Why the Used Maserati You Buy Today, Could be a Collector Car Tomorrow

When someone enters into the used car marketplace, they usually do so out of economical principle. Why buy a new car for tens of thousands of dollars, when a perfectly acceptable used version is available for up to half the cost? Buying a used commuter car, family SUV, or large sedan makes sense from both a practical, and economical standpoint. One side of the used car market you don’t often hear about, is premium luxury vehicles. Consumers purchasing cars like used Maseratis are more prevalent than you might think, and the reasoning behind why they buy premium luxury cars used, is even more interesting.

The History of Maserati: Understanding Where Italian Luxury Began

Before we talk about how impressive Maserati’s are, even in used condition, let’s take a look at how one of the foremost luxury sports cars was started.

Maserati got its start in Bologna, Italy back in 1914. The iconic Trident logo that sits on the front of every Maserati model ever made, is based on the Fountain of Neptune which sits in the Piazza Maggiore in Bologna. Neptune represents strength and vigor, which is ultimately why the brand decided to use Neptune’s trident to exemplify the Maserati name.

The tagline, “Luxury, sports, and style cast in exclusive cars,” has been prevalent in the brand’s lineup ever since the very beginning. In 1993, Fiat S.p.A. bought the Maserati brand, which also owned Alfa Romeo and Abarth. In 2005, the Fiat Group took over the Maserati and Alfa Romeo Groups, which up until that point were associated with Ferrari.

Since it’s conception, the Maserati brand has offered plenty of vehicles in its lineup throughout the years. The Ghibli coupe was launched back in 1967, and still remains an important part of the Maserati lineup in 2016. The Quattroporte is also one of the longest running nameplates in the brand’s history, with its introduction taking place in 1963.

The long lifespan of both of these models shows that Maserati is committed to their brand, as well as to the evolution of the vehicles they produce. Because of their longevity in the market, Quattroporte and Ghibli models with older production years, are incredibly valuable to collectors. Owning one of these Maserati models, whether that means purchasing them new or pre-owned, means owning a true piece of automotive history, and a chance at a vintage luxury vehicle collection.

Why Buy a Used Maserati – Premium Luxury for Less


Maserati is known worldwide for its Italian-crafted, luxury, automotive machinery. A name that is best known for premium everything, the Maserati brand is not a mainstream automotive giant you would typically associate with used car purchases. But buying these cars new is not always practical, or economically possible. Drivers are limiting themselves by not considering a quality pre-owned Maserati when they begin their new vehicle search.

Buying a new Maserati is likely to set you back near $100,000 – a number that a lot of Americans aren’t comfortable with paying in today’s economical environment. New Maserati cars are worth every penny that they are priced at, but it still doesn’t make the cost worth it to some buyers. Buying a certified pre-owned Maserati gives these potential buyers the chance to own a premium luxury sedan, without the large price point.  Choosing to purchase a used version of the same model Maserati can save drivers up to half the price they would pay new, which allows more people the chance to own the most luxurious sports car on the market.

Maserati owners tend to take immaculate care of their vehicles, which means used versions are likely to be offered in stunning, like-new condition. Finding a used Maserati with low mileage is also quite possible, as these cars are not often used for long excursions or everyday errands. Their purpose is not intended for mundane habitual tasks, but rather for prestige, honor, and of course – power.

Buying a Used Maserati as a Collector Car


Buyers in the premium automotive marketplace are missing out on a major opportunity if they dismiss the thought of purchasing a Maserati car used. Not only are they likely to get one of the most expensive vehicles on the market for less than they would new, they are also opening themselves up to the possibility of owning a collector car.

That’s right – the Italian automaker has been producing luxury automobiles since 1914. If you think that car collectors aren’t interested in one of the foremost names in automotive Italian luxury, then you would be sorely mistaken. Maserati cars make exceptional collector items due to their rich history, Italian heritage, and premium quality. Car collectors around the world are looking to get their hands on Maserati cars, both new and used. If you own a Maserati, you aren’t just opening yourself up to the chance to begin your own luxury car collection, but you are also opening yourself up to selling that Maserati to a collector in the future.

Collector Maserati cars always sell used, because by definition, collector cars are older models. A vintage car collector isn’t interested in a 2016 Maserati Gran Turismo, which is just another reason why drivers are becoming increasingly interested in a used Maserati purchase. Opening yourself up to the possibility of buying a pre-owned Maserati isn’t just economical, it’s smart.

Gallery at Detroit Auto Show Features Luxury Collector Maserati

One of the most recent examples of a Maserati as a part of a car collection took place just last month. To kick off the 2016 North American International Auto Show in Detroit, a showcase of ultra-luxury sports cars and sedans were featured in a deluxe and prestigious Gallery.

With over $7 million worth of cars featured, The Gallery included names like Rolls Royce, Ferrari, Bentley, and of course – Maserati. The prestigious event was catered by world-renowned chef Wolfgang Puck, who is rumored to own a Maserati of his own.

While your Maserati may never be showcased at such a prestigious event, there is nothing to say that it may not one day make its way into the hands of a collector. Owning a used Maserati makes sense for drivers who want one of the most premium vehicles ever made in their driveway, without taking out a second mortgage on their home. Whether you plan to hold onto your Maserati for personal use, or see yourself selling it to a collector one day, the doors that open for Maserati owners are endless, and exquisite.

Don’t Limit Your Search for Luxury


If potential Maserati owners were only looking in the new car market, they would be missing out on an entire inventory of quality Maserati models. When you want to drive the foremost name in automotive luxury, why put such a limit on yourself? Be open to the idea of a used Maserati purchase, because you never know where that openness can lead you. Who knows? One day you may be an avid luxury car collector, and thankful that you took the first step to Maserati ownership by buying pre-owned.

If you never end up collecting luxury automobiles, or have no plans to sell your Maserati in the future, you still end up with a title only bestowed upon a select number of individuals around the world – Maserati Owner.

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