A black 2017 Chevy Silverado 2500HD is shown parked next to shipping containers after leaving a used Chevy truck dealership

Used Chevy Trucks Are Good As New

One of the annoying things about buying a new truck is that everyone has an opinion. I mean everyone! Since owning a car is practically a requirement in most areas of the United States, it’s something most adults have done, and they’re usually happy to share their experiences. All those who willingly share their truck knowledge have at least one story related to a horrible used truck purchase. After a (usually long-winded) story, the narrator ends it with a passionate soliloquy as to why their preferred truck brand is the best. While you will sometimes hear people say other truck brands are their favorites, it’s hard to beat a used Chevy truck. That’s why there are so many used Chevy truck dealerships with great reputations.

Chevrolets have set high-quality standards for American and foreign trucks for decades. They have a loyal driver base, and it’s common for it to be generational. It’s not uncommon for Chevy trucks to be passed down from one driver to the next as they are so long-lasting and reliable. Some Chevy truck owners even have the inclination to retire and restore their old family truck, then show it off at car shows. Chevrolet trucks aren’t tools to take drivers from one place to another, they’re an investment to get the job done now and show off in the future.

Save Money, Buy a Used Truck

Buying a used truck is a great idea for many reasons. The first reason is that you will save a lot of money. Brand new trucks have inflated MSRPs, and dealerships only have so much wiggle room to negotiate on lowering the price. Once a new car is sold and driven off the lot, it immediately depreciates thousands of dollars.

Used cars, on the other hand, are where dealerships really rake in the cash. Used truck dealerships follow the same rules of buying and selling: buy low, sell high. They purchase cars from drivers, auctions, other dealerships, etc., at low rates, then, like with new cars, inflate the price to make a profit. However, the difference is that the prices are often inflated more than the new MSRPs, which means there is a lot more room to negotiate sale prices. It’s good to brush up on your haggling skills before buying a used truck; that way, both you and the dealer are left happy with more cash in each of your pockets.

A black 2018 Chevy Silverado 1500 High Country with a boat on a trailer is parked next to a man with a fishing pole.

Buying Used Is Greener

In general, it’s good to be aware of how your habits affect the environment, but don’t forget to attach common sense to those habits. Environmentalists always suggest people should minimize their car usage so less carbon dioxide emissions are produced. It’s good advice if you live in the city or the suburbs and have reliable access to public transportation. Driving a car, though, is the main form of transportation in the United States because, for many, it’s the only way they have of getting around reliably.

While it is good advice to drive less, environmentalists should share more eco-friendly common sense cart tips, like buying a used truck. Manufacturing a new truck requires more resources, energy, and causes more damage to the environment than buying a used car. Used trucks are already made, so the only resources they need are fuel and parts, and the only energy they expel is carbon dioxide. While carbon dioxide is bad, trucks expel much less than the plants that manufacture them.

If a Truck Is Maintained, It Runs Forever

The best type of used truck to buy is one with low mileage. Anything under 100,000 miles still has plenty of life left in its engine, and a used Chevy truck with low mileage is nearly as good as buying it new off the lot. That’s because used trucks are often inspected for problems by the dealership before they are sold, and they are designed to last for a long time regardless so long as they are properly maintained.

Buying with low mileage means you’re in charge of the vehicle’s service record for the majority of its lifespan. You’ll be in charge of its care and will quickly recognize problems because you know the truck. The benefits of regular oil changes, brake check-ups, and engine maintenance are countless, and they’re the simplest preventative measures to keep the truck’s systems going.

Check Out Used Chevrolet Trucks

With a plethora of available used trucks, it’s wise to be aware of what makes and models are the best to buy in second-hand condition. Resources like Kelley Blue Book (KBB), Cars.com, and the National Automotive Dealers Association provide unbiased, factual information and reviews about used trucks. It’s easy to start with your favorite make and discover which used makes are best from that manufacturer. Chevrolet has made trucks for over a century. Their trucks can last for multiple generations in the same family, and many of their trucks rank highly as used vehicles and are worth learning more about.

Big Truck Drivers Love the Chevy Silverado

Big truck drivers know what they need to get the job done, and if their current vehicle isn’t pulling its weight anymore, they’ll upgrade to another, newer big truck. Chevy Silverado tops used truck lists and are arguably one of America’s favorite pickups. Silverados are big trucks made for hard work on rugged terrains that require a lot of power.

Silverados come with a variety of engine, beds, and cab designs so they can be tailored to a driver’s exact needs. The 2014 Chevy Silverado 1500 and 2500 and are favorite resellers. In 2014, Chevrolet totally revamped the Silverado because they wanted drivers and passengers to have the comfort of a SUV or sedan without feeling like they’re in a bulky truck. At the same time, Chevrolet wanted to enhance the Silverado’s performance.

The 2014 Silverados are praised for their steering, suspension, and smooth ride. Each trim package allows drivers to select from several engines with interior and exterior details, such as cab specs, safety and security features, and technology are pretty consistent among the trims. The biggest variance among the trims is the engine selection, so make sure you ask what engine is under the hood of the Silverado you are looking at.

A close up shows the grill and headlights on a black 2018 Chevy Colorado Z71.

Smaller Truck Drivers Prefer the Chevy Colorado

Big trucks are fun, but they can be a bit too much for more casual truck owners. That’s why Chevrolet built the midsize Colorado truck. Chevy canned the original Colorado in 2012, but drivers demanded the return of the smaller sized pickup truck. The Colorado was rereleased in 2015, and its models always rank high on used truck lists.

Chevy trucks are highly customizable, and one trim is more expensive than another. The Colorado also has the desirable option of a diesel engine. It delivers a smooth and powerful drive like the Silverado but has better fuel economy and is great for taking off the pavement.

You Should Choose Used

The biggest thing to remember when looking to buy a used Chevy truck is to take the time to do your research. While new trucks are fun, used trucks can be better, are cheaper, and are a greener choice in this more eco-conscious market. Have fun when you are shopping for your used truck, and prepare to have some stories of your own to tell.