip you take, as you won’t need to pay as much attention to the roads as you would normally – you can pay more attention to her! The offered surround vision is also ideal for your child, as she doesn’t need to worry about leaving her stuffed animals and other various possessions outside of the car. After all, if they just so happen to fall out, you’ll see them, stop the car, and go and get them for her.

But the 2018 Buick Enclave has considerably spacious seating as well, making it an ideal place for young kids to cluster and bond. Your daughter and her friends will plot adventures in the third row, and you’ll still have space for the baby in the second row.


A Car You’ll Love As Much As Your Kids

Even though your kids might love the car for different reasons than you do, it’s likely that you’ll be happy with either the 2018 Chevy Traverse or the 2018 Buick Enclave. Both provide spacious interiors with ample seating and more than enough room for storage, safety features such as surround vision and all wheel drive in both cars.

Some people may think that letting your kids choose your new car is too risky but the author of this article respectively disagrees. After all, who is more honest than a child? I’ll answer that for you – no one. Kids are remarkably blunt and straightforward. They can see through lies in an instant and can sniff out seedy sales people. With a child in tow, your experience buying a car will be a lot more hectic, but a lot more straightforward.

It’s important that your kid loves your new car. After all, they spend nearly as much time in it as you do. And if your kids don’t like something, you’ll certainly know about it – loudly and often. To mitigate future temper tantrums, just let them pick the car. Just let them do it. Just admit that they’re the ones in control. Let the kids pick the car. The car might end up being hot pink and covered in bumper stickers and named “Jill”, but it will be your new car and your kids will love it. After all, isn’t that what truly matters?