A grey 2022 Volkswagen Jetta SEL is shown from the side driving on an open road through a city.

Volkswagen Vehicles: What Features You Can Expect

When a vehicle is far more than your average everyday ride, the experience can be wholly unique. This design philosophy is shared by numerous Volkswagen vehicles, including the updated 2022 Volkswagen Jetta, the brand’s most affordable model. Amongst the wide range of automobile manufacturers currently operating, very few have the same distinctive focus on luxury on a budget. Many features come standard with Volkswagen vehicles, and more premium offerings are always available.

Today, we’re going to go over some of the most notable features found in Volkswagen vehicles, some of which separate the legendary manufacturer from the crowd altogether. Yes, you’ll have the features that other manufacturers continuously attempt to perfect, but also features that you may not be too familiar with. Comfort, audio, and tech are all carefully considered by the manufacturer, and the results within its lineup are stunning. With that out of the way, let’s start talking about some of our favorite features from the list.

Start/Stop Technology

Start/Stop Technology is fascinating, and we wish more manufacturers would adopt it. As it goes, engines will burn fuel whether you’re going 60 mph, completely stopped at a red light, or caught in a traffic jam. Of course, the amount of fuel being burned is different in those situations, but gas is being burned regardless. How can we prevent this? Start/Stop Technology is the answer to this problem. Let’s explain this using a common real-world scenario, the red light. Bringing your VW Jetta to a stop will now switch the engine off, but when you take your foot off the brake and start to accelerate, it will instantly turn the engine back on. As you’d expect, switching the engine off when it doesn’t need to burn fuel will save you more money in the long run.

The black interior of a 2022 Volkswagen Jetta SEL shows the steering wheel and infotainment screen.

Air Filtration / Tri-Zone Climate Controls

Nobody thinks about it, but the air that you breathe inside of your vehicle may not be the cleanest. Volkswagen plans to tackle this differently, and it’s all part of its tri-zone climate controls. Volkswagen vehicles include air filters, and this will guarantee the freshest possible air at all times. Comfortability is such a strong suit of this company; it also includes a specialized climate profile called “Gentle” that aims to ensure comfortable, clean air for people who need it the most, such as children and those with chronic allergies.

Many new vehicles include dual-zone climate controls, which are already forward-thinking, with both front row occupants having access to exclusive temperature controls on their side of the vehicle. The tri-zone controls add this function to the back row of select vehicles, meaning that every passenger can decide their comfort level. Now grandpa can have his warm side, and everyone else can have air conditioning.

Discover Pro

Infotainment centers have become extremely popular over the past ten years, and the technology behind them has only been improving within that time. Manufacturers such as Volkswagen offer more extensive infotainment centers with larger screens and more capabilities. VW’s largest touchscreen is the 12-inch unit available in the 2022 ID.4, but even smaller cars like the Taos and Jetta offer 8-inch screens with the features that you’d want the most such as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. If you own a compatible smartphone, then you’ll never want to drive without either of these two features ever again.

When you’re using either Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, your Volkswagen infotainment center will become your phone for the duration of your drive. This means that you’ll be answering phone calls, downloading apps, and even sending text messages using your voice. And of course, music will be immediately accessible through any of your subscription services such as Spotify, Apple Music, and more.

Listening to music is best done in a Volkswagen vehicle. The infotainment center can playback a substantial amount of media formats, including AAC, WMA, and of course, MP3. For most drivers, this likely won’t mean much. However, drivers that carry their favorite playlists on a USB drive can seamlessly listen to each song they store by plugging the flash drive into the included USB port. Of course, you can’t have an unprecedented media experience without a set of high-quality speakers. Luckily for you, various Volkswagen vehicles can be fitted with a premium audio system called Dynaudio Confidence.

There are several ways that premium audio systems enhance the music you’re listening to when on the road. By implementing a large number of speakers throughout the cabin, the sound of the music can extend to every corner of the interior and do so with crystal clarity. Speakers are nothing without power being pumped to them, and in the case of the Dynaudio Confidence package, hundreds of watts of power are sent to the speakers. Lastly, without a powerful and thumping bass channel, music will sound flat–like a tin can. To remedy this, Volkswagen vehicles with the Dynaudio Confidence audio system will have an included subwoofer.

A grey 2022 Volkswagen Jetta SEL is shown from the front driving through a city.

Keyless Locking and Starting System (KESSY)

Wireless keyfobs have become something of a must-have in recent years. Volkswagen’s engineers have developed one of the best locking and starting systems that you can get on the market. It all starts with the keyfob that you’ll get with your purchase. Even if the keyfob is nestled inside of your pocket or in a purse, it’ll still work. With the keyfob, your Volkswagen vehicle will recognize it from around five feet away. The process of turning our key in the door lock or pressing the unlock button on traditional fobs has become so common we don’t even think about it. Nowadays, as long as the keyfob is on you, the driver-side door will unlock when the handle is grabbed.

With the unlocking out of the way, all the wireless keyfob must do to replace a traditional key is turn on the vehicle. Thanks to the inclusion of a push-button start, Volkswagen vehicles can do just that. As long as that keyfob is inside the vehicle, then turning the engine on is done by simply pressing the big and round button. Turning off the engine is done the same way, and locking the vehicle is as simple as touching the handle before you walk away.

One Step Ahead

Volkswagen vehicles are unlike any others within their price range. Everything about the Volkswagen experience feels luxurious, and it’s something that you often don’t expect from every manufacturer. Many times the base models impress both drivers and critics, but investing more into your vehicle will inevitably give you a plethora of advanced features. Altogether, Volkswagen’s lineup is further enhanced by the features that are on offer. By always staying one step ahead of the competition, VW can guarantee that your vehicle will have the very best tech available.

If you’re serious about investing in a Volkswagen, then now is the time to act as the latest 2022 models, such as the refreshed 2022 Jetta or redesigned 2022 Golf GTI, are in their prime. Volkswagen vehicles make us look forward to what the automotive industry has to offer. If this is the year that you’re going to spring for a new vehicle, then make sure it’s from this esteemed manufacturer.